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It's Time We Recognize That Julianne Moore Is The One True Queen

We're not worthy.

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This is a freakin' travesty. It's obvious that no one has seen this woman act because if they did she would have won ALL THE AWARDS EVER.

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So you didn't see A Single Man? Boogie Nights? Far From Heaven? The Kids Are All Right? The Hours?


It's OK though — Julianne will win on Sunday. I mean she HAS to. Have you seen the trailer for Still Alice? The trailer itself deserves 1 million Golden Globes.

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This woman is so good she can fake an attraction to Alec Baldwin.


But seriously this is her year and we must be ready for the Queen to take her rightful place at the Iron throne.*

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*She won't be competing against Queen Meryl this year THANK GOD.