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December 10, 2014

103 Times Shonda Rhimes Totally "Handled" TV In 2014

ABC powerhouse writer and producer Shonda Rhimes gave us countless thrilling stories on Grey's Anatomy and Scandal this year. (Sadly, we couldn't include How to Get Away With Murder since she is an executive producer.) WARNING: ALL OF THE SPOILERS!

People Read Their Old Facebook Statuses

A horrifying trip down memory lane.

Former Guantanamo Bay Detainee Heckles Attorney General With Torture Claims

David Hicks turned up to yell at George Brandis on Wednesday night in Sydney.

14 Questions About Golf By Someone Who Doesn't Play

Just a few simple questions. Par for the course.

Senate Democrats Considering A "Coordinated Effort" To Vote Against The Government Funding Bill

The deadline to pass a bill to fund the government is Dec. 11.

This Might Be The Best Way To Mess With An Asshole On OkCupid You'll Ever See

Get some popcorn — this is some expert-level boy trolling.

Democrat: There Will Probably Be Another Ferguson Before D.C. Gets Serious About Police Militarization

Georgia Rep. Hank Johnson vows to renew his legislation to keep military weaponry away from local police forces next Congress, says President Obama could have done more to stop the flow.

6 fotografías de primeros planos de peculiares estructuras magnéticas

El artista Fabian Oefner mezcla ferrofluidos y acuarelas para crear estas hermosas imágenes.

John Green Films Cameo For "Paper Towns" Movie

"I have recorded a cameo. It will almost certainly be cut from the final film, in accordance with tradition."

How To Flirt Properly

There's a fine line between flirty and creepy.

23 Simple Love Notes That Will Restore Your Faith In Love

"Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart." —Winnie the Pooh

Bar Closed For 17 Days By Ferguson Command Center Sues Missouri Authorities

The owners of Swiish Bar and Grill in Jennings, Missouri, said they lost thousands of dollars when law enforcement turned their parking lot into a command center.

15 Random Gifts For That One Friend Who Really Loves Flamingos

Flamingo-themed merchandise is a thing. Might as well embrace it.

31 Reasons Christmas In New York City Ruins You For Life

It's not the holidays without at least one trip to the Big Apple.

How The CIA Torture Report Lets American Leaders Off The Hook

The Senate's long-awaited report on Bush-era torture techniques puts too much blame on the CIA, and not enough on the American political leadership.

We Miss You, Rebecca

When your friend moves make an elaborate video, right? RIGHT?!

Take This Poll On Happiness

Do you feel like a room without a roof?

This Journalist's Jailing May Mean The End Of Free Speech In Azerbaijan

Khadija Ismayilova worked tirelessly to expose corruption in Azerbaijan's president's family and assist activists who came under fire. Now she's in jail with them.

Tatiana Maslany Doing Normal People Things

In honor of her SAG nom, here's Tatiana Maslany doing normal things, but better than everyone else.

Do You Forgive Harvard Sichuan Shaming Guy?

Is forgiveness a dish best served with roasted chili and garlic? TAKE OUR POLL

14 Care Bears All Thirtysomethings Need


10 Celebrities Who Gained The Most Followers In 2014

That's a LOT of followers in a single year.

Arizona Congressman: McCain Knows A Lot About Torture But Is Wrong

"And I would just take issues with him on the notion that the enhanced interrogation that we're talking about here is torture."

Money To Address Rape Kit Backlog In Congressional Spending Bill

Advocates praised the inclusion of $41 million to handle thousands of untested rape kits.

46 regalos geniales para los calcetines de Navidad que querrás quedarte

Encuentra un regalo digno para el calcetín de Navidad para todos en tu lista navideña

76 Arrested After London Protest In Solidarity With Eric Garner And Michael Brown

Hundreds of protesters took to the streets of Shepherd's Bush on Wednesday night in sympathy with US protests over the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown. Update: Police confirmed the arrests on Thursday morning.

