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Hacked L.A. Traffic Sign Wants You To "Read A F*cking Book"

I mean, it is good advice.

Journalist Daina Beth Solomon stumbled across a wonderful, if somewhat strange, message from the Los Angeles Department of Transportation last night:

Need a New Year resolution, maybe? "Read a f'n book" says #DTLA electronic street sign

The traffic sign was obviously hacked (there are currently no suspects), but that didn't stop folks from enjoying the sign's literary, albeit salty, message:

I don't condone swears (this is a lie), but this hacked LA traffic sign is fantastic.

Some good advice for #Friday evening! (and every other evening) Photo: @dainabethcita http://t.co/edg0NfAVJM

Ha. Someone hacked an LA traffic sign to share a very important message. (Pic by @dainabethcita)

Whoever hacked this traffic sign in #LosAngeles is my new hero http://t.co/OxRYGwSC4g

No word yet if the sign caused a traffic jam due to drivers immediately starting to read a fucking book.