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The Definitive Ranking Of Annoying Things People Say On "House Hunters"

"I don't understand why I can't find a seven-bed, 11-bath home for under $200,000."

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28. "We're moving to [random jungle area] because we really want to get in touch with nature."

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Said by: Pseudo-hippies who don't want to admit that their parents are hedge fund managers.

27. "We're moving to [new country] so we can really immerse ourselves in the local culture."

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Said by: People who will go to the local restaurant one time before deciding that local culture is overrated.

26. "I really need my commute to be under 10 minutes."

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Said by: Someone who works in the central district of their city, definitely does not have the budget to live in that area, and won't just deal with that fact.

25. *Asks for an older home with charm* "I feel like this needs more modern amenities."

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Said by: Someone who forgot that people in the late 19th century didn't have walk-in closets.


22. "I can only live in new construction because who knows what someone else might have done in an old house?"

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Said by: Someone who probably engages in messy S&M encounters all over their home and doesn't realize that most people don't do that kind of thing.

21. *Asks for a house in the suburbs* "The neighbors just feel really close."

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Said by: Couples who have tons of freaky sex and are afraid that the next-door neighbor might spot them and tell the whole street.


18. "Hmm, I was really hoping for a walk-in closet, actually."

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Said by: Someone who should have saved the money they spent on clothing to use for purchasing a larger house.


14. "I don't know if this is enough of an open floor plan."

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Said by: Parents who don't want to just straight-up admit that their children are the spawn of Satan and need to be monitored at every waking moment.

13. "We need double sinks or else we won't be able to get ready in the mornings."

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Said by: Couples who apparently don't realize that one of them can just use the bathroom down the hall.


10. "We throw a lot of parties, so we really need a big space to entertain all our friends."

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Said by: Couples who have maybe three close friends but want to look like they're super popular on TV.

9. *Complains about House 3 the entire time* "So, I really think the house for me is House 3!"

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Said by: Someone being threatened by producers who need more drama in this episode.


5. Husband: "Honey, you have your kitchen, so I need space to have my man cave."

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Said by: A former frat boy who is desperately trying to cling to the glory days.


4. "I can't use a toilet that other people have used before."

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Said by: People who must spend all day touching their butts, because otherwise why does it matter this much what they sit on?

1. Realtor: "This home is $300,000 over your budget, but I'm showing it to you anyway because I think you'll really like it."

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Said by: Realtors who just want that damn commission.