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December 30, 2014

12 Times Anna Wintour Perfected The Art Of Looking Like She Couldn't Care Less In 2014

We can all take lessons from Vogue's iconic editor-in-chief!

10 Alternative Bands Who Made An Impact In The 90's

Bands that changed the world and how we, as a generation, look at music.

Oliver Stone Says Ukraine's Revolution Was Actually A CIA Plot

The director of JFK and other classic movies made the claim in a Facebook post on Tuesday after interviewing Ukraine's former president.

Quiz: Can These 22 Things Get You Pregnant?

Because sex ed didn't cover hot tubs and toilet seats.

12 Facts Of Life For Art Students

There’s no experience like art school.

33 Williamsburg Hipsters' New Year's Resolutions

We asked hipsters in Brooklyn to give us their New Year's resolution. Williamsburg: Keeping it weird.

Top 10 New Year's Movies

We're almost there! So here's some movies set around New Year to get you in the mood

Putting IBM's $25 Billion Stock Price Crash In Perspective

IBM is an icon of the technology industry. Or at least it was.

"No Resolution" After New York Mayor And Police Unions Meet

Union leaders told reporters that the meeting had touched on many subjects, but that no solutions were reached. The meeting was held amid reports of a work slowdown among the NYPD.

This Cat Was Accidentally Sold Inside In A Mattress But Lived To Tell The Tale

Camo the cat is back home after a two-week adventure.

8 Celebrity Tweets You Missed Today

Here’s what happened today!

Can We Guess Your Ancestry?

Let DNA show you the way.

This Video Of A Cat Welcoming A New Dog Into The Home Is Absolutely Hilarious

"Just when I think they have exhausted all means of insulting me." Now this.

The 29 Most Life-Changing One Direction Moments Of 2014

It was truly a great year to be a Directioner.

Christine Cavanaugh, Voice In "Rugrats" And "Babe," Dies At 51

Cavanaugh also voiced characters like Oblina in Aaahh!!! Real Monsters and Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory.

Idaho Court Tosses Conviction After Prosecutor Quotes "Dixie" Song

The Idaho Court of Appeals said that the prosecution's use of the Confederate anthem in closing arguments in the case against a black man may have influenced the jury. The man was convicted of lewd conduct and sexual battery.

Here's A Diet For People Who Really Love Food

Bon Appétit magazine's fifth annual Food Lover's Cleanse is here and it looks amazing — albeit a little intimidating — but SO DELICIOUS.

9 Reasons Why Spending New Year's Eve Alone Rocks

Because let's face it: You're the best company you'll ever find.

16 Instagram Dogs Who Can Hardly Contain Their Adorable Tongue

For these pups, #TongueOutTuesday is all day, every day.

10 Crystals That Changed 2014 For The Better

The United Nations declared 2014 the International Year of Crystallography, and here at the National Science Foundation, we took that to heart by spotlighting a crystal each week. Here we count down our most popular crystals as determined by our followers on Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter. Happy New Year, and get ready for 2015, the International Year of Light!

Top 75 Most Iconic Things Britney Spears Did In 2014

It was a really cool and urban year to be a Britney Spears fan.

Can A Woman Ask A Man On A Date? (According To Men)

"Let's just go after the person we're attracted to."

Can A Woman Ask A Man On A Date? (According To Women)

"If you want your man, go get your man!"

Which Cereal Mascot Should You Bang?

Do you spit or swallow your milk?

Which "Legend Of Korra" Villain Is Your Soulmate?

Which of the Korra baddies were you destined to spend eternity with?

Morton Salt Pours Out Of Chicago Warehouse, Burying Cars

No one was injured in the salt assault.

13 Reasons It's Weird Being A Trans Guy On Grindr

Believe it or not, some guys on Grindr want to go on dates. As a trans guy, it adds another element of awesomeness.

