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December 24, 2014

85 TV Shows We Lost In 2014

Don't let the door hit you where the network split you. Presented in alphabetical order.

CDC Technician Possibly Exposed To Ebola At Atlanta Lab

The technician will be monitored for 21 days, and up to 12 employees who had worked in the lab were notified.

5 Common & Despicable Holiday Season Scams

With the holidays upon us and the start of a new year, it's only natural for scammers to start coming out of the wood work. This means more robbers, scammers and thieves trying to take advantage of the busy season and profiting off of scamming both customers and businesses every chance they get.

People Read More Of Their Old Facebook Statuses

“I can’t be proud of everything I’ve written on Facebook.”

39 bebés del renacimiento que estån cansados de todo

Simplemente no pueden mås con este mundo. A través de Ugly Renaissance Babies.

VH1 Isn't Canceling "Sorority Sisters" Just Yet

UPDATE: In spite of Twitter protests, online petitions, and loss of major advertisers, a rep for the network told BuzzFeed News VH1 is going to air the final three episodes on Friday before making any decisions.

11 Christmas Movies Guaranteed To Make You Horny

Is that a present under the tree or are you happy to see me?

If TAs Were Honest

Teaching assistants do more than just enhance comprehension of the material.

My Barber Cut My Hair In A Really Vain Way Without Telling Me!!!!

In an attempt at quiet benevolence my Barber made me look like a tool.

Comidas típicas que Latinoamérica disfrutarå en Nochebuena

Se te harå agua la boca cuando veas estas delicias navideñas.

The Year In Beyoncé

That awkward moment when you realize Beyoncé does more in a day than you did in all of 2014. Needless to say, Queen Bey's year was "***Flawless".

33 ideas geniales de regalos navideños para los niños de los 80 que conozcas

Porque a todos nos vendrĂ­an bien unos vasos de chupito de Los Pitufos.

11 More Descriptive Words For Holiday Objects

Because "eggnog" just ain't cuttin' it.

Prince Harry Remains The Best Prince While Playing Soccer

The hottest royal to hit the field.

18 Santa Claus de distintas partes del mundo

Millones de personas ya se han encontrado con algĂșn Santa Claus.

This Teen Figured Out How To Deter Her Family From Asking Whether She Has A Boyfriend

"If you refrain from asking me these questions ... we will have a happy and loving holiday season."

People Are Watching "The Interview" Online And The Reviews Are Mixed

The controversial film was made available online at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET on Christmas Eve, and those watching had a variety of reactions.

20 Starbucks Foods You Probably Haven't Tried

Coffee Jelly Frappuccinos???!

23 pequeñas cosas que todo veinteañero debería saber

Nunca es demasiado pronto para tener tus cosas en orden.

10 Reasons Why 2014 Was The Best Year For The U.S. Economy Since The Great Recession

Not great, but definitely better. Here's some good economic news for the yuletide.

The Internet Is Killing Hollywood (And Has Been For Years)

Sony's decision to drop "The Interview" is a win for diplomatic hubris, but a troubling defeat for creative self- expression. Will movie studios ever be safe from the threats of the World Wide Web?

Beyoncé's Dad Had A Garage Sale To Sell Her Old Stuff

Bey paraphernalia in a box to the left.

F*#k, Marry, Kill: The Holiday Edition

Tis the season to be judgy!

The 19 Best Nonfiction Books Of 2014

These are the essay collections, memoirs, and nonfiction reads that we absolutely loved in 2014. *Ranked in no particular order*

Beyoncé And Jay Z Graced Iceland With Their Presence For Jay Z's Birthday

This is how normal people spend a normal birthday.

Roman Polanski Loses Bid To Have Sex Case Against Him Dismissed

The director famously fled to France in 1977 after pleading guilty to unlawful sex with a minor.

31 cosas que todas las chicas de los años 2000 aĂșn no superan

Que descanse en paz la relaciĂłn entre Nick Lachey y Jessica Simpson.

To All The Jews On Christmas...

If you're reading this right now, you're probably one of us.

17 Cats Who Are Going To Eat All Of Santa's Cookies

Let's be real, cookies are the best part of Christmas.

Four Arrested In New York City For Threats Against Police, Most On Social Media

The arrests, which took place on Monday and Tuesday, come in the aftermath of the killing of two police officers in Brooklyn after the assailant wrote about his plan on Instagram. Three of the threats happened on social media.

Jewelry Retailer Blocks Customer For Instagramming About Missing Christmas Package

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, except for a frustrated husband who live blogged about his undelivered Christmas order.