How "Silent Night" Became Central To My Faith

Why I will listen to this carol all year.

Bloomberg Passed Over Its Top Woman Editor In Hiring A New Boss

Laurie Hays, the woman in the newsroom who many believed was the front-runner to take the top job, lost out to The Economist's John Micklethwait.

9 Things Only The Two Humanoid Robots Pretending To Be High Ranking U.S. Government Officials Understand

If you are reading this, then you are the other humanoid robot pretending to be a high ranking official of the U.S. Government programmed with the singular mission of helping to bring on the collapse of this nation and introduce the beginning of the robot majority on planet Earth. These are a collection of grievances I have encountered that I believe only you will understand.

33 People Who Will Make You Feel Better About Your Choices In 2014

Trust me, no matter what you messed up this year, it could be worse.

17 Kinds Of People You'll Recognize If You've Ever Been To Gym

These are the people in your gym-borhood. Various species of exercisers, caught in their natural habitats.

This Is How Doctors And Pyschologists Helped The CIA Torture And Interrogate Detainees

Atul Gawande, award-winning writer and doctor, tweeted about the extent of the medical community's complicity in the CIA's torture of terror suspects.

Shonda Rhimes Delivered The Most Inspiring, Badass Speech Today

The producer and writer received the Sherry Lansing Leadership Award at The Hollywood Reporter's Women in Entertainment Breakfast on Wednesday. "We’ve all made such an incredible leap," she said. She also quoted Beyoncé.

Ridley Scott's "Exodus: Gods And Kings" Offers An Embarrassingly Outdated View Of Race

The new Christian Bale–led Biblical film updates Moses in every way except the most important one.

This Adorable Little Boy Is So Confused By Twin Babies Because How Are There Two Of Them

Don't worry, little man, twins are confusing for everyone.

13 Powerful Portraits Of Africa's Scarred Faces

For some, scarring one's face is considered a rite of passage and a powerful statement of belonging.

The 10 Most Popular Celebrities On Twitter In 2014

Can *you* guess which celeb was talked about the most on Twitter this year?

This Is The World's Most Expensive Photograph

And it's not even in color. What a ripoff.

House Democrats Protest Provisions In Government Funding Bill

The deal on federal spending was negotiated by Senate Democrats and House Republicans.

Twin Royal Babies Born To The Prince And Princess Of Monaco

Princess Charlene gave birth to a son and a daughter, her first children with Monaco's ruler Prince Albert.

12 Days Of Christmas Gifts (2014 Remix)

Cuz who's got room for 8 maids a-milking?

Pillsbury Doughboy Does It For The Vine

Pillsbury Doughboy visited a college dining hall yesterday. Then the cutest thing ever happens...

The Supreme Court Quiz

All rise... a quiz that's actually important is now in session.

Millionaire Instagram Star Dan Bilzerian Released From Jail

Update: It is unclear if charges were dropped against the 30-year-old, KTLA reports. The arrest appears to be unrelated to a recent incident in which he allegedly kicked a model in the face.

12 Christmas Decorations Who Totally Nailed It

Nothing says "holiday spirit" like a Christmas tree made of beer cans.

20 Times My Hair Has Betrayed Me

I thought we could grow together.

13 Steps Of Applying For A Job That Everyone Can Relate To

Wait, so MS Paint is NOT considered a skill?

20 signos de que has trabajado en una tienda

*Apila ordenadamente un montón de sweaters*

Amy Poehler's Opinion On 26 Random Things

A classic round of "Word Association" with the best of the best.

As 36 coisas mais hipsters que aconteceram em 2014

Todas estas pessoas são mais legais do que você. Ou pelo menos é o que elas acham.

This Sister Got The Surprise Of Her Life When Her Seven Brothers Performed At Her Wedding

The youngest brother is 15 and the oldest is 46 years old!

