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Mary-Kate & Ashley Have The Easiest Hack For Taking Good Pictures

It'll keep you looking good in photos.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are easily the most chic people who have ever walked the earth.

They look like goddamn rock stars in every picture they take.

But there's something you don't know about the twins. They have a ridiculously easy trick for looking chic in pictures.

Just before they pose for the camera, the sisters turn to each other...

And they whisper the word "prune."

The "PR" sound purses their lips just a little bit, while the "OON" sound relaxes their mouths.

Just look at Mary-Kate, thinking about imaginary prunes in the distance.

For comparison, here's what happens when Mary-Kate (right) is all about the prunes, but Ashley (left) forgets the code word and just smiles.

Everyone can get a little nervous when the camera comes out.

Just think about prunes. They'll keep your pictures regular.

Thanks for the photo hack, Mary-Kate and Ashley!