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December 29, 2014

I Am A Girl. & I Am Beyond Excited For Entourage. Especially Ari Gold.

The trailer for Entourage was released last week and next summer we will all be reliving the humorous adventures of Vince, E, Turtle, Drama & Ari. As being a professional in the real world, I enjoy Ari's sense of humor and low tolerance for...well, anything. Here are so great words of wisdom, as told by Ari Gold.

Jim Harbaugh Officially Signs With University Of Michigan

He is now the highest paid college football coach in history, edging past Nick Saban.

18 Covers Of Pop Songs That Breathe New Life Into The Originals

Because it never hurts to mix things up a little.

Scientists Got Some Birds Drunk To See If It Has Any Effect On Their Singing

"Should auld acquaintance be (hiccup)." —A bird

Jay From "Serial" Gave An Interview That Might Actually Help Adnan Syed

Jay Wilds, the key witness in Adnan Syed's trial, gave his first interview in years, and now Rabia Chaudry, the woman who introduced Sarah Koenig to Syed, claims it proves Wilds has been lying the whole time.

Giraffes: Again!

Yay! More giraffes.

The Definitive Ranking Of "Black Mirror" Episodes

Sure, there are only seven, but with a series this good, it's hard work picking favorites. SPOILERS AHOY.

17 Cats With Very Important New Year's Resolutions

Kitties with some serious plans.

Which 30 Rock Character Are You?

I've done the math, and I've watched the entire series at least 80 times. I swear. So, I think I can do a decent job at this. :D

Weird New Year's Eve Traditions From Around The World

Are you ready to try all of them?


I am testing giraffes.

25-Year-Old Trans Woman Is Latest Target Of Egyptian LGBT Crackdown

The arrest of the 25-year-old trans woman is the latest in a crackdown on LGBT rights in Egypt that has landed more than 100 people behind bars. Her friend tells BuzzFeed News she fears she may be next.

Is Your Dog Gay?

Find out what launches your dog's red rocket.

16 Reasons Why Kirk From "Gilmore Girls" Is The Only Man You Need In Your Life

Forget Dean and Jess. Give the people what they want.

Here's How To Trick Your Kids Into Going To Bed Early This New Year's Eve

You're going to want to hear this if you have Netflix.

Texas A&M Coach Who Punched A West Virginia Player In The Head Has Been Dismissed

Head Coach Kevin Sumlin released a statement Tuesday.

Anxiously Waiting On The Eve Of A Ukrainian Prisoner Exchange

Photographer Misha Friedman captures the hours surrounding a major prisoner exchange between the Ukrainian government and Russian-backed separatists.

55 Things A 57 Year Old Dad Said When Watching Frozen For The First Time (in Forever)

"I bet she didn't get planning permission to build that ice castle."

16 Signs Youre Deep In Your Early 20s

If you find yourself nodding to the following points, we've got news for you: you're in your early twenties.

Earth From Space: 15 Amazing Things In 15 Years

The view of Earth from orbit is never the same – from minute to minute, day to day, year to year. To celebrate 15 successful years of the Earth Observing System, we’ve collected 15 impressive, awe-inducing or simply just plain interesting images gathered by NASA’s three flagship Earth orbiters.

A Python Swallowed An Entire Wallaby In Australia

Warning: These pictures are quite something.

23 Times Cards Against Humanity Stickers Were Used For Evil

If you're not into potty humor, proceed with caution. (NSFW because of naughty words.)

The 20 Most Charitable Celebs Of 2014

The biggest stars who used their fame for social good — putting the spotlight on everything from feminism to LGBT rights.

16 Hilarious One-Star Reviews Of Children's Books

"Dr Seuss was an evil genius, bent on traumatising children."

29 Movies That Are Turning 20 Years Old In 2015

Basically every movie you loved as a kid came out in 1995.

White House Police Task Force To Meet Before State Of The Union

The task force is expected to meet amid heightened tensions between protesters, politicians, and police officers following the murder of two New York City police officers.

Which Kwanzaa Principle Are You?

Are you the kujichagulia of your group? Perhaps the imani?

The Healing Angelina Left On The Cutting Room Floor

Angelina Jolie has turned Laura Hillenbrand's best-selling biography Unbroken into an inspirational hit movie. But could it have been even more inspiring?

This Kid Won Christmas When He Caught Santa Claus On Camera

Yes, Evan, there really IS a Santa Claus!

