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May 18, 2016

Trump And Women: Former Beauty Queens Speak

How Donald Trump sees women — and how they see him — has become central to his bid for the presidency. Now, former beauty pageant contestants describe what it was like to be around him when he owned Miss Universe and Miss USA.

Trump's Saudi Business?

The Republican candidate said in February that the Saudis "blew up the World Trade Center." But while running for president, he formed companies apparently related to a possible hotel development in the oil-rich kingdom, his latest financial disclosure filings reveal. They also show he created nearly 40 other companies.

Doit-On Vraiment S’inquiéter D’un Brexit ?

Que se passerait-t-il si le Royaume-Uni venait à quitter l’Europe ? C’est la question que tout le monde se pose ces derniers temps au vu de la menace de “brexit”, terme issu de la juxtaposition de deux mots : “Britain” et “exit” qui signifie “sortie.”

Today's BuzzFeed Crossword, 5/18/16

8-Across: Hourlong period where you can just forget about the world in the dim, sweaty room you've dreamt about all day and, like the instructor says, just leave it all on the bike.