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    This Woman Found A Scorpion In Her Weetabix

    Just your average, everyday scorpion. Hanging out in some cereal.

    Fancy a sting for breakfast? Carol Cook, 51, from Stanstead, Essex, was eating her Weetabix cereal and soon after saw this little guy scuttling across the floor.

    East News

    She suspects the beast had been hiding in the cereal box – this isn't a new thing that Weetabix is adding to its produce.


    East News

    The Herts and Essex Observer reported how Carol's husband, Gary, "subdued the brown beast with a sheet of paper and a plastic container" before contacting the RSPCA and the local council.

    Carol told the Observer: "I've seen the film The Scorpion King so I know what they are capable of."

    "When I saw its tail lifting up, it was quite scary, because you are aware it could sting," she said.

    According to one report, the creature has been identified as a potentially dangerous Arizona bark scorpion. It's thought it had been living in Carol's house for up to three months after the family came back from Australia.

    The couple have put the beast in a plastic Tupperware carton until they find a new owner. At one point they thought it had died after it stopped moving, but it "sprung back to life" once the heating came on.

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