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People Are Really Excited About This New Krispy Kreme Donut Machine

Who needs cash when you can have doughnuts?

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Something magnificent in doughnut history is happening in London on Monday. Krispy Kreme UK confirmed to BuzzFeed News that it's launching a "Hole in Wall" pop-up at its Holborn store in London, which is essentially an ATM machine that dispenses doughnuts right into your hand.

After following the payment instructions on the machine, consumers will be able to unlock a doughnut-shaped hatch and see the doughnut, said Krispy Kreme.

All members of "Friends of Krispy Kreme," the company's loyalty program, will receive a unique code to use once at the machine.

All proceeds from the machine will go to Teenage Cancer Trust.

Krispy Kreme leaked the news about its new Nutella-filled doughnuts to some of its customers in a letter to its store managers.

Yea? I'm a store manager at Krispy Kreme apparently...🤔


Some people were pretty upset that the doughnut machine would only be available in London.

@krispykreme Northern Ireland exists too you know?

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