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December 9, 2014

Students Learn A Powerful Lesson About Privilege

With a recycling bin and some scrap paper. Based on this post.

Lena Dunham: Why I Chose To Speak Out

The ways I've been attacked for sharing my story show how far we have to go when discussing sexual assault.

14 Times One Direction Lost Their Chill On Tour

With the band's latest tour kicking off, it's time to revisit classic moments where One Direction forgot they were performing in front of a stadium’s worth of people.

Did Uber Just File A Trademark For A Mobile Game Called "UberDrive"?

According to the filing, UberDrive is a "computer game software for mobile devices..."

26 Of The Funniest Moments From Sons Of Anarchy

Relive some of the funnier moments before the finale because criminals have a sense of humor too.

25 Moments Every Mexican Soccer Fan Remembers All Too Well

¡Chiquitibum a la bim bom ba – eyyyy no fue penal!

The 23 Smartest Things Written By Kids In 2014

Kids for President of the United States of Everything.

What Type Of Hacker Are You?

Before you can learn how to be a better hacker, we must know what type of hacker you already are. Take this quiz to test your skills!

Columbia Law Students Can Postpone Exams If They're "Sufficiently Impaired" By Eric Garner Grand Jury Decision

"We have been traumatized over and again by the devaluation of Black and Brown lives. We are falling apart."

File-Sharing Site The Pirate Bay Was Raided By Swedish Police And Taken Down

The popular torrent website is suspected of violating copyright law in Sweden.

Bush's Recollection Of Torture In Autobiography Conflicts With Senate Report

In his 2010 memoir Decision Points, President George W. Bush said then-CIA Director George Tenet briefed him on torture techniques. The account is disputed by a former top CIA lawyer and the Senate report.

Army Veteran Finds His Dog At A Shelter After Four Years Apart

Bones, an American bulldog mix, had been given up by John Russo's ex-girlfriend in September.

Target Was Selling A Black Barbie For Twice As Much As A White Barbie

"[My daughter] said, 'Why does this black doll cost more than the white doll?' And I really couldn't explain it to her," a shopper told BuzzFeed News.

16 Reasons Lizzie McGuire Will Always Be Your Dream Best Friend

Besides having the perfect wardrobe to borrow from.

10 Essential Pop/Punk/Rock Albums To Help You Dominate Finals Week

For those who love music indiscriminately, put these albums on and let them play through your study sesh, paper writing odyssey or rock out on a break. May finals never stop you!

This Artist Creates Adorably Weird Figurines Out Of Clay

A Phoenix artist stumbled into starting a business when commissions started pouring in.

Behind The Alarming Rise Of The Online Vigilante Detective

How the mid-2000s dream of the "citizen journalist" mutated into a dangerous trend of digital citizen policing.

16 Menorahs That Will Get You Pumped For Hanukkah

Darling, these designs are shamashing.

Republicans, Democrats Slam Kerry Over Lack Of War Authority

"There's a famous movie that says show me the money. Show us the language."

Report Reveals Brutal CIA Interrogation Based On Bogus Intel

The Agency was convinced Janat Gul knew of a plot to launch terror attacks against the 2004 presidential election, but he couldn't have known. The plot was fiction. His interrogators were ordered to torture him even after they came to believe he knew nothing.

The Dodgers Gave Mexico's President A Custom Jersey And People Aren't Happy About It

On Monday, the Dodgers tweeted a photo of first baseman Adrian Gonzalez presenting Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto with a customized jersey. The gesture, though, sparked a backlash against the baseball team from people upset over how the Mexican government handled the disappearance of 43 students in Ayotzinapa, Guerrero, who are presumed dead.

21 Amazing Plus-Size Jackets Under $100

Throw the cold under the bus.

17 Reasons Why Meeko From "Pocahontas" Is The Best Sidekick Ever

Is this bottomless pit a friend of yours?

Friends Don't Let Friends Wear Antlers

Funny dog trick video. Beck the American Shelter dog plays the comic to Smooth Collie Finn's straight dog.

Top 20 Advertisements Of 2014

2014 was a cluttered year of videos, visuals and voices. But sometimes one an ad can stop you in your tracks. Grab a tissue (or the whole box) some of these are tearjerkers...

