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December 16, 2014

22 Awkward Stock Photos That Will Make You Fear Christmas

On the third day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: 3 Objectified Women, 2 Men With Guns, and A Santa Passed Out By The Christmas Tree.

Cleveland Police Say No Apology Is Necessary From Andrew Hawkins For "Justice For Tamir Rice" Shirt

After the Cleveland police union boss demanded the Browns player apologize for wearing a shirt calling for justice in Ohio police shooting cases, the chief of police says that is not necessary.

Los Angeles Will Outfit Its More Than 7,000 Police Officers With Body Cameras

Los Angeles will be the first large city to use body cameras across its entire police force. The plan was supported by police and civil liberties groups, officials said.

10 Gifts To Give Someone You Hate

Show them you care.

Beau Bennett Is The 15th NHL Player To Be Diagnosed With The Mumps

Players from five teams have come down with the disease.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings Tried To Recruit Sony Entertainment CEO To His Board

Leaked emails show that Hastings tried, unsuccessfully, to recruit Michael Lynton to serve on Netflix's board of directors at the end of 2013.

The 14 Greatest Movies Of 2014

An Australian haunting, a sociopathic news cameraman, an actor in crisis, and a lobby boy were some of the best things to come to the screen this year.

5 Signs That Indicate "American Idol" May Be Nearing Its End

The reality competition show will enter its 14th season on Jan. 7, but what was once Fox's biggest success story has recently taken some hits from which it will be hard to bounce back.

Michigan's State Senate Leader Expects Religious Freedom Bill To Die

Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville "does not expect the bill to come up for a vote" before the legislative session ends, his spokesperson said.

No Charges For Bill Cosby In Claim That He Molested A 15-Year-Old In 1974

Judy Huth, one of about 20 women who has accused Bill Cosby sex crimes, filed a lawsuit against the comedian earlier this month.

This Is The Best Morgan Freeman Impersonation You Will Ever Hear

"When I open my mouth, it makes everything sound smart."

35 Fotos que demuestran que el crop top arrasó en 2014

Bienvenida al club de las partes sexis del cuerpo.

Mindy Kaling Is The Fashion Blogger You Didn't Know You Needed

Actress, writer, fashion icon. She does it all.

Russia's Meltdown Will Shake The World, From Tajikistan To Tokyo

The collapse of the ruble is bad news for exporters, and a disaster for millions of families depending on migrant workers in Russia. And there are signs it is also fraying nerves in the Kremlin's inner circle.

What's Your Elf Name?

Mine is "Twinkle Superplum" and I'm pumped!

16 Things You Should Know About Priory

The band stopped by BuzzFeed to play some music and teach us a thing or two about themselves.

Watch What It's Like To Be An Astronaut Returning To Earth

This footage is so incredibly rare that it almost seems like it's from a sci-fi movie.

A Definitive Ranking Of Jane Austen's Male Hotties

Don't get me started on Collins.

15 Times The Thirst For Theo James Was Too Real

In honor of the British star's 30th birthday. #ThirtyFlirtyAndThriving

Can You Identify 10 Iconic Chocolates?

WARNING: Obviously this might make you crave chocolate.

26 Remarkable Portraits Of Gender Reassignment In Cuba

Photographer Claudia Gonzalez provides an intimate perspective on gender reassignments in the nation of Cuba.

American Apparel Officially Fires Dov Charney As Consultant, Names New CEO

The decision to fully boot Charney, who was still working for American Apparel as a paid consultant, comes after an internal investigation. The board suspended him earlier this year.

Forget Wreath Witherspoon, This Season Is All About Sandy Claus

Sandra Bullock stole your heart, now let her steal your hearth.

19 formas ingeniosas de usar el papel de regalo que te sobra

Reduce, reutiliza y recicla ese lío de papel rasgado que hace que parezca que un tornado ha pasado por tu casa.

Which Lion From "The Lion King" Movies Are You?

*Cue ambiguous wisdom about life from Rafiki*

The U.N. Climate Summit Explained With Beyoncé GIFs

The most important meeting in history explained by the most important diva of all time.

A New Focus On Alzheimer's In Latino Community As Numbers Set To Skyrocket

Advocacy organizations announced the creation of a coalition that would tackle an expected increase in Alzheimer's cases affecting Latinos in the coming decades.

If You Like Turtles But Wish They Were More Like Snakes, Then You'll Love This Snake Turtle

Why choose between snakes and turtles when you can have both?

