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    18 Questions America Has About Britain, Answered By Brits

    Everything you've ever wanted to know, but were too afraid to ask.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community what they find confusing about British culture, and Brits did their best to answer!

    1. "What are digestive biscuits?! Sounds like something to help Granny’s stubborn bowels or settle your Labrador’s stomach. Pass. ✋"

    2. "What does 'u wot m8' mean? I feel like they're trying to communicate. But I don't understand it."

    3. "Why aren’t there electrical outlets in bathrooms?"

    4. "Why do you call eggplant, zucchini, and cilantro by different names?"

    5. "Why do you insist on driving on the wrong side of the road?"

    6. "Why do you guys usually say arse instead of ass?"

    7. "Why don’t you guys use top sheets? What do you do if it’s too warm for a duvet, but too cold to just sleep without covers?"

    8. "Why are British people so apologetic?"

    9. "Do you really like your universal healthcare, or is it a nightmare, full of the death panels that our elected leaders are so afraid of?"

    10. "Why are slices of bread taller than the toaster slots?"

    11. "How are you simultaneously polite to a fault, yet with the ability to be shockingly cutting in your observations?"

    12. "What is the actual proper way to prepare tea? I have heard a few varieties, but I must know the truth!"

    13. "What do you have against air conditioning?"

    14. "What is morris dancing?"

    15. "The most confusing part about living in Britain was seeing girls on a night out in short dresses – no coat or tights – IN THE DEAD OF WINTER. HOW?? *internally screaming*"

    Question via jamieo48923d89e

    "We have to pay to use coat rooms in nightclubs, usually about £1–2, so we leave them behind! We get used to it though." – daisyo430acc546

    "It’s a northern thing. Northern girls are hard." – naomiw4bb4547cf

    16. "Does tea actually serve as a meal in some regions?"

    17. "Why is tipping not really a thing? I tried to tip so many baristas in cafés and they would panic and nearly force me to take the extra change back."

    18. "What do people who impersonate a British accent sound like to an actual Brit?"

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