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    This Moving Short Video Takes You Inside The Mind Of Someone Struggling With Depression

    "My thoughts spin out of control, fragmented and disjointed as my world crumbles before me."

    Jamun, a Delhi-based film company in collaboration with Saarthak, a Mental Health Organisation and The Hans Foundation, a charitable trust, released a short video that takes you inside the mind of a person going through depression.

    The video aims at creating awareness about mental health and encourage the suffering to "reach out."

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    Mental Health is a subject close to our hearts and we would love to get the film some play and raise awareness. There is a lot of stigma around the subject in India and we hope the film will encourage people to reach out and seek help.If one finds the courage to speak up, the repercussions are vast and they can affect marital and professional relationships for the worse.While developing the idea for the film we were aware that we need to ensure that our protagonist is someone like you and me, who the audience can relate to. Someone who can live a 'normal' functional life, with family support and the right medical care.

    The Mental Health Helpline numbers in India are 1860-266-2345 and 022-2556-3291, a service called iCall run by Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS).