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I’m So Happy To See Fat Characters Who Don’t Hate Themselves

So many stories about fatness have been about sadness and self-loathing. But as Shrill, Dumplin’, and Isn’t It Romantic show, they don’t have to be.

Kaye Toal • 6 months ago

Decorate For The Holidays And We'll Give Your Dog A Festive Nickname

Only we know whether your dog is more Jingleboo or Santabutt.

Kaye Toal • 10 months ago
Kaye Toal • 2 years ago

"RiME" Is A Puzzle Game For People Who Love Beautiful Things

Puzzle games can sometimes feel like a niche for people who enjoy frustration, but that's not the case with this one.

Kaye Toal • 2 years ago

We Went To The Most Insane Annual Derby Party And Lived To Tell The Tale

The Barnstable Brown Gala is the most amazing and over-the-top place to be every year at Derby time. Here's what it's like to go.

Empower Your Entire Dang Life With This Powerpuff Girl Creator

It has new, inclusive features and a quiz to figure out your POWFACTOR and how you help make the world a better place!

We Tested 24 Pairs Of Affordable Skinny Jeans And These Are The Best

We tested 24 pairs of jeans from Old Navy, H&M, Forever 21, Target, and American Eagle to find out which brand's pants are actually worth the money.

Natalie Brown • 3 years ago

I Got An IUD And This Is What I Learned

I am older. I am wiser. I have a T-shaped rod of destiny hanging out in my uterus.

Kaye Toal • 3 years ago
Kaye Toal • 3 years ago

14 Stages Of Going For A Run For The First Time In Forever

I just want The Rock to be proud of me.

Kaye Toal • 3 years ago

I Found My Home In A Horse's Stall

The time I spent in stables taught me that gentleness doesn't have to come from people.

Kaye Toal • 3 years ago
Kaye Toal • 3 years ago

Neil Gaiman On Storytelling In The Age Of The Internet And Other Oddities

“I was a glorious mess at 26. But I was a glorious mess who had a sort of combination of dreams of grandeur and no plan B.”

Kaye Toal • 3 years ago

Here Are Some Very Important Writing Tips From Neil Gaiman

He stopped by and gave us some writerly advice.

Kaye Toal • 3 years ago

Volunteering At An Abortion Clinic Made Me Lose Patience With The Abortion Debate

Anyone who really wants to understand what’s at stake in the debate over abortion should spend some time outside the places where it happens.

Kaye Toal • 3 years ago

24 Realities Of Your Halloween

Have you even bought your costume yet?

Maritsa Patrinos • 3 years ago
Kaye Toal • 4 years ago

17 Cosplayers Get Real About The Importance Of Fictional Characters

And why. Warning: you're about to feel some feelings.

Kaye Toal • 4 years ago

Author Rainbow Rowell Chooses Between Good And Evil In This Epic Game Of Would You Rather

We asked the best-selling author of Fangirl and Carry On the tough questions about magic, villainy, and love.

Kaye Toal • 4 years ago
Kaye Toal • 4 years ago