Shut Up And Sit Down, Britney Spears Looks Incredible On Her Women's Health Cover

There are two sides to every story. And this is the right one.

12 Pugs Who Got Cut From The Nutcracker

Would pay all the money to see a pug ballet, TBQH.

27 Times Nick Jonas Made Us The Thirstiest In 2014

He gave us all a "Joner" more than once, that's for sure.

Sidecar Wants You To Know You Can Request A Female Driver

The company's "Marketplace" feature, which allows riders to request rides based on things like price, ETA, or type of vehicle, now lets you choose a female driver.

23 Carteles redundantes que te harán gritar WTF

"Vendo hielo frio" ¡NO ME DIGAS (ლ‸-)!

San Jose Cop Is Being Investigated For Threatening Tweets By Same Unit He Once Served In

Public pressure is building on the San Jose Police Department and Officer Phillip White after BuzzFeed News revealed he had been threatening and mocking #ICantBreathe and #BlackLivesMatter protesters on Twitter.

John Krasinski, Emily Blunt, And Jimmy Kimmel Are Part Of The Most Epic Prank Battle

No one does Christmas pranks like these famous peeps.

29 Internet Philosophers Who Will Rip A Hole In Your Mind

These Tumblr users might be the greatest minds of our generation.

18 Things Catholic Twentysomethings Want You To Know Aren't True

More than a billion Catholics, more than a billion perspectives.

22 Reasons To Love Christmas In Miami

It's like no place else.

Moments Every Lazy Girl Knows To Be True

Bad hair day? Good hat day.

19 Tarjetas de Navidad que harán que las tuyas se vean mediocres

Esta es la estación perfecta para hacerse desternillantes fotos de familia.

33 idées d'alliances tatouées auxquelles vous voudrez dire « oui »

Parce-que encre + mariage = éternité. (Généralement.)

This Photo Shoot Is All The Dapper Holiday Inspiration You Need

The team over at H&H Weddings talked to BuzzFeed about why every holiday party needs a few dapper ladies.

What Is The Most Christmas Book Of All Time?

When it comes to Christmas books, which one gives you all the ~FEELS~?

Estas fueron las búsquedas más populares en Latinoamérica en 2014 según Google

Se han dado a conocer las búsquedas de los latinoamericanos en Internet que demostraron que el Mundial lideró en la región.

11 Trolly Christmas Gifts To Give Someone You Hate

Jingle trolls, jingle trolls, jingle all the way.

10 Gorgeous LBDs For NYE

Nothing says, "This is going to be my year," like the perfect little black dress.

21 Of The Wisest Things Jane Austen Ever Said

Jane Austen was way ahead of her time.

The Definitive Ranking Of Will Sasso's Vines From 2014

After taking an exact 6 month break from Vine, Will Sasso came back hilarious as ever.

20 Reasons Why D'Angelo's Magic Will Never Run Out

What's 14 years to a soul god? *clutches chest*

Theater Chains Pull “The Interview,” Press Appearances Canceled Amid Threats

The stars of Sony's upcoming film pulled out of all planned media appearances, including a live BuzzFeed Brews event, on Tuesday. UPDATE: The studio also told movie exhibitors it would not object if they pulled the film from theaters.

How To Make A Cat Proof Christmas Tree!

Do you dream of having a Christmas tree that's fun, safe and most importantly "Cat Proof" for you fur babies? Then all you need is some… 1. Cardboard boxes 2. Christmas themed wrapping paper & tape 3. Cat toy decorations 4. Catnip 5. TP (for the tree skirt and/or additional tinsel)

This Alzheimer's Patient Recognizing Her Favorite Hymns Will Warm Your Heart

Naomi Feil, a Jewish woman, sings Christian hymns to Alzheimer's patient Gladys Wilson and then tiny onion cutting ninjas invade your face.

10 Irish Reactions To Taylor Swift's Ticket Sales

Taylor Swift tickets went on sale in Ireland on Monday and the country lost it's goddamn mind.

Los GIFs en 3D están de moda, y son verdaderamente geniales.

El redditor CoolAsACucumber ha recopilado estos GIFs con efectos 3D. No estamos del todo seguros de cómo funcionan, pero creemos que las líneas blancas están hechas de magia.

If Hannibal Buress Quotes Were Motivational Posters

Uh, because my life is in shambles.

The Hardest Game Of Would You Rather For "Game Of Thrones" Fans

The most difficult questions in all seven kingdoms. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Goats On Instagram Vs. Goats In Real Life

Even our favorite animal can use a filter.