Top 10 Video Game Characters Of 2014

2014 introduced quite the eclectic bunch of video game characters, many of them new faces and all of them unique in their own ways. That being said, there were a few that stood out above the rest, and did so for a variety of reasons. Here are our favorite video game characters from 2014.

19 Dogs Dressed As Your Favorite "Star Wars" Characters

Look out for the very rare and dangerous WampaPug.

Obama Calls Newlyweds To Apologize After They Relocated Their Wedding So He Could Play Golf

The couple were given less than 24 hours to find a new venue.

The 1988 Murder Of A Cop Changed New York. Will It Happen Again?

Police fear a new wave of violence against officers. Activists fear an end to efforts to hold cops accountable when they cross the line.

18 personnes qui ont reçu un cadeau de Noël vraiment pourri

Je sais bien que c'est l'intention qui compte, mais il y a des limites...

17 Jay Z Songs Reimagined For Children

If Jay Z ever wants to retire the "King of Rap" crown, he could have a successful career as a children's musician.

50 Lee Pace GIFs That Will Make You Believe In Love Again

50 isn't nearly enough. But it will have to do.

Ezell Ford's Autopsy Shows LAPD Shot Him Three Times, Once In The Back

Ezell Ford's autopsy report released after months of delay by the LAPD.

8 Things We Learned About Shake Shack From Its IPO Filing

From Manhattan's unique love affair with the Shackburger to concerns about the fate of Moscow's Shake Shacks amid Western sanctions, there was plenty to learn in the company's SEC filing.

Patient In Scotland Has Ebola

The person recently visited Sierra Leone. This is the first confirmed case in the U.K.

Things Literally Everyone Exaggerates About

I am NEVER drinking again. E V E R.

Even Taylor Swift Herself Is Obsessed With This "1989" Acoustic Mashup

Taylor Swift fans — you're about to be obsessed too.

Which Female Clique Do You Belong In?

Every girl needs back-up!

Las 15 mejores reacciones ante la caída de Cristina Fernández de Kirchner

En Argentina informaron que la Presidenta se cayó en su vivienda tras pisar "un líquido deslizante" y estalló Twitter.

An Endangered Giraffe Was Born And She Has So Much Attitude

Chester Zoo just welcomed a new baby giraffe and she DGAF.

19 Times "The Boxcar Children" Covers Summed Up Why You Hate Kids

For when they make you wish they were orphans.

Here Are The Four NFL Coaches Who Got Fired On "Black Monday"

The day after the last game of the NFL regular season has certainly earned its nickname.

31 momentos que nos devolvieron la fe en la humanidad en 2014

A veces necesitas recordar que la gente es realmente maravillosa.

Judd Apatow Calls Out Canadian Theaters For Not Canceling Bill Cosby Appearances

“Do people still find him delightful after 30 accusers?” the director wrote on Twitter.

15 Powerful Quotes By Writers We Lost In 2014

"I have failed at many things, but I have never been afraid."

22 Personas que trataron de ser sexy y fallaron

Ser sexy no es fácil, y estas fotos lo demuestran.

How Well Do You Know The Lyrics To These '90s Rap Songs?

My anaconda don't want none unless you take this quiz, hun.

17 Times Queer Tumblr Totally Owned 2014

"What if, instead of gender, we all had Pokemon types?"

The 15 Best Shows Currently On Air Or Streaming

This is not the best shows of all time just what's currently available. It goes from my least favorite to most.

Un perro fiel corre tras la ambulancia donde va su amo

Esta es la historia del día que te hará sentir bien.

22 Things That Happen When You Get Into Knitting

I can listen while I knit, I swear!!

Jennifer Lawrence Is The Ultimate Louisville Cardinals Fan

The Hunger Games star chows down on pizza, leads the crowd in a chant, continues to be the coolest person alive.

35 Styles Cher Rocked Over The Years

Cher has never met a feather she didn't like.

Cristina Fernández de Kirchner recibió al primer ahijado presidencial judío

La Presidenta de Argentina adoptó al muchacho en virtud de una ley destinada a contrarrestar una tradición popular de ese país que dice que el séptimo hijo varón de hermanos del mismo sexo se convertirá en una criatura similar al hombre lobo.

What's Your New Year's Resolution For Reading?

Resolve to read more in 2015.

New York City Mayor Booed Before Delivering NYPD Graduation Speech

Mayor Bill de Blasio was jeered before delivering a speech to NYPD graduates. Some officers have been turning their back on him after two officers were killed.