Tegan And Sara Break Down "So Jealous" 10 Years Later

Everyone's favorite Canadian heartthrobs answer a series of questions for BuzzFeed, each based off a song title from that first breakthrough album. The band has announced a special 10th anniversary release of the record this month.

Exclusive Pic Leonardo DiCaprio Leaving Miami Nightclub With 20 In Tow

Here's Leo with the 20. Unverified image, but it seems legit.

Os 42 cães mais constrangedores de 2014

Nada se compara aos nossos melhores amigos constrangedores.

21 Cosas que la gente que sufre de insomnio está cansada de escuchar

Sí, hemos intentado todos los malditos remedios caseros posibles y NINGUNO NOS HA FUNCIONADO.

16 cadeaux minimalistes à offrir à Noël

Pour changer des livres, des jouets et des bijoux.

50 cachorros vestidos para as festas de fim de ano

É a época mais maravilhosa do ano.

Os 16 tutoriais mais inacreditáveis do wikiHow

"Como Ser Uma Gótica Suave."

The Stream Of Conciousness Everyone Has Just Before Christmas

Common thoughts that occur during the most wonderful time of the year.

NFL Approves New Personal Conduct Policy

Commissioner Roger Goodell announced the changes during a news conference on Wednesday.

Watch The Year's Craziest Trailer

The trailer promises a world "without hope, without law, without mercy" — but with plenty of kick-ass stunts!

26 Things We Learned From Jenny Slate's Instagram

The magic number is always 69.

17 Things Only Michele Bachmann Fans Understand

Good-bye, Michele Bachmann. You and your long list of headline-making quotes will be missed.

25 vezes que você soube que sua mãe era, na verdade, a sua melhor amiga

Sim, minha mãe é minha melhor amiga. Lide com isso.

Quais os sinônimos que você mais usa para se referir às partes íntimas femininas?

Chamando os leitores e leitoras para a solução de um problema importantíssimo.

19 Obras de arte hechas con una calculadora

Los adolescentes son nuestro mayor recurso natural.

What's Your Most Heartwarming Holiday Memory?

When Beyoncé released an entire surprise album just for me. #blessed

A User's Guide To Dealing With Trolls On The Internet

Here is your hazmat suit for the toxic garbage dump known as the 'net.

18 Mason Jar Salads That Make Perfect Healthy Lunches

Easy ways to eat yer greens all week long.

NFL Iron Man Rob Gronkowski Did The Goofiest Photo Shoot With A Fluffy Little Kitten

He also told ESPN The Magazine that he watches Spongebob while doing pushups.

The New Trailer For "The Little Prince" Is Absolutely Wonderful

And will make you feel 5 years old again in the best way possible.

Rep. Peter King: Senate Report Not Torture, Just People Having "To Stand In Awkward Positions"

"We're not talking about anyone being burned or stabbed or cut or anything like that. We're talking about people being made to stand in awkward in positions, have water put into their nose and into their mouth. Nobody suffered any lasting injuries from this."

33 Delicious Paleo Recipes To Make In A Slow Cooker

Just because you eat like a caveman doesn't mean you shouldn't take advantage of modern conveniences.

The Librarians Character Quiz

Which Librarian character are you?

Zoella’s Ghostwriter Admits Mistakes Were Made Over “Girl Online”

However, Siobhan Curham was full of praise for Zoe Sugg and her work.

16 ideias inspiradoras de casas decoradas pelos seus próprios donos

Projeto Casa Aberta ajuda pessoas a terem ideias fugindo das revistas de decoração e escritórios de arquitetura.

22 Times Selena Gomez Totally Killed It In 2014

The heart wants what the heart wants.

10 Celebrity Moments That Basically Broke Twitter In 2014

Queen Lorde ~ruled~ Twitter this year.

Leaked Sony Emails Reveal Angelina Jolie Was Called A "Minimally Talented Spoiled Brat"

The hack also includes revelations about Leonardo DiCaprio deserving an Oscar, Michael Fassbender's package, and a planned mash-up film of the Jump Street and Men in Black franchises.

