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    "My Boo" Is Back In The Charts Thanks To The Running Man Challenge

    The 1996 classic is back in circulation, all because of memes.

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    Australia – it's official.

    Ghost Town DJ's 1996 hit, "My Boo," is back on the Australian charts, ranking in at no.21 at time of writing, and it's not because of a push in mid-'90s hop-hop. "My Boo" has joined the likes of Shannon Noll's meme-inspired rejuvenated sales, rising from the ashes of obscurity, all because of a dance challenge.

    It's not just Australia, either - "My Boo" is up to no. 27 on the iTunes charts in America as well, after a dance challenge started by two college basketball players went off.

    The song first started picking up momentum two weeks ago, when Maryland Terrapins players Jaylen Brantley and Jared Nickens recorded a video of them issuing a dance challenge to other athletes.

    The video quickly went viral and continued to pick up momentum as other athletes caught on.

    Two students created the "running man" dance in the middle of a finance class a few weeks ago. Heck, they were on Ellen two days ago talking about the whole thing. It wasn't until Brantley and Nickens got involved, however, that the dance really started to take off.

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    Named the Running Man Challenge, the video isn't so much a challenge as it is a call to arms for others to film themselves dancing through the entirety of "My Boo" without pause.

    People all over are getting involved.

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    Yesterday, police forces around the world got in on the act, challenging rival departments to better their efforts.

    Here, the New Zealand Police offer a challenge to multiple Australian police departments.

    The trend has even transgressed from its original themes, with this clip of a dog bark-covered version of "My Boo" proving the meme is not reliant on the dance itself.

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    And of course, as with most things on the internet: Shiba Inu have taken over.