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Jan 9, 2015

Leighton Meester Is The Best Thing Anyone Could Hope To Be Reincarnated As

One day, I wish to come back as her.

Hi, this is an announcement that Leighton Meester is the reason I hope reincarnation is real.

Getty Images for Tony Awards Productions Dimitrios Kambouris

Because if you could become anything in your next life, OBVIOUSLY this would be the best possible outcome.


Because uh, you'd be Leighton Meester.

Getty Images for Tony Awards Productions Dimitrios Kambouris

And that means you'd always look like you just stepped out of a magazine cover.

Getty Images Dimitrios Kambouris

Or just fell from the earth out of an orb that came from a different planet full of people that lack any genetic flaw.

Getty Images for Target Jamie McCarthy

At somepoint in your next life as Leighton Meester, you'd get to be the best thing to happen to this red carpet.

Getty Images Larry Busacca

And whenever someone took a picture of you the rest of the world would stop, and you'd be a glowing light in a sea of darkness.

Getty Images Angela Weiss

There's also that other thing in which you'd be married to Adam Brody.

Getty Images for Tony Awards Productions Dimitrios Kambouris

And the two of you would walk down the street while moving at the same pace and your right feet will be twinsies.


Also, you'll be endlessly cool while recording your music, you know, cause you can SING TOO.

And people will take pics of you being all cute and singy and shy, but it's your life, so whatever.

And look how fun your life is! You get to sit in a big floating chair on the beach

Anyway, back to how perfect you now are. Because this is you.


This is you.

Getty Images Kevin Winter

This is you.

This is also you.

Getty Images Michael Loccisano

And this is you holding a drawing of you.

Getty Images Brad Barket

Enjoy your new life!

Getty Images Dimitrios Kambouris

It's a #BLESSED one.

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