If You Could Change The Ending To Any Movie, What Would It Be?

"Yeah, but that movie would have been a lot better if it ended like this..."

Can You Guess The U.S. Accent?

It's a toughie, dontcha knoooow.

19 personas que son más navideñas que tú

Para estos tíos las vacaciones han sido un paseo en trineo.

10 Life Hacks For Christmas!!!!

Its that wonderful time of the year, Everyone's in good cheer. But let's make that wonderful time, even more wonderful. Check out these life hacks to make the holidays go by more smoothly!!

David Letterman Will Host His Last "Late Show" On May 20

The late night legend will pass the talk show torch to Stephen Colbert in 2015.

Peru Says It Will Sue Greenpeace For "Attacking" A World Heritage Site

Activists with the environmental group placed a banner next to the ancient Nazca Lines ground markings.

18 Times Tumblr Summed Up Christmas Perfectly

Deck the halls with flying penises.

Veja o momento em que Luís Ricardo pega fogo no Programa do Ratinho

Cenas estranhas ocorrem quando rola um acidente sério em um programa cômico.

50 perros vestidos para Navidad

Es la época más maravillosa del año.

The 18 Most Clever Delia's Taglines Of The '90s

ReMemBEr tHosE QUirkY pHrAsEs?

Meet The Adult Film Director Who's Trying To Change The Porn Industry

Award-winning Swedish director Erika Lust is making films based on sexual fantasies submitted through her website. Warning: The following is slightly NSFW.

Hong Kong Protesters Brace For Camp's Final Day

The pro-democracy demonstrators have been camped on a highway for about two months. They expect police to clear out the remanning people tonight.

23 Things Close Female Housemates Just Get

Mould spraying a bathroom can be fun.

Top Senate Intel Member: The CIA Is Still Lying

During his final speech on the floor, Sen. Mark Udall called for CIA Director John Brennan's resignation over his defense of the agency's torture program. Udall also read conclusions of a still secret review of the program's effects.

Here Are The Best Hats You've Ever Seen

Who wouldn't want to keep their ears warm with an enormous slice of pizza?

BADASS Walking Dead Christmas Tree

The Walking Dead Themed Christmas tree.

27 Insanely Adorable Baby And Dog Friendships From 2014

Is there anything cuter?? The answer is no. There isn't.

The 13 Greatest Quotes From Malala Yousafzai And Kailash Satyarthi's Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony

"There is no greater violence than to deny the dreams of our children." - Kailash Satyarthi

Parents Guess The Meanings Of 2014 Buzz Words

Bae: /Bæ/ noun 1. bring amazing eats; 2. bloated after eating.

23 Photos That Prove Alan Rusbridger Wins At Instagram

The outgoing Guardian editor has some amazing Insta game. Rubbish at hashtags though.

25 Things That Happen When You Get Into Yoga

Don't even talk to me until I've done my sun salutations.

This Is The Perfect Way To Teach Kids About Bullying

A simple lesson with profound results.

Police Union Expresses Frustration Over Labor's Response To Ferguson, Eric Garner

The AFL-CIO's sole police union sent a letter to the federation's president about the issue.

CIA Torture Report In One GIF

Like it says on the box

6 Fashionable Winter Looks For Bargain Shoppers

Tis the season for sales! High-fashion doesn't always have to come at a high price.

The U.S. Spent Decades Teaching Torture Techniques To Brazil

The Latin American country's National Truth Commission just produced its own torture report, which among other things documents the way American teachers taught Brazilian officers the theory and methods of torture.

I Finally Have A Name For What He Did To Me

Last year, when I was 17, I was sexually assaulted by a much older man. I'm gradually learning how to talk about it — and make myself whole again.

The Definitive Ranking Of Cookies, According To Santa

If I see another goddamn oatmeal raisin I swear to god I'll scream.