14 Reasons Why 2014 Was "The Year Of The Booty"

Let's not kid ourselves, 2014 was undoubtedly The Year of The Booty. We were Obsessed With It. Pop culture turned our eyes to every derriere we came in contact with. NSFW because booty.

What Your Cat Is Trying To Say

The Rosetta Stone of cat.

Male Gaze Or Male Gays?

Do these images depict the display of the female physique for the pleasure of the male viewer OR do they show homosexual men? Take this quiz to test your identification skills!

Uber Begins Automatic $2 Booking Fee In New York City

It'll be added to the bill once the ride is completed. The fee is being added "on behalf of drivers," Uber said, though a taxi drivers' union questioned the purpose of the fee.

This Robot Dress Will Attack Unwanted Men For You

Fashion for actual femme fatales.

28 lettres d'enfants au PÚre Noël qui ravivent la magie de Noël

Le PÚre Noël a du pain sur la planche...

This Man Was Arrested After Writing A YouTube Comment Threatening To Kill Police

Jeremiah M. Perez, 33, was arrested Monday in Colorado Springs after allegedly posting online threats to kill police officers.

Bachmann: Obama Supports The Agenda Of Islamic Jihad "At Every Turn"

"And I have been very surprised, to answer your question, to see the president of the United States, at every turn, cut the legs off of our ally, Israel, and in fact embrace and lift up the agenda of Islamic jihad."

Straight Guys Review Hot Dads

Have you seen David Beckham shirtless? Cut. From. Marble.

14 Maternity Wear Tips Kourtney Kardashian Taught Us In 2014

A baby coming does not mean your style is going anywhere.

13 regalos que puedes comprar en el aeropuerto que no apestan

Simplemente porque sea el ULTIMO MINUTO POSIBLE no significa que tu regalo no puede ser considerado.

More Than Half Of Traffic On Retail Websites May Not Be Human

A report by Solve Media says that 34% of the traffic on retail-specific websites came from bots, and more than half was "suspicious."

I'm Sorry, But "A Christmas Story" Is Overrated And Not That Great

I wish he would shoot his eye out. Or mine, so I don't have to watch this movie again.

42 Dramatic Protest Photos Sparked By Eric Garner's Chokehold Death

New York City has been gripped by protests ever since a Staten Island grand jury decided to not indict an NYPD officer in the chokehold death of Eric Garner. Here are some of the most powerful scenes.

15 Women Who Embodied "Nightmare Dressed Like A Daydream" In 2014

Taylor Swift gave us a new way to describe uncompromising women with impeccable taste. These are the year's best.

24 Devastating Christmas Middle Class Problems

Sometimes there's nothing you can do but chuck out the turkey and get in a strop at Waitrose.

12 Terrifying Christmas-Themed Sex Toys

A dick sock in a pear tree.

19 Uncomfortably Sexual Christmas Stock Photos

RIP your childhood. (NSFWish but don't for one second think you will be titillated.)

The Most Terrifying Thing About Watching "Roseanne" As An Adult

You may be more like Roseanne and Jackie than you realize. Oh cruel world!

Here's How To Find Help If You're Struggling Over The Holidays

Christmas and New Year can amplify feelings of loneliness. But support is there if you want it.

The One Avocado Hack You Need To Know

Yep, it's that simple.

What Style Of Reina Selfie Are You?

Here's a Christmas present from the selfie queen.

Michael Egan, Who Accused Hollywood Figures Of Sexual Abuse, Indicted For Fraud

The former child actor made headlines earlier in 2014 when he sued X-Men director Bryan Singer for childhood sexual abuse. Now he is being charged with wire fraud in a federal court.

Why Danny Boyle's “Millions” Is The Great Lost Christmas Film

Forget Elf or Love Actually – there's a good chance the best Christmas film of recent years is one you've never seen.

209 Seconds That Will Make You Question Your Entire Existence

If you’re ever upset about something small, just remember this.

The 10 Best Dressed Teens Of 2014

Everyone dresses like this at 14, right?

17 Mice Who Are Totally Fricking Stirring This Christmas Eve

"Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse? YEAH RIGHT."

6 Holiday Hacks That Will Save Your Christmas

Holiday hacks you need to know.

22 vines d'animaux qui vont vous faire pleurer de rire

« La Vie privée des animaux » version 2014.

7 Celeb BFFs You Should Know

And how they spend their time together.

32 Fails que arruinarĂ­an cualquier Navidad

Porque Navidad significa algo diferente para algunas personas.

70 Amazing Songs You Might Have Missed In 2014

That you'll definitely want to play in 2015 and beyond. In no particular order.