Obama Administration Accused Of Violating Asylum Seekers' Human Rights In Class Action Lawsuit

Attorneys for the American Civil Liberties Union filed the federal class action suit Tuesday, accusing the Obama administration of multiple violations of immigration and asylum laws, as well as the fifth amendment of the constitution.

What A Gentleman's Hat Says About His Romantic Intentions

For there is nothing more fedorable than a courting man in a handsome cap.

The Most Badass, Inspiring Celebrity Quotes About Feminism In 2014

"Fighting for women's rights has too often become synonymous with man-hating. If there is one thing I know for certain, it is that this has to stop."

Fantasycasting The Destiny's Child Biopic

Guaranteed to be more accurate than Lifetime's Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B.

31 Señales de que eres un mexicano que vive en EE.UU.

Bienvenido a los Estados Unidos. A ver cómo te va.

21 Perfect New Year's Resolutions For Twentysomethings From "The Baby-Sitters Club"

We in this New Year. Finna get crunk. Baby-sitting on fleek. Da fuq.

Seven Male Tory MPs Voted Against An Equal Pay Law

The Conservatives were the only MPs to oppose the bill, which would have required big companies to state their gender pay gap.

The 16 Most Rebellious Things To Ever Happen

We won’t bow down to your social constructs.

24 Times The Fashion In "Sailor Moon" Was On Point

Fighting evil by moonlight, looking fierce by daylight. The Sailor Scouts may have been 90's heroes but they were also 90's fashion queens.

A Third Of Scots Think The Independence Referendum Was Rigged

Voters smell a rat, according a survey by the Electoral Commission.

Sony Sued By Employees For Massive Data Breach

Former and current Sony employees filed a lawsuit against the company alleging it failed to protect their confidential information by ignoring warnings of its weak computer system.

James Franco And Seth Rogen Sit Down For BuzzFeed Brews

UPDATE: This event was canceled when Franco and Rogen pulled out of all planned media appearances after the group claiming responsibility for the Sony hack threatened to attack theaters showing The Interview.

Whistleblower Suit Alleges For-Profit College Tricked Veterans Into Debt

Documents unsealed last week also allege financial aid fraud by EDMC.

27 Wortwitze, die Dich zur Weißglut bringen

Noch so'n Spruch, Kieferbruch!

Cute Dacshund Looking Fab In V-Neck Hoodie

Dexter the dachshund with his chest hairs sticking out!

Tell Us About Yourself(ie): Rob Kerkovich

The NCIS: New Orleans actor takes our Q&A!

An Animated Guide To Elevator Etiquette

Simple rules for using the lift.

Adult Swim Has A New Informercial And It Is Terrifying

We were barely recovered from Too Many Cooks.

Who Said It: Kristen Wiig's "SNL" Characters Edition

I'm so freakin' excited to find out who said it!

Sony Hackers Threaten Movie Theaters Showing "The Interview"

"The world will be full of fear," the hacker said. "We recommend you to keep yourself distant."

Awkward Family Christmas Photos

For more awkwardness visit,

"Robin Williams" Was The Most Googled Term Of 2014

The late comedian was followed by "World Cup," "Ebola," "Malaysia Airlines," and "ALS Ice Bucket Challenge."

The Definitive Ranking Of Annoying Things People Say On "House Hunters"

"I don't understand why I can't find a seven-bed, 11-bath home for under $200,000."

21 Times Parks & Rec Perfectly Summed Up Going Home For The Holidays

"Jingle bells, jingle yay, jingle good for you!"

9 Top Tips For Surviving Your Office Christmas Party According To Horrible Bosses 2

The dreaded office Christmas party season is upon us, and who better to help navigate the hotbox of potential awkwardness and embarrassment than Horrible Bosses!

How Christmas Are You?

Is your holiday spirit turned up to 11?

Nunca te imagimaste a estos famosos internacionales bailando al ritmo de la cumbia y el folclore argentino

Bailan las rochas y las chetas. ¡Y también los rockeros y las estrellas de Hollywood!

Two Car Bombs Kill 25 In Yemen, 15 Of Them Children

The attacks occurred south of Yemen's capital on Tuesday. One of the bombs hit a bus carrying female primary school students, according to the rebel group hit by the bombing.

The Hardest Christmas Carol Quiz You'll Ever Take

How many songs you can name in just a few seconds?

31 Foods That Failed So Hard They Almost Won In 2014

What? I wanted it to look like that.

21 Drunk Santas Who Will Ruin Your Childhood

"Santa! I know him!" Not like you thought you did.

