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18 Insults Beliebers Said To Me After I Posted The Alleged Calvin Klein Photoshops

Justin Bieber's fans will fight for him no matter what.

Backstory: Justin Bieber recently became a Calvin Klein model.


So, naturally, there was a lot of speculation, and eventually an alleged photoshopped picture was released, which I tweeted.

Justin Bieber, before and after the Calvin Klein photoshop

There was immediate backlash, and I quickly found out just how much these Beliebers loved their man.

Here are the 18 most inspiring insults I received from angry Beliebers.

1. =/

@SpencerAlthouse fucking ugly ass hater. Who the fuck are you even??? Fucking cunt

2. =/

@SpencerAlthouse dick bigger than your future ayye

3. =/


4. =/

@SpencerAlthouse What I find creepy is a 50-year-old man obsessing over a 20-year-old's dick size... #Pervert

5. =/

@SpencerAlthouse i know i didn't saw justin's dick but base in that 'photoshopped' pic i can promise you that his bigger than urs.

6. =/

7. =/

@SpencerAlthouse what you really need to do

8. =/

@SpencerAlthouse yea u just ruined your 2015

9. =/

@SpencerAlthouse oh darling you forgot to photoshop that shadow around his dick ooops. your bad smh can u get any pathetic

10. =/

@spenceralthouse Who even are you tho??? I have more follows than you and I'm a fan account 😩😩

11. =/

@SpencerAlthouse you deserve it, also you are an obsessed creep, you have been creepily obsessed with Justin since 2010...

12. =/

@FEVERARIANA @SpencerAlthouse lol we're gonna ruin him

13. =/

@SpencerAlthouse dude you're ugly af please shut up

14. =/

15. =/

People like you are the reason there's no world peace! Pls execute yourself ASAP @SpencerAlthouse

16. =/

@SpencerAlthouse hey look! Took a picture of you today😊

17. =/

@SpencerAlthouse the first photo looks photoshoped.Unless you work here you dum fuck you wouldn't know you skinny ass whole

18. =/