17 Of The Most Feminist Songs Of 2014

It was a good year for girl power.

Premiere: Flo Rida Gets His Phil Jackson On In "G.D.F.R." Video

You've heard the funky, War-sampling song all over your TV this NBA season. Now, it's got a great video accompaniment.

BOOM! An EXPLOSIVE Baby Announcement Montage

When our first attempt at a baby announcement video failed, my wife suggested that I make a montage instead. This is what we came up with.

9 Last-Minute Gifts For The Sabotage Lover In Your Life

It's Christmas Eve and you STILL haven't finished your shopping? Have no fear, SABOTAGE is here! Philly Improv Theater's own island of misfit toys has the perfect solution to your Christmas conundrum. Here are some fun and easy least-minute gift ideas from your favorite improv house team.

Jolly UPS Driver Sings Christmas Carol About UPS Drivers

"If you don't understand, I will tell you my friend, Santa is your UPS man."

24 preuves que les ours polaires sont les rois de la fĂȘte

Toujours les derniers Ă  partir du bar.

22 Of The Funniest Animal Voiceover Vines Known To Man

Honestly even if you don't deserve it you should watch these Vines.

The 19 Best Horror Films Of 2014

From vampires and werewolves to Bigfoot and the Babadook, horror in 2014 was genre-bending and eclectic.

23 Times "The Holiday" Melted Your Heart Into A Puddle

"We used to call ourselves the Three Musketeers."

20 Expresiones de Macaulay Culkin que resumen tu vida estas Navidades

Vamos a ver Home Alone mientras comemos pizza y tomamos una cervecita.

25 Tragic Tabloid Covers Of 2014 That Are Basically Masterpieces

Pay close attention to the following over-the-top eye roll. Oh brother!

31 moments qui nous ont redonné foi en l'humanité en 2014

Parfois ça ne fait pas de mal de se rappeler qu'il y a des gens bien sur cette planÚte.

Whose Butt Had The Biggest Year In 2014?

In a year filled with butts, whose booty reigned supreme?

Artist Who Made A Canoe Shaped Like Her Vagina Charged For Obscenity In Japan

Feminist artist Megumi Igarashi has been indicted with distributing "obscene" data following her arrest earlier this month. WARNING: CONTAINS ARTFUL VAGINAS.

Which Of Santa's Reindeer Are You?

Dasher, Dancer, Prancer... Elroy? Patches?

Loyal Dog Runs After Ambulance Transporting His Owner

This is your feel-good story of the day.

Los 12 mejores momentos de José 'Pepe' Mujica en el 2014

Pepe dejarĂĄ la presidencia de Uruguay en el 2015, pero seguirĂĄ presente en nuestros corazones por sus momentos mĂĄs destacados.

23 Reasons To Be Thankful For Louis Tomlinson

In honor of the mega-star's 23rd birthday, as well as the holiday season, please enjoy this list of 23 reasons we're thankful for One Direction's Louis Tomlinson!

31 Reasons 2014 Was The Year Of The Vagina

From groundbreaking research to (almost) internet-breaking stories, vaginas (and vulvas) were a whole thing this year.

The Twelve Days Of Christmas For A Xmas Orphan

As an Aussie in NYC and Xmas Orphan, I’ve composed my very own “Twelve Days of Christmas”. You know, just because
 Why not?

29 gatos que creen que no son gatos

Puede que estos gatos parezcan y suenen como gatos, pero en realidad no son gatos. EstĂĄs equivocado.

At Least 22 Dead Following Suicide Attack Near Baghdad

An attacker blew himself up while standing alongside a group of pro-government, anti-ISIS militia. Fifty-five people were injured.

Los 50 posts de Facebook mĂĄs compartidos del 2014

Aparentemente todos aman a los minions...

29 choses que vous ignoriez totalement au sujet des tétons

Attention : quelques images NSFW. De mamelons, et de choses qui ressemblent Ă  des mamelons.

22 choses qui arrivent quand on est ami avec un barman

« Je te sers comme d'habitude ? »

Prueba de que la tecnologĂ­a no ha cambiado quienes somos

Por supuesto, somos locos, antisociales y estamos obsesionados con los medios de comunicaciĂłn, pero siemprehemos sido de esta manera.

Uber CEO Indicted In South Korea

South Korean officials charged Uber co-founder Travis Kalanick on Wednesday with violating transportation law. It's the latest in a series of actions against the digital car service around the world.

12 Reasons The Holiday Season Is Better In Australia

While snow and roasted chestnuts all sound like they could be fun, it's definitely not how Australians experience the holiday season.