21 Kick-Ass Muslims Who Changed The Narrative In 2014

In a year of bad news, these Muslims kicked butt and took names.

Estas fotos poco conocidas de Audrey Hepburn nos recuerdan por qué sigue siendo un icono de estilo

Nuevas fotos de la actriz británica se expondrán en la Galería Nacional de Retratos de Londres. "No me hago ilusiones acerca de mi aspecto. Creo que tengo una cara un poco rara".

16 Spectacular Places To Travel In 2015

New Year's resolution: See the world.

How Well Do You Know The Lyrics To "The Christmas Shoes"?

The best most depressing Christmas song ever.

Choose Your Own One Direction Adventure

Which boy will take you on a trip through your DREAMS COME TRUE?

31 Of 2014's Unsung Heroes Of Cute

Some of these cuties were hard at work, and others were just freakin' adorable.

Vatican Concludes Six-Year Investigation Of U.S. Nuns' Feminism

The Catholic Church asked that America's women religious "carefully review their spiritual practices and ministry."

9 Animals That Get Drunk Or High

You're not an alcoholic compared to the tree shrew. These little guys drink alcohol two hours a night, every night, all year long.

Jack O'Connell's Journey From British Bad Boy To American Hero

In playing prisoner of war Louis Zamperini in Angelina Jolie's second directorial effort, Unbroken, the former Skins star earned the role that could transform his career. It's a challenge O'Connell eagerly accepted and an opportunity he didn't take lightly.

13 Danny Dyer Tweets As Christmas Cards

Santa. Bless him the fat, bearded pisshead.

FIFA Dismisses Complaint By Lawyer Who Investigated World Cup Corruption

Michael Garcia, an American who spent two years investigating corruption claims relating to bids for the 2018 and 2022 tournaments, complained that FIFA's public summary of his findings was "incomplete and erroneous."

This Elf On A Shelf Hack Will Make Your Christmas So Much Easier

Have people asking, "How did they do that?"

Who Said It: The "Scandal" Edition

A quiz to separate the gladiators from the bitches.

Quel est le pire cadeau qu'on vous ait jamais offert ?

« C'est l'intention qui compte ! » Mouais.

28 Less-Is-More Pieces Of Jewelry Under $100

Because statement necklaces definitely cause neck problems, right?

20 Reasons Why Summer Fairs Are Awesomely A-MURR-ICAN

Ever tried describing what it is about fairs that are so frickin' fun? Read on.

17 Signs You're Marjorie Dawes From "Little Britain"

You've mastered the art of encouraging and discouraging people simultaneously.

This Makeup Artist's Celebrity Impressions Are Totally Spot-On

Kandee Johnson has some pretty wild makeup skills.

18 Instagram Accounts You Should Follow In 2015 If You Love Food

Photos so good you'll want to eat your screen.

23 passiv-aggressive Botschaften, die Du aus der Büroküche kennst

Wenn ich viele Ausrufezeichen schreibe, verstehen es wirklich alle!!!!!!!!!!!!

9/11 Detainees At Guantanamo Got Copy Of CIA Torture Report

It is likely some of the defendants will use the report to win some leniency and sympathy from a military jury and avoid the death penalty.

Russian Ruble Crashes To Historic Lows

The ruble fell by 20% Tuesday despite measures taken by the country's central bank. President Obama decided to sign legislation imposing further sanctions on Russia.

11 Kids Who Are Definitely On The Naughty List

Didn't even need to check it twice.

Jeb Bush "Actively" Exploring The Possibility Of Running For President

The former Florida governor and brother to George W. Bush made the announcement on Facebook.

Who Would Play You In The Movie About Your Life?

Are you an A-list blockbuster star? An art house indie darling? An aging actor at the twilight of their career? Find out who will play you when they finally make the movie about your life.

That "Fact" That Coke Created Santa's Costume Is A Big Fat Lie

It's a popular theory, but it's not really true. A festive debunk!

More Than 1,000 Schools In Pakistan Have Been Attacked By The Taliban In The Last Five Years

Pakistani officials say the schools are a "soft target" for Taliban militants.

33 Musiker, die Du 2015 lieben wirst

Die Mega-Monster-Frühjahrs-Vorschau-Liste

16 choses embarrassantes qui arrivent lorsque vous faites du shopping

À l'attention des personnes qui construisent les cabines d'essayages : les rideaux ne sont pas des portes.

