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    Firefighters In Fort McMurray Have Not Slept In 80-Some Hours — Here's To You


    A massive wildfire has devastated and destroyed parts of Fort McMurray, Alberta. A mandatory evacuation is in order, causing nearly 100,000 people to flee their homes.

    #ymmfire Us getting out of Beacon Hill! My childhood home and everything I've ever known is burnt to the ground. :(

    In plain fear. The scenes on the ground are truly terrifying.

    But there are a fleet of people heading into Fort McMurray, and ordered to stay there, until life for the rest of us is restored:


    So much respect for the people who go in when everyone else goes out. Stay safe. 🙏🏻 #yymfire #FortMcMurray

    And other first-responders.

    Paramedics, police, all of you, too.

    I would never throw the hashtag #Heroes around... but it's earned in this pic. #yymfire Imagine...

    Who are at the front lines right now, battling the chaos and witnessing its devastation — day in and day out.

    Video from one of my #firefighters taken am. #ymmfire he fought all night non stop. Said he ate a lot of bad smoke

    There are not enough words to express our thanks for the sacrifice of those heroes fighting for all of us @firefighters1st @steve_reeve

    Who've worked tirelessly.

    Who have not had a second to rest in the last 80-some hours. Sleeping when and where they can:

    Exhausted but still fighting in the #ymm.Protecting their communities with everything they have.We tip our hats!!

    The job is hard, but the sentiment is quite simple:

    Thank you.

    We salute our firefighters and emergency responders across #Alberta #ymmfire

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