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December 6, 2014

The Most Fab And Drab Celebrity Looks Of The Week

You voted — here are the results.

10 Of Today's Most Fascinating 1D Fan Tweets

Because the love of a Directioner is like no other.

15 Reasons Why "Jumanji" Is Actually A Horror Movie

Let's just play Scrabble instead, okay?

On Being A Journalist And A Sexual Assault Survivor

Watching the disintegration of Rolling Stone's story has been a brutal reminder of the enormous chasm of understanding that too often stands between journalists and survivors.

14 Reasons Why Jenny From "The League" Is Your New Girl-Crush

FXX's The League may have wrapped up its sixth season last month, but the character of Jenny MacArthur is a gift that seems to just keep on giving.

Remains Of One Of 43 Missing Mexican Students Reportedly Identified

A forensic expert said the charred remains found near a garbage dump belong to one of the students who disappeared in September.

29 Impossibly Creative Ways To Completely Transform Your Walls

Add a little personality to your rooms.

Weird Things Couples Do Before Sex

Let's get it on — but after you brush your teeth.

Can You Bacon It?

“I like it. I love it. I'll eat some more of it... BACON!!”

Americans Try Persian Food With Their Driver

We take to the streets to find authentic cuisine.

I Thought My Rape Made Me A Bad Feminist

My rapist was my boyfriend, and all I could think was: How did I end up here?

A Boy With Autism Is Receiving Mail From Around The World And It's A Christmas Miracle

William Thomas, 12, wanted mail for Christmas, and now he's been inundated with hundreds of letters.

7 Things Greek Americans Know To Be True

Ouzo isn't for everyone.

The Hardest "One Tree Hill" Music Quiz You'll Ever Take: Part 1

I don't want to be anyone other than someone who remembers what song played during these "One Tree Hill" scenes.

45 Awesome Christmas Ornaments Every Video Game Lover Needs

Is your Christmas tree missing something? Found it.

33 Things You Didn't Know About "The Little Mermaid"

In any movie producers, artists, directors, actors (basically anyone involved in production) can add their own little touch without anyone being the wiser. Animation makes this even more so.

Benjamin Linus The Bunny Prepares For 2015!

Another year- another reason for bunny costumes. Benjamin Linus gets ready for 2015 with his TV-show themed pics- get ready 2015- its gonna be a bun-tastic year! Instagram: Benjaminthebunny

Las 33 bufandas de Etsy para los amantes del cine a incluir en tu lista de Navidad

Saca el cinéfilo que hay dentro de ti este invierno.

Why I Don't Want To Hear Both Sides Of Rape Cases

A sexual assault survivor argues that assailants' and victims' accounts should not be given the same amount of weight.

10 Reasons You'll Never Have A Friendship Like Troy And Abed's

These two went from unlikely friends to soul mates in just a few episodes. How many of you can say the same? Probably none. Losers.

FBI Investigating Possible Hate Crime After A Somali Teen Was Run Down Outside A Mosque

Abdisamad Sheikh Hussein, 15, was killed after he was struck by an SUV in Kansas City.

Things You Didn't Know About Middle Earth

Bilbo Baggins is back in the cinema as we've finally reached the end of The Hobbit trilogy. So here at All Time 10s we thought it was the perfect time to discover more about Tolkien's creation with '10 Things You Didn't Know About Middle Earth'

Youth Football, Brain Disease, And The Suicide Of A 25-Year-Old Man

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy is not just a problem in the NFL. BuzzFeed News talks to one family about its struggle with the degenerative brain disease.

17 Gifts For That One Friend Who Is Constantly Late To Everything

Nothing says, "Get a watch, pal!" like, you know, a watch.

Mark Wahlberg Would Like It Known He Is No Longer A Teenage Delinquent

"I have dedicated myself to becoming a better person and citizen so that I can be a role model to my children and others," the actor wrote in his official request for a pardon.

People Neti Pot For The First Time

Shove this tea pot up your nose and call me in the morning.

What The Hell Does Harry Styles' Instagram Mean?

Also filed under: Conspiracy Theories

Man Arrested After New Delhi Woman Was Allegedly Raped By An Uber Driver

Multiple reports and police statements allege that an Uber driver raped a young Delhi woman Saturday evening.

Six Hypothetical Solar System Objects That Almost Certainly Do Not Exist

Would have been sweet and/or terrifying if they did, though.

10 Of The Worst Curses, Swears And Insults In Irish/Gaeilge/Gaelic

The Irish Language is a very lyrical language and doesn't have exact translations for English-language curse words, so the Irish people have come up with some really creative ways to tell people to go f*ck themselves. PS - Yes Irish is a real language, and some people have pointed out that it sounds like Simlish.

The U.S. Is Keeping More Troops Than Planned In Afghanistan Next Year

U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel announced on Saturday that the U.S. will keep about 10,800 troops in Afghanistan in 2015.

These Mothers Protested Their Right To Breastfeed By Holding A "Nurse-In" Outside A London Hotel

The protest comes after Claridge's Hotel in London asked a mother to don a large napkin while breastfeeding her baby in its restaurant last week.

The 15 Greatest Cartoon Musicians Of All Time

Because these days all real musicians sing about is butts.

Las desgarradoras condiciones de vida en los zoos chinos

"Siempre me era difícil no terminar deprimido cuando los visitaba". Relata el fotógrafo Scott Brauer sobre las horribles condiciones de vida de los zoos públicos en China.

The Definitive Hotness Ranking Of All The Greasers From "The Outsiders"

Time to relive that glorious day when your seventh grade English teacher showed you this movie.

A Dog's Guide To Getting Ready For Christmas

We woof you a Merry Christmas!