19 Gorgeous Photos That Perfectly Capture Life In The South

Photographer Eliot Dudik captures breathtaking images in a beautiful region of South Carolina known as the "Lowcountry".


But luckily there's a Walmart In There With Them

Los 38 pugs más majestuosos de 2014

No eligieron un vida de perro pug, pero sin duda hicieron que 2014 fuera mucho mejor.

Woman Accidentally Shot Dead By 2-Year-Old Son In Idaho Walmart Was A Nuclear Scientist

A boy reportedly reached into the woman's purse while she was shopping at a Walmart in Hayden, Idaho, Tuesday and accidentally discharged the gun, killing her. No other injuries were reported at the store, which was evacuated.

The 56 Worst Possible Times To Fart

Our expert guide to cheese-cutting.

Here's What The Voices Of Disney Villains Look Like In Real Life

Meet the actors behind your favorite poor, unfortunate souls.

There Was A Bromantic Mini-“Scrubs” Reunion

Nothing like the holidays to bring our favorite TV families together.

The 10 Most Unintentionally Hilarious Moments On "Pretty Little Liars"

Ranked by what you were probably texting your friends while watching the show.

24 Pictures That Prove That Not Everything Was Terrible In 2014

Through the seemingly endless amount of garbage, there is some good.

17 bomberos con cachorros son una garantía de que vas a sudar

No hay nada más sexy en el mundo que bomberos semi desnudos sosteniendo cachorros. Excepto si están sosteniendo gatitos.

24 Signs You And Your Mom Are Actually The Gilmore Girls

"I need my mommy and, dammit, I don't care who knows it!"

For First Time On Record, More Non-Mexicans Apprehended At U.S. Border Than Mexicans

The Pew Research Center found that 257,000 non-Mexicans were taken into custody by Border Patrol agents in 2014, compared with 229,000 Mexicans during the same period last year.

23 Cats React To The Biggest Shocks In Cinema History

Big movies. Small creatures. Huge surprises. Spoilers ahead.

8 Francis Underwood GIFS For Every College Situation

Because Congress is really just college with bigger bank accounts and less beer bongs.

122 Of The Most Important TV Deaths Of 2014

Even without the Red Wedding, this was one of the bloodiest years for TV in recent memory. Warning: MAJOR SPOILERS for just about every television series. (Seriously.)

Rep. Peter King: Cops Shouldn't Create Sympathy For De Blasio By Turning Their Backs

"I think they've made their points, and I understand why they did it, but I don't want it to be creating sympathy for de Blasio either."

Ranking Every Episode Of "The Twilight Zone"

One hundred and fifty-six episodes, countless twists. Here's how they stack up, from worst to best.

17 Of The Best BuzzFeed Books Essays We Published In 2014

Exploring subjects from skateboarding to Sylvia Plath, and attempting to write your first novel to jumping into the sea, these are some of our favorite essays we published this year. *Ranked in no particular order*

Harvard Law School, In Violation Of Title IX, Changes Its Sexual Assault Policies

A U.S. Department of Education investigation found that Harvard Law School did not provide a "prompt and equitable response to complaints of sexual harassment and sexual assault."

35 Reasons Living In New York City Ruins You For Life

The birthplace of pizza. No no, don't argue.

17 Times Sofia Vergara & Joe Manganiello Were The Hottest Humans In Existence

And now, soon-to-be the most beautiful married couple in the world.

36 Reasons Tumblr Was The Best Site In 2014

"Imagine if you sneezed and then spoke another language for the rest of your life..."

7 Things Women In Their Early 20s Feel Pressured To Be

And here I was thinking 20-25 would be a breeze!

A Highly Scientific And Sobering Study Of My Year On Twitter

This year on Twitter was more exhausting than the last, so I decided to take a hard look at my 2014 tweets, using cold, unyielding data to find out why.

Which "SpongeBob" Villain Are You?

Every Villain Is Lemons.

Can You Identify A Republican From A Democrat?

