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January 14, 2015

Why Are There Never-Ending Lines At Grocery Stores In Venezuela?

Tensions are rising as people grow more tired of standing in line for hours in order to buy whatever is left in the shortage-ridden country. President Nicolas Maduro, meanwhile, is accusing the opposition and Venezuela's elite of waging an "economic war" against the country by creating the shortage while he's away on a diplomatic tour.

The GOP's Univision Problem

The network's ties to Hillary Clinton, treatment of Marco Rubio, and singular focus on immigration give Republicans fits. But for one big reason: Republicans need Univision.

Inside The Lad Bible's Viral Web Empire

With 17 million social media followers and surging revenues, The Lad Bible is a publishing phenomenon. Critics say it objectifies women and fuels sexism. Now The Lad Bible wants to be taken seriously, but can it shake off its trashy image?

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