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January 9, 2015

How The Faster Pace Of "Looking" Season 2 Changes The Show

After a slow-burn first season, the San Francisco-set HBO comedy-drama has become an even richer look at gay life. BuzzFeed News talked to the show’s actors and executive producer about the diversity issue, unlikable characters, and what to expect this year. Minor spoilers ahead.

19 Of The Most Powerful Photos Of The Week

The art of photography is an amazing tool used by journalists all over the world. Some images they create can make you laugh, cry, or enter a state of awe. Others are just aesthetically beautiful and pleasing to the eye. These are some of the most amazing images from this week created by hardworking photographers all over the globe.

Facebook Says Charlie Hebdo Attacker Page Is Fake

UPDATE: The Facebook page was a hoax. A spokesman for Facebook said that the page, which appeared to belong to the eldest of two brothers suspected in the attack on Charlie Hebdo, was created by someone who intentionally altered timestamps.

16 gatos imprudentes

No te sientas ofendido por nada de lo que digan o hagan estos gatos No puedes culpar la falta de imprudencia.

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