This would be much easier if they were actually elephants and donkeys.

Officer's Name In Berkeley, Missouri, Shooting Won't Be Released

The mayor said the officer "needs professional help" and asked the media to respect his privacy. The officer shot and killed Antonio Martin, who police said was armed.

Which Of These Things Do New Parents Actually Need?

Take the new parents "necessities" poll and find out.

Les films les plus surfaits de 2014

Cette année, on a encore appris que ce n'est pas parce que tout le monde dit qu'un film est bien qu'il l'est forcément.

Este hombre tiene el vello enterrado más loco que hayas visto

Dios mío, mira cómo se va esa cosa.

Let These Majestic Cats Heroically Lead You Into 2015

There's no business like snow business.

28 Times Selfies Went Too Far In 2014

The most important issue facing humanity today. Ban selfies.

23 Best Tumblr Jokes Of 2014

Oh, fandom, never change.

15 Stages Of Waiting In Line For A Roller Coaster

Famous last words: "The line doesn't look too long."

Working From Home On Instagram Vs. Reality

#concentration #naturallight #blessed #ihavenoideawhatimdoing

The 25 Most Drab Celebrity Looks Of 2014

As voted by you. (Sorry.)

If Raymond Reddington Quotes Were Motivational Posters

The world would certainly be a more interesting place. Better or worse? I don't presume to know...

After Her Fiancé Left Her At The Altar, This Bride Took The World's Best Photo Shoot

“The moment the first bit of paint hit my dress I was free.”

Las 17 clases de borrachos que encontrarás en cualquier fiesta

El alcohol puede ser tu mejor amigo y tu peor enemigo.

49 Movies And TV Shows We Loved, Hated, And Couldn't Stop Writing About In 2014

From The Good Wife and Mad Men to Guardians of the Galaxy and Gone Girl, there were television shows and films that the staff of BuzzFeed Entertainment couldn't stop talking about this year. Let's get critical!

This Is What The Cast Of "Doug" Looks Like Now

"Dear Journal, hi! it's me, Doug."

A 22-Year-Old Guy Found A Very Clever Cheap Flight Hack And Now He's Being Sued

The founder of Skiplagged says he's not doing anything illegal.

Kathie Lee And Hoda's Brutally Honest Thoughts On 2014

The wine-sipping ladies of Today didn't hold back their opinions on the year's best and worst trends.

Madre evita que su hijo vea senos en TV y se convierte en un meme

La madre, que sostiene una toalla, procede a tapar a Kim Kardashian y Marilyn Monroe. Ah, y a lanzarse en paracaídas desde un avión.

LEAKED: Kim Jong Un's "Hairspiration" Pinterest Board

In a suspected retaliatory act by the Obama Administration, Kim Jong Un's personal Pinterest account was hacked early this morning.

Here Are All The "Harry Potter For The First Time" Posts

The only end-of-year list #FinallyWatchingHP fans need.

There May Or May Not Have Just Been A Coup Attempt In The Gambia

Reports say that mutinous soldiers attempted to overthrow the government in the West African country while the president was abroad.

30 mystères irrésolus de ce monde

Si vous avez la réponse, n'hésitez pas.

More Police Officers Died On The Job In 2014 Than In 2013

A new report by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund found that nationwide, police officers died on the job at a higher rate this year compared to last. But the rate of officer fatalities has been steadily falling since the 70s.

Play-Doh's Facebook Appears To Be Deleting Comments From Parents About Its New Penis-Shaped Toy

Some parents have said that Play-Doh's new phallic-shaped play set ruined their Christmas. The company now says it plans to update the design.

Les traditions du Nouvel An les plus bizarres du monde entier

Êtes-vous prêts à toutes les essayer ?

9 Crazy Weight-Loss Scams People Fell For This Year

The Federal Trade Commission is preparing for a New Year's spike in weight-loss scams. This year's highlights included a cream inspired by lobster hormones, and a magical pill that claimed to strip the calories from a plate of spaghetti.

