15 Useful Things That Will Actually Organize Your Car

    Zoom, zoom.

    1. Stick a couple of silicone muffin cups in your cup holders to catch all the dirt that ends up in the crevices.

    2. Sort all of your glove box papers in a mini organizer.

    3. Strap an organizer over your passenger-side visor so you can always find your sunglasses.

    4. Hang over-the-door organizers in your trunk to create a fully stocked car command center.

    5. Or for every day, be ready for spontaneous spring and summer picnics by putting together a ~car kit~.

    6. And of course, be prepared for any emergency by putting together an emergency kit.

    7. Repurpose a college shower caddy as a backseat entertainment center.

    8. Or keep a couple shower caddies in the trunk for easy car trip dining.

    9. Keep a tissue box full of plastic bags handy for wet swimsuits or muddy shoes.

    10. Turn a tablet into an instant backseat TV with an over-the-seat hanger.

    11. Or opt for this simpler headrest clamp.

    12. Pick up a charger that will juice everyone's phones at once.

    13. Keep extra change in an empty gum container.

    14. Repurpose a dollar-store cereal container as a sealable trash can.

    15. Go all-out and build a pop-up shelf for your SUV to keep your groceries safe.