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18 Things You Know When You're Still Close With Your School Friends

Remember that time when...

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1. You never forget anything from when you two were at school together.

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Remember when you were younger and people assured you everyone forgets all the embarrassing things you did. Not true.


4. You also remember all of their fashion choices.

These get brought up quite a lot too tbh.

6. Your knowledge of each other's romantic histories is unrivaled.


You saw each other every day for years. Not only do you know what happened with who, but how many texts were sent and what emoticons were used on MSN.

7. All this knowledge gives you a sixth sense for when they fancy someone.


"They are so your type. They look like that guy you made out with in Kavos crossed with your family friend Alex."


9. There are people from your old school who you never see anymore, but stalk all the time on social media.


15. Not seeing each other every day sucks.

18. And now you're pretty sure you'll be friends for life.

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