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December 15, 2014

24 Things That Happen To People With Resting Bitch Face During Christmas

All I want for Christmas is you... to stop talking.

Uber Said It Accessed BuzzFeed News Reporter's Information Because She Was "Late"

The company, responding to Sen. Al Franken, also says they have scaled back access to "God View." Franken isn't satisfied: "It still remains unclear how Uber defines legitimate business purposes for accessing, retaining, and sharing customer data."

19 Tyler Oakley GIF Reactions For Everyday Situations

"Life tip number one: don't." ‚ÄĒ Tyler Oakley

10 Perfect Gifts For The Makeup Addict In Your Life

Makeup trends can be tricky to navigate, so take the trouble out of finding the perfect gift by checking out this list.

Which Running Man Member Are You?

Running Man is a South Korean action-comedy variety show. Trust No One, Protect Your Name Tag.

21 Things Only Type-A People Understand About Christmas

All I want for Christmas is everyone to follow my Christmas itinerary handouts.

The 38 Hottest And Worst TV Couples Of 2014

Shake it off, terrible couples of 2014. Shake. It. Off.

19 Cats Who Are Completely Over Christmas

Yes, they‚Äôre side-eyeing you for singing along to ‚ÄúAll I Want For Christmas Is You‚ÄĚ for the 13th time in a row

Senate Confirms Obama's Controversial Surgeon General Nominee

Dr. Vivek Murthy's confirmation was held up for months because of opposition from Republicans and the National Rifle Association.

45 cosas que no sabías acerca de tus canciones favoritas del 2014

Te sabes todas las letras pero no sabes esto.

This Lady Loves A Good Sponge

It's as weird as you think.

What Festive Drink Are You?

Everyone has their festive favourite, which one are you?

Grand Jury To Decide Whether To Indict In Killing of Transgender Woman

When asked by BuzzFeed News if Keymori Johnson's identity as a transgender woman was a factor in the case, a spokesperson for the Albany Police Department said, "That part is under investigation."

This Incredible Dog Has A New Lease On Life Thanks To 3D Printing

Derby the dog, once fated to be euthanized, is living his best life with his forever family and sweet new legs.

This Year-End Pop Mashup Celebrates Everything You Loved In 2014

Daniel Kim's yearly mashup is back, and packed with pop goodness!

Photos Capture Shock And Grief As Sydney Mourns Hostages Killed In Siege

Mourners have been leaving flowers outside the cafe where two hostages, as well as the alleged gunman, lost their lives.

Wal-Mart And Police Sued After Man Fatally Shot In Ohio Store

Attorneys for the family of John Crawford, the 22-year-old black man killed in an Ohio Walmart in August, has filed a lawsuit against the police and the company. Lawyers say they found evidence that Crawford was shot ".36 seconds" after being confronted by police.

Bill Cosby's Wife Fiercely Defends Husband, Blasts Media Coverage

In a statement released Monday, Camille O. Cosby blasted the media's coverage of the rape and drugging allegations made against her husband, and cited Rolling Stone's University of Virginia rape story in calling it unfair. "There appears to be no vetting of my husband's accusers before stories are published or aired."

Here Is Where Uber And Lyft Are Facing Regulation Battles In The United States

Uber and Lyft are fighting for the ability to operate in cities across the country. Here are some of the regulatory battles, the resulting citations, and in some cases, law suits the companies are embroiled in.

The 21 Deepest Liam Payne Tweets Of 2014

He's a man of many words.

16 Embarrassing Things That Happen When You Go Shopping


Democratic War On Women Becomes A Friendly Fire Zone

The loudest sexism-tinged attacks on Democratic women over the past few months have been from Democrats.

Congress Funds Earthquake Early Warning System In California

Once built out, the alerts could give up to a minute's advance notice of a strong quake. The warnings could allow officials to shut down transit systems, turn off gas lines, or halt a surgery before the shaking begins.

Report: Federal Mexican Authorities Were Involved In Disappearance, Killing Of 43 Students

An explosive investigative report out of Mexico says federal authorities were involved in the disappearance and killing of 43 students, which contradicts Mexican government claims that they were unaware of what happened.

How My Culture Failed Me After I Was Raped

My rapist came from the same insular Indian-American community at my university as I did. Why did that make it harder for people to believe what happened?

22 Personas que no merecen tener cejas

¬ŅPor qu√© complicar algo tan simple?

Could You Possibly Get A High School Diploma Now?

Asking ONLY the important questions.

BenZel IRL: The Year's Best R&B Producers Want You To Know It's Real

Somewhere between SoundCloud and the Top 40, Benny Blanco and Two Inch Punch search for R&B's new promised land.

18 Powerful Photos Of Criminals Turned Thespians

Photographer Clara Vannucci captures an extraordinary prison program that transforms felons into talented actors.

15 Reasons You Don't Like Playing Games

Board games, card games, dice games. You name it, I don't like it.

18 veces en las que Darth Vader fue humillado por la humanidad

El lado oscuro nunca antes había sido tan irrespetado.

21 imagens que provam que o melhor do Brasil é o brasileiro

Dos filhos deste solo és mãe gentil.

If Beyoncé Songs Were About Christmas

Santa hurry down the chimney, please.

Ranking The 10 Most Overused Gay Porn Scenarios

The internet is for porn parodies.

13 Times "A Christmas Story" Perfectly Reflected Your Childhood

Only one thing in the world could've dragged me away from the soft glow of electric sex gleaming in the window.

These ISIS Parody Videos Will Renew Your Faith In Comedy

The soundtrack is the same as the one featured in many an ISIS propaganda video. But these videos show some very different reasons to declare Allahu Akbar, or "God is the Greatest."

Tamir Rice's Mother Says She Has Not Heard From Police Since Her Son Was Killed

Samaria Rice says, "I'm still waiting for a knock on my door to tell me what happened."

Author James Patterson Donates $473,000 To Independent Bookstores

Christmas came early for 81 lucky indie booksellers.

Scuba el gato es tu nueva reina diabólica


The Hottest Cat Club In New York City Is Meow Parlour

Who needs Dorsia when there's a VIP list like this?

Meet The Feminist Star Of MTV's First YouTube Channel

YouTube celebrity Laci Green recently joined forces with MTV to create Braless, a 12-episode web series.

40 Bits Of Advice For Shy People

When hiding under a Snuggie for the rest of your life is not a viable option.

Vintage Holiday Trolls You Know And Love!

These old friends are here to say "Happy Holidays!"

Esta é Ariana Grande seis anos atrás

E nós pensávamos que a Miley tivesse mudado...

2014 Was The Year Actors Begged Us To Take Them Seriously

From Birdman to Top Five to Chef, movies have been all about the need for artistic recognition.

As dez fases de uma noite com salto alto

‚ÄúVoc√™ vai de supermodel a beb√™ girafa rec√©m-nascida em menos de trinta minutos.‚ÄĚ

21 Fotos que revelar√°n lo mal pensado que eres

Aunque seguro que ya lo sabías.

The 50 Most Shared Facebook Posts Of 2014

Apparently everyone loves minions...

23 Ways Cher Ruled 2014

Slaying your faves left and right since the Paleolithic era.

Which "Home Alone" Villain Should You Hook Up With?

Let's hope they clean up well...

This Dog Dressed As The Leg Lamp From "A Christmas Story" Will Make Your Day

This is my adopted Jack Russell Mystery Mix who has been letting me dress him up and take a picture every day for a year. This dog is a champ!

15 Reasons We're Still Taking Fashion Cues From Rihanna

"She can beat me, but she cannot beat my outfit." ‚ÄĒRihanna

Problems Every Book Lover Will Understand

Harry Potter is not a children's book.

You Can Wear Spaghetti Carbonara As A Necklace Now

And it looks disturbingly real.

80 Members Of Congress Urge Repealing Ban On Gay Men Donating Blood

Democratic members of Congress sent a letter to Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell Monday saying they were "deeply troubled" by a panel's recommendation to relax the ban instead of repealing it altogether.

Khloe Kardashian Riding A Horse Is Really Something Else

It's also something you just have to see with your own eyes to understand.

The 27 Greatest Comments From Ken M

How can Ken M be so misinformed so often? The world may never know. (via Horsey Surprise.)

The "Selma" Cast Wore "I Can't Breathe" T-Shirts To Their Premiere

Co-writer and director Ava DuVernay and many cast members showed their support for Eric Garner and Mike Brown at the New York premiere of Selma, a film that sheds light on another massive civil rights movement in the United States.

Judy Blume Has A New Novel Coming Out For Adults

In the Unlikely Event will hit shelves June 2015.

32 momentos que han experimentado todos aquellos que llevan toda la vida con gafas

"No. No puedes prob√°rtelas para comprobar lo cegato que estoy".

17 Times 2014 Was The Year Of Nope

N to the O to the P to the E.

What Books Did You Read In 2014?

Let's recommend some good reads!

23 Signs You Used To Be A Teacher

School may be out, but you're still a teacher at heart.

How White People Order Ethnic Food

Stop what you're doing and watch as Katy French and Jonathan Rowell of Youtube's Straight White Males order food at their favorite Vietnamese restaurant. You won't regret it.

Celebran los 31 a√Īos del retorno a la democracia con baile y una "novedosa" torta churro

En el acto por el retorno a la democracia y el D√≠a Internacional de los Derechos Humanos del s√°bado la presidenta argentina Cristina Fern√°ndez de Kirchner, adem√°s de hablar, bail√≥, y bail√≥. Tambi√©n hubo comida, m√ļsica y fuegos artificiales, claro.

This Pop Star's Prosthetic Limbs Are Unbelievably Cool

Viktoria Modesta is the world's first bionic pop star.

21 Cat Reactions For Every Christmas Situation

Getting through the holidays intact is pretty tough. Let these cats be your guide to socialising through the festive season.

13 Life Lessons We Learned From Phoebe Buffay

Always reconsider what you are feeding a smelly cat.

23 blutige Schneemänner

Eiskalte Mörder!

Here's How To Build An Adorable Farm Out Of Gingerbread

Get ready to blow everyone else's gingerbread houses out of the icing.

The 23 Best Picture Books Of 2014

You'll love them just as much as the kids will. Ranked in no particular order.

Adam D'Angelo On Quora And The Future Of The Internet

The CEO of Quora and first chief technology officer of Facebook sits down with BuzzFeed News to talk about where Quora and the broader internet is headed in 2015.

30 Cosas que solo alguien que haya estudiado en la UBA puede entender

M√°s all√° de sus complejidades, la Universidad de Buenos Aires tiene las puertas abiertas para toda/os en un sentido literal.

19 Signs You're A True Highlander

Just don’t say the word Teuchter.

12 Reasons The 12 Days Of Christmas Is Garbage

More like 12 days of NO, THANK YOU.

The 19 Most Life-Changing Gigi Hadid Selfies

One for every glorious year she has been alive.

13 Distinct Emotions Of Saul Berenson From "Homeland"

The range of this character is staggering.

This Man Spent £1,600 On One Of Alex Salmond's Ties

"My mum thought I was absolutely bloody mad," Russell Wardrop told BuzzFeed News.

24 Regalos geniales que probablemente no sabías que podías comprar en México

La gu√≠a definitiva de regalos 100% talento mexicano. Para tu lista navide√Īa.

A internet n√£o consegue lidar com a Xuxa fora da Globo

Segundo o colunista Daniel Castro, emissora decidiu não renovar contrato com a apresentadora, que estará livre no próximo ano para negociar com outra emissora...

The First Decade Of "Real World" Houseguests, Ranked From Worst To Best

Here's to the people who stopped being polite, started getting real, and made television history in the process.

18 Dogs Who Want You To Get In The Christmas Spirit

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is to be a dog.

The 41 Most Ridiculous Things That Happened In Scottish Politics This Year

The best things from Scotland's big political year.

17 Delicious Breakfast Sandwiches Worth Waking Up For

The morning doesn't have to suck.

A Man Keeps Walking Around Aldershot With A Colander On His Head

Is this the start of a pastafarian movement in the UK? Via GetHampshire.

Sydney Gunman Man Haron Monis Had History Of Criminal Charges

Monis has been charged for sending offensive letters to the families of dead Australian soldiers and assisting in the murder of his ex-wife. Man Haron Monis died in a gunfight with police, authorities said.

The 21 Stages Of Your Office Christmas Party, As Told By Crap Taxidermy

Or why Adam Cornish's excellent book is 2014's greatest stocking filler.

This Is Why The Price Of Oil Is Crashing

The price of oil has dropped nearly 40% in six months, and nobody can pin down exactly why that is. And it's got a lot of countries feeling nervous.

10 Insanely Fun Holiday Projects To Make With Kids

And they're not-so-secretly just as fun for adults.

48 materiais escolares que vão fazer você viajar no tempo

Clipes coloridos, atividades mimeografadas, canetinha de boliche e muito glitter.

24 Times Grindr Brought Awkwardness To A Whole New Level

I'll just be over here blocking you. WARNING: Rather NSFW language. H/T: Awkward Grindr and Creepy Grindr Messages.

Real Made-For-TV Christmas Movie Or Made-Up Nonsense?

Can you guess which terrible movie plot is real? Please don't steal any of the fake ones, Hallmark Channel, Lifetime or ABC Family.

Who Should You Kiss Under The Mistletoe?

Pour a little sugar on your holiday hunk.

Hungover At Work.

So you could not miss that party on a Sunday night and now you're dying at work. PS: If my boss is reading this - this has absolutely never happened to me.

"Enabling Child Abuse" And Why Oklahoma Imprisons So Many Women

An Oklahoma law that has put battered women in prison ‚ÄĒ sometimes for longer than their abusers ‚ÄĒ is part of why the state puts more women per capita behind bars than any other. So says a Harvard fellow hired by Oklahoma's governor to examine its criminal justice system. The latest in a BuzzFeed News investigation.

Quora And The Quest To Answer Every Question

Adam D'Angelo wants the world to share its knowledge on the Internet. But can Quora grow beyond Silicon Valley and convince every human to do just that?

La prueba de que los cerdos hormigueros son los animales m√°s espeluznantes del mundo

Como un experimento científico combinando un cerdo con un conejo que hubiese salido terriblemente mal.

What Happened When I Lived According To The Pinterest Popular Page

As someone who has defended the site against its critics, I decided to dive in to try to find out if its reputation is deserved.

Sandy Hook Victims' Families Sue Newtown And Board Of Education

In December the families of 26 victims killed at Sandy Hook Elementary also sued Bushmaster and gun sellers.

The News Stories That Defined 2014, As Told By UK Newspaper Front Pages

Floods, war, a referendum...and black-eyed ghost children. It's been quite a year in British news.

23 verstörende Fotos vom Weihnachtsmann, die Dein Fest ruinieren

Diese Weihnachtsm√§nner sind zum F√ľrchten.

New Jewish Progressive Firm Launches After Split

Rabinowitz and Keyak plan to take an aggressive progressive approach to pro-Israel politics. "Jews are Democrats, and they will be again in two years, and they just are."

18 Scientists On What They Actually Think About Climate Change

Science communicator Joe Duggan asked several researchers working in climate science how they really felt about climate change. These quotes are excerpted from their answers.

Los mejores Vines del 2014

Vine es la mejor manera de perder el tiempo.

26 Momente, die nur kleine Frauen kennen

Ich! Komme! Da! Nicht! Ran!

All The Times "Game Of Thrones" Stars Did Normal Stuff In 2014

Them doing normal stuff instead of fighting is sooooo odd. Who would have thought they're actually real?

Report: Anti-LGBT Violence Has Increased In Russia Since "Propaganda" Ban

Vladimir Putin said earlier this month that Russia has been unfairly labeled as anti-LGBT. A new report from Human Rights Watch paints a starkly different portrait.