18 Photos Of Swimmers Guaranteed To Make You Wet

That is, wet from drooling all over yourself.

The 40 Most Important Corgis Of 2014

The most important end-of-the-year list is back.

Stop Everything And Watch This One Life-Changing Wrapping Hack

Gift wrapping just got a lot less stressful.

21 Signs You Have Good Friends In Your Life

The proof is in the texts.

7 Things Greek-Americans Know To Be True

Ouzo isn't for everyone.

17 Thoughts Every Girl Has While Going Through Sorority Recruitment

And what could describe these thoughts better than GIFs?

21 Family Christmas Photos That Failed So Hard They Almost Won

It's the most awkward time of the year!

Gentle Reminder That There Are People Who Don't Know What Y2K Was

Because they are embryos and you are so old now.

12 Of The Cutest, Most Politically Subversive Homes To Live In

Artist Katharina Roters photographs the controversial "Hungarian Cubes." Once a cozy place to call home and a bold political statement of identity.

22 Pictures That Prove That 2014 Is The Damn Future

You know, at least with regard to technology.

The Best And Worst Auditions For Disney's Moana

This is a list of the best and worst auditions for the voice of Disney's upcoming animation film, Moana.

15 cosas que cualquiera que se sienta sexualmente atraído por Santa Claus entendería

Colgarse con cuidado de la chimenea, esperando que Papá Noel llegue pronto.

15 Times Jennifer Lawrence Reminded Us Why We Love Her

"You should start exercising your vagina."

All Hail, The Big Bang Theory Bloopers

We all know how funny The Big Bang Theory is, now have a look at the equally, if not funnier bloopers!!.

16 Oh-So-'90s NSYNC Etsy Items You Need This Instant

Say "Bye, Bye, Bye" to literally everything else you own. You don't need any of it anymore.

51 Of The Most Beautiful Sentences In Literature

"At the still point, there the dance is." —T. S. Eliot

Here Are 11 Unarmed Victims Killed By Police In 2014

Michael Brown and Eric Garner were only two of several unarmed people who died this year at the hands of the police officers around the nation. Here are some of the most compelling cases:

17 Kittens Who Are Getting In The Christmas Spirit

If you're not excited for Christmas will be now.

Guilty Crushes Girls Will Always Have

"If the sun refused to shine, I would still be loving you. When mountains crumble to the sea, there will still be you and me"

All The "Pretty Little Liars" GIFs You've Ever Wanted, Featuring Shay Mitchell

The perfect reactions to every insanely crAzy moment you experience while watching PLL.

19 Food And Booze Subscription Boxes That Make Awesome Gifts

Send a gift that will make them love you more every month. The products in this post were updated in November 2017.

Georgia Executes Man With Claimed Intellectual Disability

Updated: Robert Wayne Holsey was executed at 10:51 p.m. Tuesday after the Supreme Court refused to intervene. His attorneys were fighting to stop his execution because they said his original trial was mishandled by a soon-to-be disbarred and imprisoned alcoholic lawyer.

Harry Reid Is "Opposed" To Congress Messing With D.C's Marijuana Law

"I'm opposed to what the House is trying to do," Reid said. Reid noted if the House includes a rider to halt D.C.'s law, it could be hard to remove.

19 Completely Awesome Things Canadians Did In 2014

Just another year being eh-plus people.

12 Reasons This New A Cappella Holiday Break-Up Song Will Leave You "Full Of Cheer"

Sick of the same old, boring, overplayed, Christmas carols? We've got you covered. The crooning cowboys of Home Free have recently released an original Yuletide tune and well... We'll just let the video speak for itself.

21 personas que tienen más Grammys que Katy Perry

Todas estas personas tienen Grammys.Katy Perry no tiene ninguno.

10 Dogs Who Forgot How To Dog

It's a hard world out there for our furry friends.

A Baby Was Born On A Southwest Flight With Over 100 People On It

Mom and baby are reportedly "doing fine," an LAX spokeswoman told BuzzFeed News.

12 Real-Life Sky Photos That'll Give You Life

Just a quick reminder that our world is amazing.

The Ultimate Parisian Guide To Paris

Forget the Eiffel Tower and the Champs-Elysées. Here's where Parisians actually go.

