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    9 Jan 2015

    16 Indian Fashion Bloggers That Are Slaying This Tropical Winter

    These ladies put the "win" in winter.

    1. Komal from No Wings Attached shows us that matching leather accessories can complete a look majestically.

    2. Mawi from Mawi's Vintage shows that ripped jeans are a blessing in a tropical winter.

    3. Reva from Hybrid Hues demonstrates the art of casual layering.

    4. Nilu from Big Hair Loud Mouth looks like royalty in a combination of emerald green and tan.

    5. And a rockstar in an all-black outfit pairing a leather jacket with a timeless trench.

    6. Roseleen from In Style Custody is glad that stockings under a short skirt are enough protection for this pleasant weather.

    7. Devyani from Breviloquent adds Indian accents to her formal winter wear.

    8. Akanksha Redhu makes work wear fun by adding a graphic crop top to her suit.

    9. Shereen and Kayaan of Love And Other Bugs know that the full length kimono jacket and the light trench are must-haves this season.

    10. Monisha from Monisha's Look Book uses luxurious fabrics to keep warm, like this velvet top paired with a beautiful statement necklace.

    11. Aashna of Le Snobiety can lift any all-black outfit with a floral blazer.

    12. Rhea from Fuss adds glamour and sophistication to her looks with a metallic jacket and dark lips.

    13. Shaily from Confessionz Of A Closet looks effortlessly chic by throwing on a leather jacket over a jersey maxi dress.

    14. Poorva from Style Spectrum manages to keep things hot in winter with over-the-knee socks.

    15. Ritu from Razzle Dazzle Pickle adds character to plain black leggings with the help of a long cardigan and a floppy hat.

    16. And Abhilasha from Looking Good Feeling Fab flawlessly pairs a jacket over her lehenga for the winter wedding season.

    Stay fabulous, ladies.

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