Esta é a maneira perfeita de ensinar as crianças sobre bullying

Uma lição simples com resultados profundos.

Productos que te cambian la vida salidos al mercado en 2014

Echa un vistazo a lo que los dioses de los gadgets nos trajeron este a√Īo...

Night Of "Horrific Tragedy": Pennsylvania Rampage That Left 6 Family Members Dead

The body of Bradley Stone, suspected of killing his ex-wife and five of her family members, was found in the woods near his Pennsburg home Tuesday.

17 cosas que todos los que hayan pasado Navidad en Argentina saben que son ciertas

No tenemos Navidad blanca pero tenemos vitel toné, lechón y muchos fuegos artificiales.

The 25 Most Wonderfully Scottish Things That Happened In 2014

2014 has certainly been a year no one in Scotland will forget.

Can You Guess The Christmas Movie From The Screengrab?

Oh, the weather outside is frightful...which is probably why there are so many amazing festive films.

France Bans Uber As Taxi Drivers Stage Protest In Paris

A new law will essentially ban Uber's low-cost service in France. Hundreds of taxi drivers blocked roads in Paris protesting what they say are Uber's unfair business practices.

24 de las tartas de boda m√°s bellas de 2014

Son casi demasiado maravillosas para comerlas. Casi.

Here Are 10 World Leaders Re-Imagined As Hipsters

Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, all chillin' like villains.

Martin Freeman's Mash-Up Of "The Office" And "The Hobbit" Was Just Perfect

"Yeah, so the brave hobbit Bilbo Baggins now works at a paper company."

28 Winter Pictures That You'll Find Intensely Satisfying

Snow and ice can satisfy you more than you ever thought possible.

23 Signs You Used To Work In A Clothing Store

There are some things you never forget.

Closure Of "Satanic Café" Shows Egypt's Atheists Are Next In Line For Crackdown

‚ÄúIf you are atheist and you heard this announcement, it was like the state saying, 'We are coming for you next.'‚ÄĚ

Les 50 pires choses vues sur internet en 2014

AVERTISSEMENT : cet article est n'est vraiment pas approprié à un environnement de travail.

Infosys Employee From India Is Among The Hostages In Sydney Café

Earlier today, an armed assailant took an unknown number of people hostage at a small café in Sydney. An Indian IT professional working for Infosys is among those being held, the company said.

Boys Aged 13 And 14 Arrested On Suspicion Of Murder After 52-Year-Old Man Stabbed In North London

Police believe the man was killed following an argument with a group of teenagers.

Outrage As Bystanders Take Selfies At Sydney Siege

One man has even been seen with a selfie stick. Update: A man was seen with two young girls posing in the square.

The End Of Invisible Children

The group behind KONY 2012 will shutter its U.S. office and spend a year in transition, planning to close by the end of 2015.

25 Pointlessly Gendered Products That Will Either Make You Laugh Or Cry

For those times when a man needs more than a regular sanitary wipe, and a woman needs girl-specific apples.

19 Reasons Why Manchester Is The Most LGBT-Friendly City In The UK

Forget London and Brighton, Manchester's where it's at.

29 Things Non-Brits Just Don't Get About Britain

We love you, but some of the things you do are just weird.

This Kolkata Slum Is Set To Be Destroyed Soon And 400,000 People Could Potentially Be Homeless

Multimedia journalist Souvid Datta has captured some very poignant photos of the slums.

33 Beweise, dass Hamburg die schönste Stadt Deutschlands ist

Also als ob man die eigentlich bräuchte …

3 Men Arrested Following Reports Of Armed Siege In Ghent, Belgium

Police responded after four gun-wielding men entered an apartment building in the early hours of Monday morning. Three people have been arrested.

Le classement des 29 scènes de sexe de séries les plus hot de 2014

2014 aura vu beaucoup de scènes de sexe sous la douche. C'est pas moi qui vais me plaindre !