Are You A 1980s Preppy?

Being preppy is more than just being rich. It's a way of life.

20 Things You Never Knew About Ella Henderson

Get to know the soulful British pop star behind the hit track "Ghost" before she conquers America in 2015.

Leggings Aren't Pants And Other Lessons From Montana's "Sexist" Dress Code

Female members of Montana's Legislature are not happy after being instructed to be "sensitive" to their skirt lengths and necklines.

Les 25 selfies les plus importants de 2014

Un an après être devenu le mot officiel de 2013, le « selfie » est maintenant officiellement entré dans les mœurs. Voici quelques-uns des plus remarquables de l'année 2014.

42 astuces qui vous sauveront la vie à Noël

De la décoration à l'emballage des cadeaux.

Wild Parties In The Movies Montage

Hollywood throws one hell of a party! The video is broken into the 6 distinct sequences of every familiar party movie.

38 Perros que ganaron 2014

Un hecho: los perros son invencibles.

Who Is Your Celebrity Arch Nemesis?

Hollywood is out to get you.

50 Dogs Dressed Up For The Holidays

It's the most wonderful time of the year.

12 cosas que "Regreso al futuro" prometió que tendríamos en 2015

En los 80 parecía tan posible... y todavía lo es. Pero, válgame Cristo, ¡tenemos menos de un mes para hacer que estas cosas se hagan realidad!

This "All About That Bass" Parody Will Get You In The Christmas Spirit

Ya his cheeks are chubby and his belt is a little tight, but Mrs. Claus likes a little more booty to hold at night

Which "Law And Order: SVU" ADA Are You?

These characters all put the ADA in bADAss.

Christmas Canines To Make You Feel Festive

Adorable with a little red bow.

19 DIY Projects To Do Before The Holidays

Ready or not, the holidays are here. Make the most of the season with these DIY projects that will make this hectic time so much better.

Syfy Has Announced That A New Superman Prequel Called "Krypton" Is In The Works

David S. Goyer and Ian B. Goldman will executive produce the show, with Superman's grandfather as the lead character.

NFL Quarterback Cam Newton Released From Hospital

Newton was in a car accident in Charlotte on Tuesday.

Premiere: Scottish Soulster Paolo Nutini Strips Down In New Video

Musically. Strips down musically. (Sorry.)

Latinos Get Lowest "Well-Being" Score In California, Annual Study Finds

An analysis that focused on health, education, and income found that Latinos scored the lowest among all ethnic groups in the Golden State.

Many Syrians Will Still See Redacted CIA Report As Proof U.S. And Assad Are Allies

"Everyone knows that Assad and the Americans are working together." Even though Syria was redacted from the report, a perceived U.S. alliance with Assad is a line that connects Obama and Bush for many Syrians.

This Cat Is The Patron Saint Of Christmas

Cats are very rarely patient creatures. (H/T Tastefully Offensive)

CIA Made Cash Payments To Countries That Hosted Black Sites, Report Says

The report by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence also says two secretaries of state were not informed of black site locations.

BREAKING NEWS: Daymond John From Shark Tank Said YOLO First

Forget about Kim Kardashian breaking the internet...

The UK Has Its First Out Transgender Parliamentary Candidate

Labour's Emily Brothers said she hopes she can be a "positive role model".

27 Caras que todas las personas a dieta entenderán

Porque desafortunadamente, lo que no mata engorda.

How The BBC Is Fighting Back In The Licence Fee Media War

The BBC's Royal Charter is due for renewal in 2016 and its opponents are adamant the corporation's £3.6 billion budget should be slashed. But Auntie isn't taking it lying down.

23 Zeichen, dass Du mal gekellnert hast

Einmal Kellner, immer Kellner.

American Man Arrested In Israel Over Alleged Plot To Bomb Muslim Holy Sites

U.S. fugitive Adam Everett Livvix is accused of acquiring explosive bricks and stun grenades as part of the alleged plot, according to the Jerusalem Post.

Christmas Morning Munchers

Tasty treats to refuel after unwrapping gifts a plenty. ..or to help with post coal wallowing.

How To Have An Amazing Christmas For Under $100

That includes decorations, gifts, and general holiday cheer.