New Year's Resolutions You Need To Make For 2015

The only thing to fall apart quicker than an unrealistic New Years Resolution is Kim Kardashian's marriage to Kris Humphries. This year, let's all stop spending New Year's vowing to lose 20 lbs and cut out all junk food and let's start spending New Year's making promises to ourselves that we’ll actually keep.

16 Yik Yak Messages From Your Favorite Literary Characters

It was the best of Yik Yak, it was the worst of Yik Yak.

25 Maneras de usar lentejuelas en lucir fabulosa

Puedes hacerlo sin lucir sobrecargada y sin necesidad de ir a una boda.

Seattle Times Accidentally Prints 20,000 Papers With A "2012 Wrap Up"

The mistake was on page one in big, red font.

26 Texts That Prove Best Friends Are Better Than Boyfriends

If you want to be my lover, you gotta get your emoji game on point like Sarah, OK?

13 Recipes On Pinterest That I've Actually Made That Are Delicious And Easy

We all know we've tried some recipes on pinterest that have been hard and epic fails. These are not. Highlight links to get to the recipes or click the links under each photo.

Argentina's President "Adopted" A Jewish Godson

Argentina's presidents have a tradition of adopting the seventh son in a family in a tradition linked to folklore that states the child would turn into a werewolf-like creature.

Sexy Firefighters With Puppies Are Guaranteed To Make You Sweat

There is nothing sexier in the world than half-naked firefighters holding puppies. Except when they're holding kittens.

Inspectors Detailed Safety Concerns On Ferry That Caught Fire

The Norman Atlantic had problems with its emergency lighting, fire doors, lifesaving appliances, and emergency evacuation plans, according to data from Equasis and Greek news outlets. The ferry caught fire Sunday, killing at least seven people.

The Only Men You Need In 2015

Cumberbatch. Hiddles. Fassbender. CUMBERBATCH.

17 Vital Life Lessons "Scooby-Doo" Taught Me

It's so much more than a cartoon.

42 GIFs Disney pour toutes les situations du quotidien

Disney est toujours là quand vous en avez besoin.

Praise For Pilots After Virgin Flight Makes Emergency Landing At Gatwick Airport

Flight VS43 appears to have had landing gear issues.

Faced With Protests, Russia Speeds Up Verdict Against Top Opposition Leader

A verdict in the latest case against Alexey Navalny was due to be delivered on Jan. 15 — but as a planned protest on the date grew, the court has suddenly changed the date for tomorrow.

21 razones por las que tu caballo es siempre el mejor regalo

Porque son mucho más que mejores amigos.

34 Actors Who Impressed Us In 2014

There were plenty of impressive performances this year, but BuzzFeed Entertainment talked to the stars within about their particularly outstanding acting achievements in 2014.

Number Of Homeless People Jumps To Almost 60,000 In New York City

Mayor Bill de Blasio made it his mission to reduce homelessness, but the scale of the problem has so far proved overwhelming.

Hoezaay's "Misheard Lyrics" Video Is Everything You Need To Make Your Day Right Now

WARNING: Bollywood songs will never be the same. Ever.

The 38 Most WTF Moments Of 2014

The year in weird.

19 Resolutions That Are SO Much Better Than Going On A Diet

Diets are the worst. But healthy living is awesome!

23 People You'll Never Accept Are Actually Real

It's honestly remarkable that the world still functions.

Mum Shields Her Adult Son From Seeing Breasts On TV, And Becomes A Viral Star

The towel-wielding mum went on to cover up Kim Kardashian and Marilyn Monroe. Oh, and to parachute out of a plane.

26 Songs That Are Turning 10 Years Old In 2015

You'll want to pon de replay this playlist.

Gmail Access Partially Restored To China

Gmail services were partially restored to some Chinese users after a four-day outage.

Greece Heading For Snap Elections

The Greek parliament's failure to elect a president means the country will head to the polls on Jan. 25, which could potentially cause Europe-wide instability.

49 New Year's Resolutions Twentysomethings Should Consider

Dieting and going to the gym are NOT on this list.

The Definitive Ranking Of Every Major "Pretty Little Liars" Character

Will we ever find out who A is? Probably not in this lifetime, but at least we'll know exactly who the best/worst characters were.

John Oliver Delivers Surprise Video On How To Avoid New Year's Eve

"New Year's Eve is like the death of a pet – you know it’s going to happen but somehow you’re never really prepared for how truly awful it is."

21 Indian Cricketer Pick-Up Lines To Help You Bowl Any Maiden Over

"10,000 runs mean nothing if I can't score you."

