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    7 Things That Happened When We Reimagined Our Office As An Indian Soap Operas


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    All my life, I've been peeking over my mom's shoulder while she watched Indian TV soaps, wondering how these things would play out IRL.

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    So we thought we’d make it happen in our own office, and reimagined our lives according to the most common nonsense associated with Indian TV serials.

    Here's what that looked like:

    1. Unnecessary slaps:

    BuzzFeed India

    2. Overreacting:

    BuzzFeed India

    3. Casual resurrection:

    BuzzFeed India

    4. Dramatic reunions:

    BuzzFeed India

    5. Dropping things for no reason:

    BuzzFeed India

    6. Surprise monologues:

    BuzzFeed India

    7. And of course, dramatic hair flips:

    BuzzFeed India

    Komolika approves.

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