Can We Guess If You're A Cat Person Or A Dog Person?

This quiz is impawtant. Take it right meow.

CIA Used "Rectal Feeding" As Part Of Torture Program

According to the newly released Senate report on the CIA's "enhanced interrogation" program, detainees' hunger strikes were broken via rectal feeding.

A Bald Cinderella Gave A Little Girl With Cancer The Surprise Of Her Life

Isabella Harvey has been suffering from leukemia for almost three years when she was surprised by a princess who looked like her.

The Perfect Holiday Book Guide

What’s better than curling up next to the fire with a great book during the holidays? Check out this roundup of our favorite winter reads- the perfect gifts to help make shopping smooth as cocoa!

Formas de ayudar a los argentinos que más lo necesitan en Navidad

Existen diversas alternativas para brindarle apoyo a las personas de tu comunidad.

23 Things Kids Who Didn’t Celebrate Christmas Knew All Too Well

Why is everyone asking where Christmas is? IT'S LITERALLY EVERYWHERE.

21 Amazing Christmas Cards You'll Wish You'd Sent

Grab the cat and the Santa hat quickly and you might still have time to do some of these.

NBA Star Breaks Down During Interview After Losing 6-Year-Old Friend To Cancer

Washington Wizards point guard John Wall got emotional after dedicating his performance to a young friend who lost her battle with Burkitt’s lymphoma.

Poll: Who Is The Actual Royal Couple?

The Duchess of Cambridge slayin' with Queen Bey.

The Difference Between Me And Other Girls.

Roughly translated to : Why I don't have a boyfriend.

Grammy Nominees As Troll Dolls

Forget the Hess Truck! This holiday season, start your Troll collection with today's hottest pop stars. Or use them as Voodoo dolls. Pins sold separately.

31 nomes que não funcionam muito bem no Brasil

Louis Picamoles usando o aplicativo Rego no Boquete Country Club.

Which TV Badass Should Be Your Best Friend?

No one's going to mess with you two.

The Internet's Been Taken Over By People Singing Songs Using Facebook Usernames

And it might just be getting a tiny bit annoying...

Bloomberg News Editor Matt Winkler Replaced By Economist Editor Micklethwait

Winkler, who founded Bloomberg News in 1990, will now work directly with Michael Bloomberg, the company's founder and Winkler's close friend.

37 clevere Arten, Dein Leben mit IKEA-Sachen zu organisieren

Warnung:Das Folgende könnte deinen nächsten IKEA-Besuch um eine Stunde verlängern.

35 increíbles juguetes que toda chica nacida en los 80 quiso por Navidad

Seamos sinceros. Aún quieres esa muñeca Jem Glitter N Gold.

Mugabe Ousts Zimbabwe VP After Alleged Plot Against Him

Presidential hopeful Joice Muburu has been fired following a public falling-out with the 90-year-old leader, during which he accused her of plotting to depose or kill him.

Neil Gaiman Reads, Strong Bad Writes, And John Green Drinks

Just 3 of many reasons you need to check out the most whimsical charity ever, Worldbuilders.

What Would Your Autobiography Be Called?

Upload a photo of yourself and generate the guaranteed bestseller about your life and times!

The 42 Most Awkward Dogs Of 2014

There's absolutely nothing like our awkward best friends.

Egyptian Democracy Activist Jailed For Accusing Judge Of Bias In Facebook Comments

Ahmed Douma was found to have "insulted the court" after he accused the judge of making anti-opposition comments on Facebook.

Senate Democrats Release Scathing CIA Torture Report

The long-delayed report details the CIA's detention and interrogation policies during the Bush administration.

24 Things That Prove We Live In A Dystopian Capitalist Hellscape

Sure, you can have nice things, but this is all a bit unnecessary.

19 People Who Are Better At Christmas Than You

These guys really sleighed the holidays.

22 Emma Watson Reactions For Everyday Situations

A flawless face for every occasion.

25 Signs You're A Family Of Christmas Fanatics

The Christmas spirit is in your genes.

YouTube Star Connor Franta Came Out In A Video And Received Thousands Of Supportive Messages

"This has easily been the hardest thing I've ever had to do - but I'm so glad I'm doing it."

