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David Mack • 3 years ago

27 Times The "Hamilton" Fandom Had Jokes

This is the post where it happens.

Arielle Calderon • 3 years ago

When Working On A Project, Think Like A Kid

We all grow up (eventually). But staying curious is a great default.

Aaron Edwards • 4 years ago

Creating Editorial Process Before A Finished Product

Building news products is fun! But it takes time, patience and lots of experimenting with even the most simple concepts.

Aaron Edwards • 4 years ago

The Black “Les Misérables” Cast Of Our Dreams

Can we live? Can we dream a dream?

Aaron Edwards • 4 years ago

Amber Rose And Jessica Williams Have Perfected The Clapback

It's a skill that, when employed properly, can banish someone attempting to throw shade back to the Dark Ages. Use with caution.

Aaron Edwards • 4 years ago

My Grandfather Rests On A Hill That Leads To Heaven

I fought sweat and tears to bury my grandfather in the mountains of Jamaica, his last home.

Aaron Edwards • 4 years ago