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    Jan 9, 2015

    21 Vines That Only Mexicans Would Understand

    It's a good thing we can laugh at ourselves.

    1. Every quinceañera's worst nightmare:

    2. When your uncle decides to take the party indoors:

    3. The feeling you get when you get the plastic baby Jesus in your rosca:

    4. Whenever you come across a restaurant that specializes in so many random things... including tacos:

    5. The glory of Spanglish:

    6. How you felt whenever your parents would see you sitting around doing nothing:

    7. This perfect reaction to the drama of a telenovela:

    8. When you danced with one of your siblings at a wedding/quinceañera:

    9. When your mom pretty much tells you that you're fat:

    10. The pure badassery of using a water bottle as a bottle opener:

    11. A boy's name that starts with the letter "H":

    12. When your dad refuses to go to Ikea (loud audio warning):

    13. When your mom doesn't dare take any risks:

    14. When your dad would "promise" he just wanted to talk:

    15. This classic whistle that lets people know they suck:

    16. This perfect slow-mo Vine of what it's like to cut the cake on your birthday:

    17. Whenever you see these guests at a Mexican restaurant:

    18. Half-Mexicans:

    19. Before there was hip-hop, there was El Chavo:

    20. Uno... dos... tres... quatro:

    21. And finally, Carmen Salinas doing her thang:

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