17 Secret Santa Gifts Under $20 That Everyone Will Want

Gifts for every person and every budget.

The 21 Most Important Kendall Jenner Outfits Of 2014

The reality TV star turned model was unstoppable this year.

12 Artists Who Proved R&B Music Is Alive And Well In 2014

You want the groove? You can't HANDLE the groove.

No, Selena's Killer Is Not Up For Early Release From Prison

A fake news site reported Monday that Yolanda Saldívar, who received a life sentence for killing Selena, could receive early release in 2015. A spokesman with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice said it was a false report.

40 Photos That Will Transport You Back To Your Childhood

Orange VHS tapes, inflatable chairs, and see-through phones.

16 mariées élégantes qui ont dit non à la robe traditionnelle

Sortez vos pantalons, vestons et nœuds papillon chics.

The Scottish Labour Leadership Election Might Be Closer Than You Think

Jim Murphy is the big-name candidate stealing all the headlines, but there's still a chance of a shock result.

Uber Suspends Operations In Spain Following Judge's Ruling

Uber ceased all operations in Spain on Tuesday but said they will appeal the court ruling.

61 Surprising Facts That Will Make You Say "Blimey!"

With thanks to innumerable Quora threads and QI books.

As 24 vezes em que North West deu uma aula de moda

Inclusive, mas não somente, um Balmain para bebês.

18 tatuagens que um monte de gente fez em 2014

Se você entrou em um estúdio de tatuagem este ano, provavelmente um destes desenhos está permanentemente gravado em sua pele.

12 coisas que "De Volta Para O Futuro" prometeu que teríamos em 2015

Nos anos 80 parecia tão possível...e ainda é.Mas Santo Deus! Temos menos de um mês para tornar tudo isso realidade!

Voici de magnifiques clichés Instagram de la vie à New York

Les photos sublimes d'Amy Touchette prouvent que l'on peut faire de l'art avec un simple iPhone.

Egyptian Reporter Broadcasts Program That Led to Raid on "Gay Sex Parties"

"Our society is full of disasters ... and if we kept hiding from that without facing those disasters, frankly, we will all be destroyed," the reporter said of a bathhouse where more than 26 men were arrested on Sunday.

Scottish Nationalists Have Hijacked The Amazon Reviews Of This Pro-Union Journalist's Indyref Diary

The Scottish editor of The Telegraph has released a book about his referendum experience. The reviews are interesting.

37 Momente 2014, die Du schon wieder vergessen hast

Ja, all das ist wirklich dieses Jahr passiert.

Mike Jeffries Finally Out At Abercrombie & Fitch

The executive has retired "effective immediately," without a successor in place. His tenure has been fraught with controversy. Updates with more details about Jeffries's role at the company.

Los Instagrams de animales más populares de 2014

Estas han sido las imágenes de animales que más han gustado en 2014. Pero... ¿realmente te sorprende tanto?

Scientists Dressed Rats Up In Sexy Little Jackets To Find Out What Turns Them On

Maybe male rats and male humans aren't that different after all.

10 Secrets Only Victoria's Secret Angels Will Tell You, By Adriana Lima

"We order pizza and cupcakes backstage before hitting the runway." And other inside info the model shared with BuzzFeed.

South African Prosecutors Can Appeal Against Oscar Pistorius Verdict

The state asked a judge to allow an appeal against the athlete's acquittal for murder and the "shockingly inappropriate" five-year sentence handed to him in October. Updated: Judge Thokozile Masipa granted their request Wednesday.

Kim Kardashian Reckons Her Pregnancy Weight Gain Was "God Teaching Her A Lesson"

"My pregnancy weight gain was God teaching me a lesson."

The Facebook Gaming Platform Is Not Dead (Yet)

Games running on Facebook's platform are alive and well, Facebook game partnerships head Dan Morris tells BuzzFeed News. The company even has a hall of fame for its newest hits.

24 fois où North West était mieux habillée que vous

Sa collection de fringues est à mourir d'envie.

Watch These Foreigners Hilariously React To "Ask The Sexpert" Questions

You know what they say – "Never su-su in the chai-chai."

