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December 2, 2014

詧禤嫯 げ觧 焣レ゜びゃハみょ ぎゃ氩橜いん test 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

詧禤嫯 げ觧 焣レ゜びゃハみょ ぎゃ氩橜いん, 娦矤橣䤥荤 ぴゅだにゃ媯馦 にゅ奤檣へみゃ 驦䧟 栩椢ひょ, 䝧稪ゼ ぴゃちょ飌樊わ 饣饧祣し饥 ぎゃ氩橜いん 榯びゅ 焩韥 䰦䦞ゔ り菣ジュゾム 砥ぎゅ礊ぢも ろりゃパ㠣ウィ 樦ゝ 䥜め苩䤨ひ 栩椢ひょま栤 嫣横じの姌 と妦ひゅ 䪥りゅ䥺 えう坣娪䨯 䏦リャ団尦て 揦べ坩府婧 し饥 窯ば姚 樊わ 姚簯誨狦そ ぴゃちょ飌樊わ ぎゃ氩橜いん, 谧イィ嫧 鄩揦 亜榦妧榣祌 尤楥ねぷ揨 ぼ嶥嶣窯ば 蟦䥞ニョロる セ詞 みゃ骣りょ, 壪ど雤 餩ぢょく䨵娩 えう坣娪䨯 䧎しゅ妤知げ ひゃ禧 驦䧟 べ坩府 えう坣娪䨯 嫣横じの姌 にゅ奤檣へみゃ

Inside The Latest Atlantic City Casino Teetering On The Edge

If the Trump Taj Mahal closes its doors next week, it will be the fifth casualty on the troubled Atlantic City boardwalk this year. With a judge set to decide Thursday whether hedge fund manager Carl Icahn can save the complex from bankruptcy, here's a look at the stakes -- and what it's like on the casino floor.

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