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    The New "Power Ranger" Suits Have Been Revealed And OH MY GOD

    It's Morphin' Time!

    As most people know by now, there's going to be a new Power Rangers film debuting next year.

    So far, we already know what the new teens from Angel Grove will look like.

    And we've also seen Elizabeth Banks looking rather terrifying as the new Rita Repulsa.


    Well, since the film is a reboot, you've probably wondered what the Rangers' new outfits will look like.

    Well, thanks to Entertainment Weekly, here's your first look at the latest costumes.

    For comparison, this is how they stack up next to the original cast.

    The new look is reminiscent of the suits the rangers wore in Power Rangers: The Movie — very sleek and shiny, but with an updated twist fit for kids in the new millennium.

    Rejoice, everyone — it looks like the '90s are officially back!