Yorkshire Parliament Campaigners To Stand 27 MPs At Next Election

Yorkshire First is planning to stand candidates across the county at the 2015 general election. If it's good enough for Scotland, why not Yorkshire?

6 Amazing Muslim Scholars You Probably Didn't Know

From algebra to philosophy, Muslim scholars over the centuries have influenced society as we know it..even to this very moment.

NYPD Officer Fatally Shoots Knife-Wielding Man At Prominent Brooklyn Synagogue

WARNING: The below video could be considered disturbing, please use discretion. The attacker repeatedly said "kill the Jews," according to witnesses.

Every Cover Of 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' That You Need This Christmas

Mariah Carey's perennial classic has been covered countless times and here are the covers worth listening to.

30 objetos incríveis que todo fã de caveira precisa ter

Com certeza o item mais cool de todos os tempos.

11 choses que « Retour vers le futur » nous avait promis pour 2015

Dans les années 1980 cela semblait tellement possible... Mais il nous reste moins d'un mois pour faire de ces trucs une réalité, nom de Zeus !

PETA's Porn-Inspired Anti-Dairy Advert Was Taken Down After Complaints

The ad, which had the slogan "some bodily fluids are bad for you" and a clear visual reference to pornography, was taken down after an intervention by Notts County FC.

Jungs, die sich das erste Mal in Drag Queens verwandeln

Dir wird die Kinnlade runterfallen ...

Indian Police Consider Charges Against Uber After Alleged Rape

Police in New Delhi questioned an Uber executive on Tuesday about the company's procedures for checking drivers' backgrounds, officials told the Associated Press. It's part of the investigation after a 26-year-old passenger accused drive Shiv Kumar Yadav of raping her on Friday.

How Well Do You Know Scottish Cuisine?

Can you tell your cranachan from your clootie dumpling?

Kochi Is Suddenly Covered In Incredible Graffiti, And Nobody Knows Who's Behind It

Move over Banksy, we've got a new anonymous, progressive, pop culture-obsessed street artist in town.

12 Ways Mindy Kaling Is Every Woman

Or what every woman should be.

24 Pictures That Football Fans Will Find Funny Every Single Time

Obviously, this post includes Balotelli.

19 Bizarre Australian Souvenirs

Kangaroo scrotum, anyone?

22 personnes qui passent une vraie journée de merde

Parfois, cela n'en vaut juste pas la peine.

Which Early '00s Pop Starlet Are You?

Are you a Christina, or more of an Avril? The most important quiz you'll take this year, probably.

20 Very British Middle-Class Problems

For anyone who understands the pain of a swan spitting in their salsa. From Benjamin Lee's new book, Middle Class Problems.

This Toddler's Tantrum Is How We All Feel After Missing A Putt

We all wish we could act like this on the course.

14 Messages Of Support From Pakistani Students To Ferguson's Protesters

"#Pakistan2Ferguson Because both brown and black bodies are done violence to by white men in uniforms, different as those uniforms may be."

Ces photos rares prouvent qu'Audrey Hepburn restera toujours une icône de mode

De nouvelles photos de l'actrice britannique seront exposées à la National Portrait Gallery de Londres en juillet 2015.

27 Traditions To Start With Your Family This Christmas

Start some special new traditions with your kids.

10 Berlin-Filme aus den 90ern

Noch einmal Berlin sehen, wie es mal war.

The Ultimate Guide To An Australian Summer Music Festival

From the shredding to the sunglasses, here's everything you need to know to get ready for an Aussie summer festival.

How To Bring Your Same Sex Partner Home for The Holidays

A guide for bringing your same sex partner home to your family for the holidays.

20 Tweets By Senator Chuck Grassley That Will Make You Say, "WHAT?!"

The 81-year-old Republican Senator from Iowa has more than 80,000 followers and not one of them knows what the f--- he's talking about.

22 Moments From "Holiday In Handcuffs" That Prove It's The Craziest Christmas Movie Ever

You have a lot of options when it comes to Christmas movies. Why not watch one that's baffling and terrifying? SPOILER WARNING if you can't predict the plot of a Christmas romantic comedy.

20 réactions que tous les retardataires pathologiques reconnaîtront

Trois minutes pour se doucher, se brosser les dents et s'habiller ? Sans problème.

