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18 Instagram Accounts You Should Follow In 2015 If You Love Food

Photos so good you'll want to eat your screen.

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1. @acouplecooks

Why it's worth a follow: A Couple Cooks is a healthy eating blog that says you should eat cheese and pancakes and cookies. Instead of saying no, say yes to simple, seasonal, and nourishing food. That's a diet we can get behind.

2. @meatballssmama

Why it's worth a follow: Kari is an art director, food stylist, and photographer based in Portland, so her photos are both beautiful and have that great Pacific Northwest feel to them.

3. @njinla

Why it's worth a follow: Natalie James runs a blog about her life growing up in, living in, and exploring Los Angeles. Her Instagram takes you to some of the most delicious restaurants in the area. It's 50% food blog, 50% travel blog, and 100% a treat for the eyes.


4. @chitra

Why it's worth a follow: Chitra Agrawal creates her own indian recipes. Her Instagram is so filled with the colors and flavors of India you can almost smell it.

5. @iamafoodblog

Why it's worth a follow: Stephanie Le creates dishes inspired by her favorite restaurants and takeout food. Which is great because most of our favorite food is cooked by other people too!

6. @elleventy

Why it's worth a follow: Because Samantha makes the most adorable cookies you'll ever see.

7. @alisoneroman

Why it's worth a follow: Alison Roman is the senior food editor at Bon Appétit, so her entire life is food. Luckily, she takes us along for the ride with her.


8. @thefeedfeed

Why it's worth a follow: All the photos featured on the feedfeed's Instagram are from their community members. There is a wide range of different types of dishes shown and ingredients used, and everything looks delicious.

9. @spoonforkbacon

Why it's worth a follow: Teri Lyn Fisher and Jenny Park may have a cookbook, but you can get their recipes for free right on their blog and their photography right in your pocket.

10. @twohandsnyc

Why it's worth a follow: Two Hands is a great little Australian cafe in New York City. Their Instagram is a collection of found photos and pictures of life in their airy Little Italy space. Bonus: There are hot Australian guys.

11. @alexandracooks

Why it's worth a follow: Alexandra Stafford has a background as a sous chef but has since left the busy restaurant life for her home kitchen, where she cooks with fresh and local ingredients.


12. @pheebsfoods

Why it's worth a follow: If you're into fresh fruit, seeds, and acai bowls, then Phoebe Conway's Pheebs Foods is perfect for you. It's a classic and beautiful collection of smoothie bowls and healthy treats.

13. @sprinklesforbreakfast

Why it's worth a follow: Sprinkles for Breakfast knows that the best breakfasts are those that come covered in colorful sprinkles, so they're here to put a little sugar in your Instagram feed.

14. @chefmattybee

Why it's worth a follow: Matty Bennett is a personal chef in New York, but if you follow his Instagram, it's ALMOST like he's your own personal chef.

15. @takeamegabite

Why it's worth a follow: Megan DeKok will bake her way right into your heart.


16. @superbafoodandbread

Why it's worth a follow: Superba's Instagram brings the best parts of California into your feed: fresh food, fresh sand, fresh as hell people.

17. @jamesransom_nyc

Why it's worth a follow: James Ransom has taken photos for publications like Food52, Martha Stewart Living, and the New York Times, and now he's bringing that photography straight to you.

18. @buzzfeedfood

Why it's worth a follow: It's BuzzFeed Food but directly in your Instagram! What could be better?!