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    9 Jan 2015

    11 Beautiful And Inspiring Mumbai Women Who Fought Societal Norms And Changed Lives

    Here's proof that if you take a moment to find out, everyone has a life story worth hearing. Published with permission from Humans of Bombay.

    1. She who chose taking care of orphaned children over getting married.

    2. She who shed her old life, overcame her fear of a new one, and toughened up for the education of her children.

    3. She who draped saris to weave the lives of her kin.

    4. She who decided to be the change she wanted to see.

    5. She who fought her family to protect the future of her children.

    6. She who knows that listening to naysayers is a waste of time. #HatersGonHate

    7. She who tells it like it is.

    8. She who knew that her hard work will bear sweet fruits for who is most important to her.

    9. She who lives as an example that you don't need a man to raise a family.

    10. She who knew that speaking up does more good than being silent.

    11. And she who knows that the happiest futures start right here, today.

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