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    Blake Lively's New Shark Movie Looks Intense


    The first trailer for Blake Lively's new shark movie, The Shallows, is here โ€” and it's intense:

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    Nancy (Blake Lively), a surfer and medical student at Baylor, travels to a secluded beach to, well, surf.


    It all seems to be connected to her mom somehow.


    The beach is pretty much abandoned. She's only sharing it with two other guys (who try to hit on her, but Nancy is too busy surfing for that nonsense).


    Then, out of nowhere, shit gets real. A great white shark bites Nancy right on her thigh, and she barely escapes to the safety of a rock 200 yards from the shore.


    The two guys who tried to hit on her aren't so lucky.


    Now, stranded and injured, Nancy has to find a way to survive and make it back to land.


    JFC, Nancy. This does not look good. You need a PLAN, girl.


    But the good news is that Blake Lively seemed to have a great time filming.

    Rooting for you, Nance.


    The Shallows opens in theaters June 29.

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