Australians Offer To Travel With People In Religious Attire By Tweeting #IllRideWithYou

The terrible events in Sydney, where Martin Place was locked down after an armed man took hostages, have sparked a heartwarming reaction on social media.

18 problèmes que ceux qui prennent souvent l'avion comprendront

Parce qu'il y a toujours un mec qui croit que les deux accoudoirs sont à lui.

17 personnes que vous c√ītoyez lorsque vous devenez parents

Avant de tomber enceinte, vous ne soupçonniez même pas leur existence.

25 Valuable Lessons To Learn From Humans of New York

Former finance professional Brandon Stanton created Humans of New York (HONY) in 2010 in order to document photos, and eventually the stories, of the inhabitants of New York City. Since it's inception, the blog has produced over 6,000 stories and is followed by over 11 million people world wide.

What "The Hobbit" Character Are You?

Hobbit, wizard, elf or dwarf? Find out here.

Les 20 chiots les plus adorables de 2014

Un peu de douceur pour bien commencer la semaine.

15 Popular Song Lyrics Everyone Misheard In 2014

"Got a lot of Starbucks lovers."

10 Sand-Free Places To Cool Off This Summer

There are plenty of places to go when the pavement is melting and the beach is too crowded and/or sandy.

Graphic Novel Versions Of Our Favorite Books? Yes, Please!

Too lazy to read the novel all your friends have been urging you to check out? Want an excuse to read manga and comics again like you did in your good ole middle school years? Get the graphic novel version of some of our most beloved YA novels!

15 Reasons 2015 Is The Year Of The Turtleneck

Don't be a loser...jump on the fashion trend

Sony TV Boss On "Boondocks" Creator Aaron McGruder: "F*** Em"

Leaked emails provide more light on the fight over the final season of The Boondocks.

Teen Killed By Shark Attack In Queensland

18-year-old boy had been swimming at Rudder Reef off Port Douglas when he was bitten in the thigh.

Things Your Campus Tour Guides Are REALLY Thinking

You know those fabulous students who happily give their time to take perspective students around their beloved college home? Well, it isn't all rainbows and sunshine. We endure the rainy days, the freezing temperatures, and the needy parents to show you all that our beautiful campus has to offer. Follow us as we guide you through what is actually going on in your lovely tour guide's head.

15 Signs You Are Obsessed With Crafting

The world isn't safe from you and your DIY skills.

Chair In Bill Cosby's Name Suspended By Spelman Amid Rape Allegations

The Atlanta women's college has decided to suspend a prestigious professorship funded in part by Bill Cosby amid the growing allegations of sexual assault.

21 Times You Wished Grant Gustin Were Yours

Because you'd be his ... in a Flash.

The Ultimate Game Of "F#@k, Marry, Kill" Pinoy Artistas Edition

Everyone knows that pinays are one of the most beautiful women to walk this Earth, but who knows which one you'll pick?

Uber Now Offering Free Rides After Surge Pricing During Sydney Siege

Surge pricing introduced in Sydney CBD while a hostage situation unfolds.

Which "Into The Woods Character" Would You Play?

Disney is adapting the classic Stephen Sondheim musical to the silver screen for Christmas. Maybe you'd not suck!

We Asked 29 Tech Companies If Their Employees Can Access Your Personal Data

Privacy policies rarely mention the weakest point in any company's security infrastructure: its employees.

Times Penny Hartz From "Happy Endings" Summed Up Your Life

She is AH-MAH-ZING and so are you sweetie. So are you!

21 Signs You're Definitely Welsh

Ah, good. You're one of us, cariad!

Estos platos increíblemente realistas están en realidad hechos con golosinas

El arte comestible de Jessica Gaber es la dieta de ensue√Īo de los golosos.

Samuel L. Jackson Challenges Celebrities To Sing Against "The Racist Police"

"All the celebrities out there who poured ice water on your head, here's a chance to do something else..."

Suspect Arrested In Fatal Shooting Of Auburn University Football Player

Jackell Mitchell, 18, was shot Sunday morning multiple times in his off-campus apartment, police said. A suspect was arrested and charged Sunday evening.

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