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    Kenny Sebastian's New Show About Three South Indian Boys In Space Is Finally Here

    All aboard the SS Yemma Watson, machas!

    Kenny Sebastian just dropped the first episode of his new YouTube show, Star Boyz, which captures the "underwhelming adventures of three south Indian boys in space."

    Kenneth Sebastian

    The Star Boyz comprise Sebastian, fellow funnyman Naveen Richard, and Mani Prasad, who is also the director of the sketch.

    In the first episode, the Star Boyz cruise through space on their ship, aptly named the "Yemma Watson", trying to find an intergalactic anna who will sell them cigarettes.

    Kenneth Sebastian

    But they run into some of the worst enemies any south Indian space travellers could possibly encounter – THE CHAATS.

    Kenneth Sebastian

    Can the Star Boyz evade the wrath of The Chaats? Will they get any cigarettes in space? When did Kamal Haasan become a jedi?

    Kenneth Sebastian

    Find the answers to all your questions here:

    View this video on YouTube

    Except maybe the Kamal Haasan one.

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