Guardian Editor Alan Rusbridger To Step Down Next Summer After 20 Years

One of Britain’s longest-serving national newspaper editors will leave in summer having led The Guardian through a remarkable period in its history.

Virginia School Board Bans Trans Students From Using Restrooms Based On Gender Identity

The Gloucester County School Board overwhelmingly approved a policy Tuesday night that restricts male and female school restrooms to students with "corresponding biological genders."

YouTube-Star MissesVlog antwortet auf Fragen

Helene Fischer? Adventskalender? Trolle?

Premiere: Nick Offerman's "Hanky Song"

Watch an exclusive clip from the forthcoming Netflix special, Nick Offerman: American Ham, out Friday.

15 Perfect Emojis Every Book Lover Needs

Perfect for every bookish mood.

Millions Of User And Seller Accounts Exposed By Security Breach At Alibaba

A lapse in security on the Alibaba shopping site exposed the personal shipping and banking details of millions of users and sellers. The Israeli cybersecurity analysts who found the breach speak to BuzzFeed News.

19 souvenirs de votre scolarité qui vous replongeront en enfance

« Excuse moi je peux récupérer ta cartouche d'encre vide ? C'est pour ma collections de billes. »

Why We Can’t Look Away From Channing Tatum’s Face

Tatum is a former “Sexiest Man Alive,” but he’s not handsome, at least not exactly. His face charms through blunt force. And there might not be another one in contemporary Hollywood as powerful.

Appeals Court Throws Out Two Insider Trading Convictions

Todd Newman and Anthony Chiasson, both part of a ring of traders that included SAC Capital employees, saw their convictions overturned by an appeals panel.

10 secrets que seuls les mannequins de Victoria's Secret vous diront

« On commande des pizzas et des cupcakes en coulisses, avant de monter sur le podium. »Et autres infos exclusives que le mannequin Adriana Lima a partagé avec BuzzFeed.

21 Reasons Ohio Is The Very Best Of The Midwest

We're literally the heart of it all.

The 10 Biggest Moments In Sports This Year, In Retweets

Here's the BuzzFeed Sports ranking of some of the most retweeted moments in 2014 from athletes in the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and a few others, according to Twitter data.

16 Photos Which Prove Geoffrey Edelsten Is Australia's Answer To Liberace

Pink cars, mink coats and crystal chandeliers are just the beginning...

Helping A Fox Recover From Two Frightening Pet Dogs

You can find all sorts of things down the back of a sofa, but turning up a fox is not all that common! After being chased by dogs, this young fox took refuge behind a sofa. Wildlife rescuer Sean, from the Wildlife Aid Foundation, was called to the rescue and removed the dusty fox from his hiding place. He was brought back to the centre to put on some weight and recover from his trauma. He stayed with us for a couple of weeks and was, then, released back to the wild!

19 Questions Indians Will Find Impossible To Answer

But you'll learn a lot about yourself if you try.

Ex-Polish Leader Admits To CIA's Secret Prison In Poland

Following the Senate report on CIA torture, a former president said Poland agreed to a CIA "black site" site but insisted no inmates be abused.

Spotify Predicts Music's Stars Of 2015

Get a head start on the next year in music with these 18 artists to watch.

Los 25 selfies más importantes del 2014

Un año después de convertirse en la palabra oficial del 2013, el "selfie" es oficialmente mainstream. Aquíe están los más significativos del 2014.

Miami Graffiti Artist Dies After Being Hit By Police Cruiser

Delbert Rodriguez Gutierrez was tagging a building when police chased him in an unmarked cruiser, accidentally hitting him. He died on Tuesday, family members told the Miami Herald.

Les célébrités françaises les plus agaçantes de 2014

C'est le moment de cracher votre venin.

13 Ways India Took A Giant Leap Forward In 2014

From health to feminism to space exploration – jai ho across the board.

