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January 15, 2015

This Week’s Signature Songs, State By State

Here are the songs that defined America from Jan. 6 to Jan. 12, presented by BuzzFeed and Spotify. A state’s “signature song” is not its most popular, but its most distinctive — that is to say, the one that residents of that state streamed proportionally the most as compared with the U.S. as a whole.

Who Is Dieudonné?

A look at the controversial French comedian arrested on Wednesday, following a Facebook post in which he seemed to mock a commemoration march for those killed in last week’s Paris terrorist attacks.

Canadians Bid Farwell As Target Flees The Country

The chain had major issues in Canada that were well-documented by the business press in the past two years. Today it announced it will shut all 133 stores it operates there, in news that came as little surprise to Canadians.

19 Ridiculously Useful Tips Every Blogger Should Know

Whether you have a blog, have always wanted to start one, or are one of the greats, these tips will keep your content exciting, your design fresh, and your readers coming back hungry for more. Like J-Law at her favorite pizzeria.

The Oscars Are Really White, And It's Not Surprising

Selma was snubbed in the acting and directing categories, and the fact that one film was left bearing the burdens of diversity in this year's awards race — the whitest in nearly 20 years — is a big problem. A BuzzFeed Entertainment conversation.

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