21 Things That Don’t Make Sense To People In A Relationship

Please don't ask when we're getting married.

Amazingly Fun (and Inventive) Uses For Compressed Air

Got a compressed air container and some time to kill? Here's what fun engineers and companies are coming up with

24 moments de grosse déception en 2014

On a vu les choses en grand, cette annĂ©e. Peut-ĂȘtre un peu trop.

Someone Has Stolen A Lifesize Cardboard Cut-Out Of Ed Miliband

"Nobody has a right to tell us what we can and can't have in our own room, we aren't breaking any laws by having a life-sized Ed Miliband in there," a Labour group leader said. H/T Worcester News.

ISIS Says It Shot Down A Warplane Over Syria, But The U.S. Military Is Reportedly Doubtful

The Jordanian military said that one of its pilots had been captured after ISIS shot down the first U.S.-led coalition warplane since airstrikes began in September. The U.S. military is casting doubt on Jordan's claim, though.

DĂ©couvrez le travail spectaculaire de cette maquilleuse hors-norme

Joyce Spakman utilise le maquillage pour ses créations depuis l'ùge de 14 ans.

24 choses qui décrivent parfaitement la vie des expats à Noël

Noël rime désormais avec Skype et frais de douane.

This Ridiculously Funny Video Shows How Bollywood Contrasts With Reality

Dancing in your towel? Better pull the curtains down.

25 Other Indians Who Also Deserve A Bharat Ratna

For their indispensable contributions to our unique society and culture.

Everyone On The Internet Wants In On Whatever Doordarshan's Smoking

As of their social media mix-up this morning, DD officially stands for Doing Drugs.

19 parents trĂšs fiers de leurs blagues

La déconne n'est pas réservée aux enfants.

10 Photos That'll Make You Happy You're Single

For more awesome family photos, visit

Officer Shoots Armed Black Teen In Missouri, Sparking Clashes

The 18-year-old man was shot at a Mobil gas station after pulling a gun, Berkeley police said. A crowd later gathered and clashed with police.

27 "That's So Raven" GIFs I Found On Google

idfk you people really seem to like That's So Raven.

Which Character From "Mr. Krueger's Christmas" Are You?

You may have grown up watching this holiday classic, but have you ever wondered which character from the short film you are most like? You can take the quiz below and find out now! Merry Christmas!

Well Korra, Sometimes Your Prince Charming Is A Regular Human Girl

How I felt about the final season and scene of the Legend of Korra.

31 Moments That Restored Our Faith In Humanity In 2014

Sometimes you need a reminder that people really are wonderful.

10 Celeb Couples I Pretend Are Still Dating

With Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter's recent break up announcement, I realized just how many former celeb couples I miss.

This Prologue To Anurag Kashyap's Upcoming Film "Ugly" Is All Kinds Of Bone-Chilling

"It explores the uncomfortable truth below the surface of relationships, which we often ignore and refuse to accept," Anurag Kashyap told BuzzFeed via email.

New York City Dims Its Lights For Slain Police Officers

Landmarks across New York City went dark for five minutes Tuesday night in honor of the two NYPD officers who were shot and killed last week.

54 Holiday Greetings Around The World

How many of these languages can you understand?

Former President George H.W. Bush Released From Hospital

The 90-year-old former president has returned home one week after being taken to the hospital by ambulance for experiencing shortness of breath, a spokesman said Monday. After his breathing returned to normal, Bush stayed at Houston Methodist Hospital for a few more nights awaiting final approval from his doctors to leave.

If You Were Actually Honest On Social Media

What you really mean on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook.

17 Of The Most Amazing, Inspiring, And Terrifying News Vines From 2014

A NASA rocket explodes during liftoff. Apple and U2 touch fingers. A home explodes on live television. Here are some of the most memorable BuzzFeed News Vines from 2014.

For Me, The Cuba Embargo Has Always Been A Human Embargo

For decades, the U.S. embargo against Cuba has torn apart families like mine.

The Very Best Australian Albums Of 2014

In no particular order...

8 Celebrity Tweets You Missed Today

Here's what happened today!

19 Awkward Moments All Couples Home For The Holidays Experience

So, are we sleeping in your childhood bed or...? No? I'll go to the attic then, great.

A Utah Man Had To Be Hospitalized For Chugging Eggnog

Ryan Roche drank a quart of eggnog in 12 seconds. Then he spent three days in the hospital.

Why You Love (Or Hate) Christmas Music

“Deck the halls with shut up.” —Some people

Watch Tipsy Couples Try To Build Gingerbread Houses

Relationships are like a house. You shouldn't build them while drinking.

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