15 Times Indian Women Deserved A Standing Ovation In 2014

These are just 15 instances of woman power from a country full of goddesses.

Mass Grave Containing 8 Human Skulls Discovered In Imphal, Manipur

Construction workers beginning work on a new market complex also found bangles, rings, human hair, and a few coins on site. The remains have been taken in for forensic testing.

NASA Released This Stunning Picture Of The Sun Just Before Christmas

It was taken by a telescope searching for black holes.

15 meubles ingénieux qui vous feront frémir d'excitation

Attention : vous allez vouloir refaire tout votre appart.

Twitter Hit With Widespread Outage

Many Twitter users — especially those using Android — couldn't sign in to the service or related apps for about five and a half hours Sunday.

The 27 Weirdest Moments In British Politics In 2014

A look back at the many, many times politicians have been ridiculous this year.

16 Convenient Excuses To Stare At The Unbelievably Sexy Virat Kohli

'Cuz you know you love the player and you also love his game.

27 Pictures Of Men's Souls Leaving Their Bodies While Out Shopping

Being dragged around the Christmas sales, lads? These guys feel your pain. H/T: Miserable Men.

Facebook Has Apologised After Its "Year In Review" Feature Showed A Man A Picture Of His Dead Daughter

The user has now apologised himself for making the controversy flare up.

46 Important Things Science Taught Us In 2014

It was a big year for robot penguins, snake penises, and space exploration. Sadly not all at the same time.

Grandmother Upset At Getting An iPhone For Christmas Is Relieved To Discover It's Chocolate

“Oh, one of these, that everybody uses and I know nothing about."

These Three Single Mothers Are Chennai's Most Badass New Rickshaw Drivers

Meet Bhuvaneshwari, Adhilakshmi, and Jayanthi, your new heroes.

19 People Who Got Worse Christmas Presents Than You

It might be the thought that counts, BUT REALLY...

Les 22 posts les plus WTF de Tumblr

Ce site vous fera remettre en cause toute votre existence.

14 Of The World's Most Flawless Black Women

2014 may have been a rough year, but black women were still bad as hell.

20 Reasons Why My Dog Is Better Than Your Kid

Try not to lose your minds over all the reasons why my dog is better than your kid. It's not meant to be taken seriously. I am only kidding in fact, and do believe that having a kid is one of the most magical things a human being can do.

Grim One Year Anniversary For Al Jazeera’s Jailed Journalists

Today marks the one year anniversary to be marked for Al Jazeera’s jailed journalists Peter Greste, Mohamed Fahmy and Baher Mohamed.

Teenager Found Dead After Shark Attack In Western Australia

Police investigating circumstances surrounding fatality at Cheynes Beach, WA.

25 Etsy Items Under 10 Bucks Each You Should Treat Yourself To Right Now

Dear Me, You made it through the Holidays. Enjoy this little treat. Love, Me.

19 Definitive Reasons Waffles Are Better Than Pancakes

#TeamWaffles or #TeamPancakes? There can only be one winner and I'm here to prove that it's waffles.

"The Comeback" Completes Its Perfect Comeback

Lisa Kudrow discussed the finale, the second season as a whole, and addressed important questions (i.e., is Valerie Cherish Jewish?) with BuzzFeed News.

30 Mistakes You'll Make On New Year's Eve (In Chronological Order)

But, like, this could be your best year yet.

15 Of The Best 'X-Files' Guest Stars

Before they were famous, they were on "The X-Files."

16 esculturas com comida que podem despertar sentimentos estranhos em você

Eu vivi para ver isso e mostrar aqui para vocês.

10 Youtubers That Totally Nailed It In 2014

It's been a great year for YouTube content creators.

26 maneiras de preservar as memórias de seus filhos para sempre

Porque seus filhos estarão crescidos num piscar de olhos.

24 tatuagens fofas para melhores amigos

Melhores amigos para sempre. Não, sério: isto aqui é permanente!

As 33 coisas mais divertidas que já aconteceram

Do glorioso episódio de escorregar e deslizar em 2012, até o infame dia do Cãozinho Surpresa, estes são os eventos que nós nunca iremos esquecer.

Como seus sites favoritos mudaram ao longo do tempo

A internet ficou bem menos feia.

As 25 selfies mais importantes de 2014

Um ano após se tornar a palavra oficial de 2013, a "selfie" agora é oficialmente uma tendência. Aqui estão as mais importantes de 2014.

As 31 coisas mais inúteis de todos os tempos

Tudo é inútil e nós devemos simplesmente desistir de tudo.

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