37 Cats Who Totally Won 2014

Cats rocked it this year.

35 Wonderfully Geeky Christmas Tree Toppers

Why have a star or an angel when you could have a TARDIS?

33 Genius Ways To Reuse Your K-Cups

Your single serving habit just got more useful.

21 Big-Batch Cocktails To Get Everyone Drunk At Your Holiday Party

December is officially punch month. Cheers!

46 Genius Stocking Stuffers You'll Want To Keep For Yourself

Find a sock-worthy gift for everyone on your list this holiday season.

Proof That Lauren Conrad Had The Best 2014 Ever

The rest is still unwritten, blah blah blah.

62 Impossibly Adorable Ways To Decorate This Christmas

Pink is officially now a perfectly acceptable holiday home decor choice.

31 Delicious Things To Bake This Holiday Season

Think of it as a holiday bake-it list.

37 "Star Wars" Characters Ranked From Least To Most Stylish

In a galaxy far, far away, one day you are in, and the next day you're out.

17 recetas que toda chica perezosa necesita conocer

No es hacer trampas, es más bien maximizar tu tiempo de siesta de después de la comida.

University College London Closed An Exhibition That Displayed Students' Stories Of Sexual Harrassment

One account from a student claimed they were abused by a staff member. UCL have refused to open the exhibition until the account is censored or removed.

American And South African Hostages Killed By Captors In Yemen After Failed Rescue Attempt

American photojournalist Luke Somers had been held by Al-Qaeda in Yemen since his kidnapping in September 2013. South African Pierre Korkie, also killed, had been set to be freed on Sunday, according to the aid organization negotiating for his release.

The Cast Of "Parks And Recreation" As They Were In High School

You beautiful, naïve, sophisticated newborn babies.

15 Gifts For People Who Pretty Much Only Enjoy Netflix

Let this be a guide for all the lazy friends on your shopping list.

20 Actual Requests By Australian Travellers Abroad

No, DFAT can't feed your dogs, pack your bags, provide armoured cars, or guarantee first class seats when evacuating you from a disaster zone.

25 Things You Didn't Know About "Beauty And The Beast"

As with most movies, they come with little hidden continuity gems and random items that the animators decided to throw in. This is a list of all that I was able to find! If you have more, comment below and make the list grow!

The Cutest Animated Babies That Need To Be My Future Children

can technology make these babies real or are we not ready 4 that yet

Police Shoot Man In Front Of Tourists On Busy Hollywood Street Corner

Police shot the man at the busy intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue.

If Guy Friends Fought Like Girl Friends

"Are you made at me?" "No. Are you mad at me?"

Taylor Swift Was Kissing Karlie Kloss ?!

Things went beyond control! Hahaha

Four People Stabbed On Amtrak Train In Michigan

The stabbing took place in the town of Niles. There were no fatalities.

The Ultimate List Of Noteworthy Christmas Albums

So you can get that Spotify playlist just right.

FBI, St. Louis Police Investigate Attack On Woman As Possible Hate Crime

The attack comes less than a week after a man was beaten to death with hammers. Both attacks occurred when a group of black teens confronted Bosnians in their vehicles.

11 Celebrity Pairs Who Share The Same Face

These people are related….they just don’t know it.

Third Transgender Woman Of Color Is Killed In L.A. Within The Last Six Months

Deshawnda Sanchez, 21, was shot dead while knocking on a stranger's door, trying to escape a perpetrator. Police are searching for the gunman.

Are these reviews about 'The Pyramid' or another Pyramid-Themed Movie?

Are these from the film starring Dennis O' Hare or was it from another movie about ancient Egypt? Find out in this quiz...

There Is No "Right" Rape Story

The activist in me felt like I was speaking on behalf of all the survivors I'd met. But the young lady in me felt pressure not to ruffle any feathers.

11 Struggles Curvy Girls Know Too Well

One size does not fit all, actually.

This Kitten Cuddling With A Dalmatian Will Instantly Brighten Your Day

Let sleeping dogs (and their adorable kitten friends) lie.

Finals Week As Told By 21 Jump Street

Chemistry's the one with the shapes and shit, right?

LAPD To Investigate Sex Assault Claim Against Bill Cosby

His accuser, Judy Huth, filed a police report accusing Cosby of molesting her at the Playboy Mansion 40 years ago.

This Guy Made A Seinfeld Themed Aquarium And It's Borderline Genius

His fish are also named Jerry, George, Elaine, Kramer, and Newman!

What Were Your Favorite Movie Superheroes Of 2014?

Were you most enthralled watching Captain America and Black Widow kick Hydra butt? Has Prof. X invaded your every thought? I am Groot?

18 Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week

Taylor Swift had a car full of pretty pals, Lorde gazed, and more!

A Definitive Ranking Of The 14 Hottest Male Royals

Because you can totally marry them.

CBS To Remain On The Dish Network After Reaching Deal

After months of efforts to agree on a new contract, the network went dark on the satellite provider on Friday evening. UPDATE: CBS announced Saturday it had reached agreement with Dish to remain on the network.

No One Wants To Hear About Your Rape

I did everything you were supposed to do, twice, and the system failed me in two separate spheres.

32 Awesome Mugs Every Movie Lover Will Appreciate

"You did it! Congratulations! World's best cup of coffee!" — Buddy The Elf

Which Character From "The Godfather" Are You?

Are you a hothead like Sonny? Or perhaps an outsider like Kay? Let's find out.

Ferguson And Eric Garner Have Made "Selma" Painfully Relevant

It is set five decades in the past, but Ava DuVernay's film about Martin Luther King Jr. feels shockingly timely.

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