19 personnes qui fêtent Noël mieux que vous

Ils seront difficiles à battre au moment des fêtes.

16 regalos minimalistas que puedes hacer esta Navidad

Dos tórtolas o unas entradas para tu banda favorita.

This Labour MP's Wife Is Selling Revealing Signed Selfies On eBay

Councillor Karen Danczuk will cover every picture with her own scent. A new funding model for political parties?

Online-Only BBC Three Plans To Reinvent The TV Schedule, But Could Lose Popular Shows

The BBC is proposing to take the youth-focused channel BBC Three online-only next year, with a radical new approach to TV programming and commissioning. But it might not be good news for Don't Tell the Bride fans.

17-Year-Old Malala Yousafzai Accepts Nobel Peace Prize

"I am Malala but I am also those 66 million girls who are deprived of education. I'm not raising my voice, it is the voice of those 66 million girls."

There's Going To Be A "Mass Face-Sitting Protest" Outside Parliament

Outrage against UK porn restrictions has reached a climax.

Dieses Video erklärt Dir den Überwachungsskandal

Vom Macher des "Du bist Terrorist" Videos.

Theatre Says Sorry After Sending Porn DVDs To Children

A father described the film sent to his 10-year-old daughter as "absolutely disgusting filth".

Fragen an den YouTube-Star Dan The Man

Melanie Müller? Weihachtsmarkt? Deutsche Bahn?

Palestinian Minister Who Died After West Bank Protest Is Buried

Ziad Abu Ein died Wednesday after inhaling tear gas and being shoved by Israeli soldiers, witnesses said. His funeral was Thursday.

Deja todo lo que estés haciendo y mira estos increíblemente raros bebés elefante gemelos

Son tan lindos, y ¡solo nacen gemelos un 0'5 % de las veces!

61 Unbreakable Rules For Taking The London Underground

Please stand behind the yellow line, or you may be sucked off. LOL, sucked off.

23 Sweary Christmas Cards You Need To Send Right Now

Because everyone knows profanity is what Christmas is missing. Contains some very NSFW language. Obviously.

Korean Air Executive Resigns After Macadamia Nut Tirade

Korean Air executive Cho Hyun-ah flew into a rage after she was served nuts in a bag – and not on a plate – in first-class. She made a plane return to the terminal to kick off the offending crew member.

Where Do You Stand On The Issues That Divide Scotland?

Forget the referendum: These issues are far more divisive.

16 Television Shows And Films You Have To Watch This Christmas

Here's every Christmas film and television show you should be watching. You'll be happy to hear that this guide doesn't include Mrs Brown's Boys.

22 enfants qui n'ont VRAIMENT pas envie de faire une photo avec le Père Noël

Être Père Noël, c'est pas facile tous les jours.

23 Things You Need To Eat In Newcastle Right Now

Because no one loves their scran quite like Geordies. And there's more to our region than a Greggs sausage roll.

White House Makes The Case For Early Childhood Education With Star-Studded PSA’s

Jennifer Garner, Julianne Moore, John Legend, and Shakira lend their voices to the White House initiative, each sharing a personal story of the role education played in their lives.

The 35 Most Hipster Things That Happened In 2014

All of these people are cooler than you. Or at least that's what they think.

Cet homme a décoré sa maison avec 200.000 lumières de Noël

Ne vous inquiétez pas, c'est pour une bonne cause.

16 Cosy And Romantic Ways To Spend Christmas In London

The weather outside is frightful, but London's still delightful.

The Indian Government Has Decriminalised Attempted Suicide

18 states and four union territories supported the deletion of the provision from the statute book.

The 23 Most Retweeted Indian Tweets Of 2014

If these are anything to go by, our country is run in equal parts by Narendra Modi, Deepika Padukone, and the beloved Salman bhai.

22 photos qui prouvent que nous vivons déjà dans le futur

Du moins d'un point de vue technologique.