Watch The First Trailer For Diem Brown's Farewell Season Of "The Challenge"

BuzzFeed has the exclusive trailer for The Challenge: Battle of the Exes II, which features Diem Brown and Ryan Knight, who both died after filming wrapped.

21 verdades duras que aprendiste creciendo

Contado por Kevin McCallister.

This Man Can Draw Breathtaking Pictures Of Cities From Memory

Stefan Bleekrode's talents are utterly incredible.

First Look: Here's The Lineup Of 2015's Buku Music Festival

Bassnectar, A$AP Rocky, Passion Pit, Die Antwoord, and more are heading to New Orleans this March.

The Definitive Ranking Of Willow's Sweaters On "Buffy The Vampire Slayer"

"Why do all my shirts have stupid things on them?"

19 Ways To Deal With Your Haters

Fact: If you can't see the haters, they were never there.

27 Rodetes preciosos que te harán llorar

"Quiero un rodete bebé esta tarde".

Texas Police Officer Placed On Paid Leave For Using Stun Gun

There are two ongoing investigations to determine whether the officer used excessive force when tasing a 76-year-old man.

A 9-Year-Old Girl Sent This Beautiful Letter To Her Teacher After He Came Out As Gay

"You don’t have to feel scared because I know that everyone in the class feels the same way as I do." Via Pink News.

What Should You Be Getting In Your Christmas Stocking This Year?

The easy way for Santa to find out if you've been naughty or nice.

17 fois où Ron Swanson a compris votre rapport à la nourriture

Donnez-moi tous les œufs et le bacon que vous avez.

What Happens To Your Stock When A Hedge Fund Takes Over

Activist investing exploded this year, from Olive Garden to Sotheby's and everything in between. Here's a look at how companies targeted by activist hedge funds performed in the market after the fact.

19 cachorros superadorables en su primer día en el veterinario

Intentando averiguar de qué va la vida de un cachorrito.

The Christmas Song Every Office Holiday Party Needs

A public service announcement that every human resource department needs to share with their staff before the annual holiday party.

28 photos d'hiver qui satisferont tous les perfectionnistes

La neige, la glace et le soleil sont là pour vous servir.

The 18 Most Wonderful British TV News Fails Of 2014

You can prepare for everything. Except when someone assaults you with a sex toy live on air.

This Is How Tinder Guys React When You Send Them Morrissey Lyrics

Hey boy, last night I dreamt that somebody loved me.

Las mejores 42 fotografías de 2014 de perros pillados en situaciones embarazosas

No hay absolutamente nada como nuestros torpes mejores amigos.

Indians Are Using #IndiaWithPakistan To Show Solidarity For Victims Of Peshawar's School Attack

Prayers, love, and support flow freely across the Indian border in Pakistan's time of need.

Same-Sex Marriage Is Now Legal In Scotland

Couples who already had a civil partnership have been getting married all over Scotland today.

Watch The Moment An Egg Becomes An Embryo

A new study shows a zinc outburst occurs when an egg meets sperm.

Are You Actually Welsh?

Pob lwc i bawb.

This Guy Has A Huge Tattoo With Over 200 Simpsons Characters On His Back

Michael Baxter has spent around £10,000 getting inked.

Would You Eat A Virus-Shaped Popsicle?

Licking influenza has never been so pleasurable.

15 Jaw-Dropping Bars And Pubs In Newcastle

Grab a pint. (And yes, we know one of these is in Gateshead.)

16 choses incompréhensibles pour tous les célibataires

« Ne t'inquiète pas, tu es encore jeune. » Euuuh... merci ?

The Alternative 12 Days Of Christmas

Go smoke free this Christmas! Quit the cigs and give yourself the best gift possible; better health! The Yorkshire Smokefree team have gone festive, with their own version of The 12 Days of Christmas, written by smoking cessation outreach worker Denise Hinds. Local NHS staff, ex-smokers, local Yorkshire businesses and the wonderful Friends in Harmony Choir from Doncaster teamed up to bring you their alternative 12 Days of Christmas. Enjoy!

32 Times James Blunt's Comebacks Won Twitter In 2014

Talk smack about James Blunt at your own risk.

23 Travel Snacks You Must Pack

Easy to make, pack, and eat!

The 31 Dumbest Amazon Movie Reviews Of 2014

Critical standards have taken a nose dive since the internet. With thanks to Joseph Grabinski's splendid Twitter account.

15 Things You Were Doing Wrong In 2014

Seriously, what the hell were you thinking?

