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18 Things You Know When You're Still Close With Your School Friends

Remember that time when...

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1. You never forget anything from when you two were at school together.

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Remember when you were younger and people assured you everyone forgets all the embarrassing things you did. Not true.

2. In fact, you bring up the best stories all the time.


But you'll try to hold back around their new fancy friends (until at least the third drink.)

3. And sometimes this evolves into secret wars.


Which is basically blackmail. But you know the order of embarrassment, and which secrets must remain under lock and key forever.

4. You also remember all of their fashion choices.

These get brought up quite a lot too tbh.

5. There are some stories that are guaranteed to give you the giggles.


And they probably won't make sense to anyone else.

6. Your knowledge of each other's romantic histories is unrivaled.


You saw each other every day for years. Not only do you know what happened with who, but how many texts were sent and what emoticons were used on MSN.

7. All this knowledge gives you a sixth sense for when they fancy someone.


"They are so your type. They look like that guy you made out with in Kavos crossed with your family friend Alex."

8. And for when they're lying.


9. There are people from your old school who you never see anymore, but stalk all the time on social media.

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"Did you see Anna's latest status? Look at it right this second."

10. You act more immature around them than anyone else.

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Your in jokes might seem incredibly stupid to everyone else, but you still think they are HILARIOUS.

11. They are one of the few people you can bitch about your family to.


They spent so much time at your house growing up that they know what you mean.

12. When they first got a new BFF you might have got a little jealous.

13. But you've come to realise that they can get new friends and you still won't be replaced.

(You might even quite like their new friends.)

14. At school you did most of your gossiping over snacks, and some things never change.


It sucks that you stopped burning calories by growing though.

15. Not seeing each other every day sucks.

16. You had some pretty dramatic fights when you were younger.


You might have not talked for DAYS.

17. But that has just made you closer now.


18. And now you're pretty sure you'll be friends for life.