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    This Short Video Calls Out The Who's Who Of Bollywood For Fueling India's Fairness Obsession

    Shah Rukh, Aishwarya, Priyanka, Katrina, Shahid, Kareena, John, Sonam, Preity, Vidya – the list could go on. And you've ALL got some explaining to do.

    Here are a few objective facts:

    • Seeing certain skin tones as superior to others is dangerous.

    • Making people feel bad about their natural skin tone is cruel.

    • Peddling the untrue message that not being fair means being unhappy is immoral.

    • Encouraging people to be fairer than they are is destructive.

    And yet, for years, India's richest and most influential people did precisely those things.

    As if it's a rite of passage.


    Midway through last year, YouTube user Rag1ni had had enough. She made this quick and fun video, systematically calling out each and every one of them for the regressive, harmful mindsets they peddle, for endorsement money that they don't even need:

    View this video on YouTube

    As of August 2014, advertisers are no longer allowed to make ads that “perpetuate the notion that dark skin is inferior and undesirable."

    Fair & Lovely

    But the mindsets and stigmas created over years of brainwashing will take more than just some legislation to undo. And Bollywood, let's start with you.


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