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    Teresa Giudice Surprised That Prison Isn't A Vacation

    It ain't all rainbows & marshmallow mountains, girl.

    Right now, Teresa Giudice is behind bars at Danbury Correctional Institution. It's rumored that she's allowed $320/week, can purchase macaroons and hummus in the commissary, or purchase MP3 players with Skullcandy earbuds.

    But, despite being stuck in what seems like the most luxurious prison in America and getting two months knocked off her sentence, girlfriend's still got 13 months to serve. And according to reports it's not going to be easy.

    Teresa's having some major issues.

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    First of all, the food!

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    Teresa's not happy with what the kitchen is serving. A source tells Radar Online, "Teresa is not thrilled with the food. It's extremely bland. She's been joking with family that she will be losing a lot of weight."

    Teresa's hoping for a job in the kitchen so she can show those cooks how it's really done.

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    Her other complaint...

    Bravo / her weave!

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    Teresa's allegedly afraid of going bald in prison.

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    She's been rocking clip-in extensions to make her hairline appear fuller — according to Radar, again — and now without them she may have a breakdown.

    This is, of course, if you believe what "a source" told Radar Online — which we don't, but it's still fun to imagine!

    Just hang in there though girl, it'll all be over soon.

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