18 œuvres d'art réalisées sur une calculatrice

Les ados sont notre plus grande source d'inspiration.

10 Signs Of Having An Overdramatic Friend

Cause we all have at least one of them.

Fox Suspends Sports Reporter Over “I Can’t Breathe” Comments

Freelance reporter Erika Reidt seemingly criticized the Lakers for wearing "I can't breathe" shirts. The comment prompted a flurry of responses on social media.

Here's The Story Behind All Of Mumbai's Stunning New Street Art

And here are the people you should be thanking for making your daily commute prettier, more colourful, and a lot more interesting.

President Obama Clashes With TV Anchor In Testy Interview

"You called me deporter-in-chief," the president said before he was cut off by Fusion anchor Jorge Ramos.

Which British Royal Are You?

Are you as poise as Duchess Kate? Or are you a wild child like Prince Harry? Let's find out!

Who Said It: The Pixar Villain Edition

"Kids these days. They just don't get scared like they used to."

22 Reasons "Atlantis" Is The Most Underrated Disney Movie

I mean an underwater city with flying fish machines. What more do you need?

How To Avoid Getting Caught Lookin' Ashy

Dry skin is not cute, people.

31 Couples Whose Marriages Were Revoked Last Year Celebrate Their Anniversary

The #5DaysOfEquality campaign has been launched almost one year to the day since the Australian government revoked the same-sex marriages of 31 Australian couples.

Community Devastated After Autistic Toddler Found Dead In Perth Lake

Sam Trott left his home yesterday sparking a huge community search.

9 Reasons Why He's Not The One

It's difficult to read a man's heart, but here are a few ways his actions will reveal what he is really feeling or not feeling for you.

11 Vintage Cereal Characters That Will Blow Your Mind

Just wait until you see Toucan Sam...

Federal Spending Bill Blocks Funding For Medical Marijuana Raids, Legalization In D.C.

The proposed congressional budget released Tuesday night prevents the Department of Justice from using funds to undermine state laws regarding medical marijuana.

The Definitive Ranking Of Every WWE Wrestler Of The 2000's

It was a decade of massive change. From Attitude to PG, Stone Cold to John Cena, the Monday Night Wars to the Brand Split, and everything in between. These are the men and women who stepped into their spandex and helped make it happen through blood, sweat, and cheesy acting.

3 TV Shows That I Gave A Chance In 2014

Instead of watching endless repeats of The Vampire Diaries.

33 Cool Holiday Gift Ideas For That '80s Kid In Your Life

'Cause we could all use Smurfs shot glasses.

31 Times Illy Absolutely Crushed It In 2014

"Life feels cinematic right now."

17 Awkward Moments When You’re A Bisexual Guy

“So you’re gay, right?”

20 Australian Problems That Defined 2014

...When you want to get that new scholarship but your daddy isn't the right daddy.

California Prosecutors Sue Uber Over "Misleading" Background Checks, Other Practices

The district attorneys for San Francisco and Los Angeles counties allege the company misled consumers about the quality of background checks on its drivers. Lyft has settled for $500,000.

Things You Said 10 Years Ago That Make 0 Sense Today

What time does Blockbuster close?

8 Celebrity Tweets You Missed Today

Here's what happened today!

YouTube's Year In Rewind Video Is A Perfect Look Back At 2014

Try to spot everything, from the ice bucket challenge to spider dog.

Watch These Hikers Walk Across Breathtaking Clear Ice

This crystal clear lake in the Slovak mountains froze over in the most amazing way.

How "Clarissa Explains It All" Helped Change Television

When Mitchell Kriegman pitched Clarissa in the early '90s, Nickelodeon considered the project risky. In an interview with BuzzFeed News, the creator explains how he made it all work — and exploded kids' TV in the process.

After Being Pulled Over, This Guy Got Out Of A Speeding Ticket With A Magic Trick

We're not sure what's more magical: solving a Rubik's cube in one second, or getting out of a speeding ticket.

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