"Frozen" Director Apologises To Parents Sick Of Hearing “Let It Go”

What do you mean it's getting kind of repetitive now?

Sydney Gunman Not On Australian "Terror Watch List"

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott told a press conference that even if Man Haron Monis had been on a list, the hostage incident that caused the death of three people including the gunman yesterday could still have taken place.

Pakistan In Mourning Following Peshawar School Massacre

Taliban gunmen stormed a military-run school in the northwestern Pakistani province on Tuesday, killing at least 141 people – including 132 children – and injuring 124 people. The seven attackers were killed.

Arrêtez tout : les GIFs en 3D existent et ils sont vraiment cool

L'utilisateur de Reddit CoolAsACucumber a réalisé ces GIFs en 3D. On ne sait pas trop comment cela fonctionne, mais on imagine que les lignes blanches jouent un rôle.

24 des plus beaux gâteaux de mariage de 2014

Ils sont presque trop beaux pour être mangés. Presque.

This Is What Latinos In The U.S. Searched On Google In 2014

Only searches in Spanish were pulled, but they show that Ebola, selfies, and Chespirito were among the top searches.

The 17 Most Important Narendra Modi Outfits Of 2014

It was the year of the head gear.

Newsreader Breaks Down After Realising She Knows Sydney Siege Victim

Sunrise host reduced to tears identifying the woman killed in Sydney's hostage situation.

Hobart Just Got Absolutely Pelted With Hail Stones In The Summer

Hail stones the size of tennis balls fell on the Tasmanian city.

Americans Try Japanese Beauty Products

We asked Americans to try some Japanese beauty products. Things got a little weird…

12 Muslim Australians Who Crushed It In 2014

A collection of Australia's best and brightest.

Watch 2 Chainz Eat The Most Expensive Ice Cream Sundae In The World

"This shit cost a mother f****** arm and a leg!"

I Need A Christmas Miracle

Please donate to save our home from a tax lien. Thank You.

What Guys Think Of Girl Names

Olivias are smart, Nicoles are hot, and Nickys are red flags!

New York Magazine Story Of Teen Who Earned $72 Million Trading Stocks Was Made Up

Mohammed Islam, 17, admitted Monday to the New York Observer that the story of how he had made "high eight figures" in the stock market was "total fiction."

What Girls Think Of Guy Names

Nicks are friends, Jakes are heartthrobs, and Franks are gross….

11 Books All Animal Lovers Should Read

If you were the kid who galloped everywhere she went, or the one who brought home every furry vagrant that came across his path, these books are for you.

13 Things You Think Will Happen This New Year's Eve That Definitely Won't

You think that you are going to have the most magical night ~*ever*~ ...

There Are Now Just 5 Northern White Rhinos Left In The World

The death of Angalifu at San Diego Zoo over the weekend brings the rare rhino population, decimated by poachers, closer to extinction.

13 Excruciating Problems Only Smart People Understand

Group projects just mean double the work for you.

What Type Of Potato Are You?

Potatoes are cool, which one are you?

"Unnecessarily Antagonistic?" Sony Execs Debate Merits Of Kim Jong Un Assassination Comedy

"Do you think there will be a possibility that Kim Jun Eun may launch missles to our office if we release it?" said a Sony executive based in South Korea.

Which Of Taylor Swift's Ex-Boyfriend Are You?

We all know Karlie Kloss is her one true soulmate.

8 Celebrity Tweets You Missed Today

Here's what happened today!

21 Times Olivia Benson Proved She Was The Most Badass Person

She is a strong, independent woman who can kick your ass any day.

This Is How Married People Text

Definitive proof that there's still text after marriage.

Cafe Manager And Young Barrister Killed In Sydney Hostage Drama

Tori Johnson and Katrina Dawson identified as the two hostages killed in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Condom Requirement Does Not Violate L.A. Porn Industry's Free Speech Rights, Court Rules

The Ninth Circuit of Appeals affirmed an earlier ruling upholding L.A. County's law requiring adult film actors to wear condoms. L.A.-based Vivid Entertainment had sued city officials over the law.

Which Reindeer Are You Really?

Sleigh this quiz.

St. Louis Woman Made Up Story Of Being Attacked By Black Teens, Police Say

After a nearly two-week investigation, police on Monday said surveillance video showed the Bosnian immigrant staged the entire incident.

A Definitive Ranking Of The Kardashian Family's Khristmas Kards

Merry Khristmas and a bronzer-filled new year.

13 Robots Who Are Totally Basic

Powered by pumpkin spice.

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