Best Anime Shoe Designs On Etsy

Not sure what to get your anime enthusiast friend for Christmas. How about some customized shoes with his or her favorite anime characters on it?

37 Reasons Mangoes Are The Greatest Fruit

"It's not summer until you've eaten a mango" - Australian proverb.

Here’s What The Cast Of “Richie Rich” Looks Like Now

It's been 20 years since the release of the cult hit, and still we all want our own McDonald's restaurant in our living room.

Emotional Warner And Clarke Hammer India For Phillip Hughes

Cricket starts to move on from its darkest day.

Some Nonprofits Rake In Millions, But Spend Little On Good Deeds

Beauty pageants? The NFL? Why are these organizations tax-exempt? A new report released today by Sen. Tom Coburn breaks down the 9,000-page tax code and calls for loopholes to be closed.

Prime Minister Axes $7 GP Tax In Favour Of $5 Doctor Fee

Doctors now slugged by Tony Abbott.

11 Fabulous Living Dolls In Designer Clothes

Photographer Giampaolo Sgura transformed models Elizabeth Erm and Magdalena Frackowiak into amazing real-life Barbie Dolls for Vogue Paris!

16 Gifts For The Cheese Enthusiast In Your Life

Because who doesn't want a grilled cheese necklace?

The Ten Main Thoughts Of A College Student At The End Of The Fall Semester

Let's face it... You've had it with finals, you're Red Solo Cup-ed out, and you just want winter break to begin already!

Uber Driver Charged In Crosswalk Death Of 6-Year-Old Girl

Syed Muzaffar was charged Monday with misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter for hitting and killing 6-year-old Sofia Liu on New Year's Eve in San Francisco.

Christmas Song Covers To Refresh Your Playlist

Radio stations get holiday happy this time of year. Cleanse your ear palette with a few of these great covers.

21 Of The Most Ironic Photos Of All Time

IRONY: a state of affairs or event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects.

Which Popular Elf Are You?

The most important quiz you'll take this holiday season.

Campbell Has A Soup Problem

Macroeconomic factors are hitting Campbell's bottom line. Can the company reinvent itself before it's too late?

Signs You're A Fierce Woman

We're all a little fierce...

How Well Do You Know "Orange Is The New Black"?

Think you're a huge fan? Let's see what you got. [SPOILERS]

Signs You're A Badass B*tch

We're all a little badass...

A More Accurate Quiz About Me

I did not care about pictures

How Rolling Stone Gave A Gift To Rape Apologists

The way the magazine bungled its exposé of rape culture at UVA has caused irreparable damage to survivors — and given ammunition to those already disinclined to believe them.

Charity Aimed At Supporting Darren Wilson Refuses To Release Financial Information

Shield of Hope has raised at least $400,000 in support of Wilson.

This Qantas Pilot Beautifully Captures His Job Through Instagram

He also perfects the use of the selfie stick.

Sean Abbott Returns To Cricket With A Bouncer And Is Roundly Applauded

The young cricketer made a brave return after bowling the ball that struck the late batsman Phillip Hughes.

10 Times Trinidad & Tobago Scored At Miss World

With the current Miss Trinidad and Tobago World Sarah Jane Waddell making waves in London, having mid the top 10 in the sports and fitness contest, lets take a look at 10 times the country scored big at the competition.

28 Guys Who Seriously Need To Be Banned From Flirting


Karl Stefanovic's Peking Duk Intro Is Uploaded Online, Karl "Loves Getting Peking Duk'd"

"...but I can't get peking duk'd cause of bloody work..."

Nic Cage Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Entire Family

Ooooooo, Merry Christmas Saint Nic...

20 Things Pokemon Taught Me About Life.

Because it's not just a cartoon.

Nice Or Flirting

Have you ever been unsure if someone was flirting or just being nice.

17 NT News Front Covers That Tell The Story Of 2014

The award-winning newspaper consistently delivers punbelievable covers.

LeBron James, Other NBA Players Wear "I Can't Breathe" Shirts Before Game

Monday night's Brooklyn Nets and Cleveland Cavaliers game at Barclays Center drew protesters speaking out against Eric Garner's death. Britain's royal couple were also scheduled to attend.