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January 7, 2015

The Woman Who Sailed A Mobile Abortion Clinic Around The World

Women's rights activist Dr. Rebecca Gomperts traveled by boat to provide legal abortions in international waters — and now the world can learn more about her efforts, thanks to the new documentary Vessel. Both Gomperts and documentarian Diana Whitten talk to BuzzFeed News about their experiences.

Tina Fey Defends A Comedian's Right To Satirize

In light of the Parisian shootings at France's satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, Tina Fey defends free speech and parody. "We're Americans, and even if it's dumb jokes in The Interview, we have the right to make them."

Jameis Winston's Alleged Rape Victim Filed A Lawsuit Against FSU

His alleged victim claims that Florida State University violated Title IX requirements to investigate her rape case, and deliberately hindered the Tallahassee Police Department's investigation so Winston's football career wouldn't be jeopardized. It was also announced Wednesday that Winston will leave FSU to enter the NFL draft.

CSS at BuzzFeed

I have always loved learning how people work. So let's see how we take care of CSS at BuzzFeed.

Construction Work Is Getting More Deadly, But Only For Latinos

Data analyzed by BuzzFeed News shows the construction industry is a different and more dangerous world if you’re a Latino worker. More likely to be undocumented and work for smaller, less regulated employers, Latinos are dying in ever-larger numbers even as the industry grows safer for everyone else.

Boston Museum Opens Paul Revere's Time Capsule

Coins and newspapers inside the brass box date from the 1650s to the 1850s. After going on display, the time capsule will be resealed and returned to its place in the cornerstone of the Massachusetts State House.

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