33 Of The Biggest Photoshop Disasters Of 2014

Put down the clone stamp and step away from the airbrush tool. H/T: PSDisasters for many of these.

17 Animals Who Have Already Broken Their New Years Resolutions

Keeping resolutions is tough, but shouldn't you at least make it to the New Year before you give up completely? Clearly, no one gave these animal friends the pep talk they needed.

Eric Garner Case Prosecutor May Run For Congress

Daniel Donovan's campaign could reopen the debate over the grand jury proceedings for Daniel Pantaleo. A police union offers early support.

The Fictional Suicidal Girls I Loved, But Had To Let Go

"There was something familiar about wanting to haunt a story rather than tell it."

The LifeCycle Of My iPhone

A couple of weeks ago, I dropped my Iphone in the toilet. Like your seasonal quarter-life crises, I analyzed my steps leading towards the pending doom and what I could have done to avoid it, but it was pointless. The fact is, as much as we hippies talk about how we despise superficial and overpriced technology, admit it: your Iphone is like a puppy- It requires a lot of care and attention, looks super cute, and essentially makes your life easier. So, I did what any girl would do (any girl without Apple insurance, that is). I took the necessary steps to lead it onto the path of resurrection.

43 Of The Most Romantic Lines From Literature

"My affections and wishes are unchanged, but one word from you will silence me on this subject for ever." —Jane Austen, Pride & Prejudice

Giraffes: Part III

More and more and more.

Report: Boy At Center Of Ebola Outbreak Likely Infected By Bats

A scientific report published today suggests that the current Ebola outbreak in West Africa was triggered after bats infected a Guinean boy last year.

The Year 2014 In Haikus

You only need a few syllables to say goodbye

15 People You Unfriended On Facebook This Holiday Season

All of your high school classmates who got engaged, for instance.

Which Member Of Sonic Youth Are You?

Hey kool thing, sit down beside me, there's something I gotta ask you. I just wanna know, are you Thurston, Kim, Lee, or Steve?

23 personas famosas que son buenas en algo además de ser famosas

¡Estas multitalentosas estrellas han ocultado talentos que puede que sepas o no sepas!

The Incredibly Sad Fan Theory About Why Walt Disney Killed Bambi's Mother

WARNING: This theory might make you unbearably sad.

45 Healthy Recipes For Almost Every New Year's Resolution Diet

Kick this year's New Year's resolution in the butt.

#AmericaInFiveWords Exposes The Bleak Perceptions Of A Racially Divided Nation

After a turbulent year in the U.S., #AmericaInFiveWords gained momentum as people took to Twitter to voice dissenting perceptions of the nation.

19 momentos incómodos que todas las parejas experimentan en casa durante fin de año

Así que... ¿dormiremos en tu cama de la infancia o...? ¿No? Me iré al ático entonces. Genial.

21 musulmans qui ont changé la donne en 2014

En cette année remplie de mauvaises nouvelles, ces musulmans se sont battus et se sont fait un nom.

Funeral For Transgender 17-Year-Old Moved After Threats To Family

Leelah Alcorn left a suicide note on Tumblr pleading, "fix society." "Gender needs to be taught about in schools, the earlier the better," she wrote.

14 Moving And Powerful Quotes About MS Dhoni By The Cricketing World's Superstars

"I would go to war with Dhoni by my side." - Gary Kirsten

Les 39 moments les plus WTF de 2014

Une année très bizarre.

27 Times Tinder Proved 2014 Was The Year Love Died

Everyone should really stop using it in 2015.

16 Lugares mágicos para recibir el Año Nuevo

El 2015 está a la vuelta de la esquina. ¿Dónde lo recibirás?

27 hommes au bord du gouffre en pleine virée shopping

Les soldes d'hiver ? Très peu pour eux. H/T: Miserable Men.

The Moving Story Of How Kerala's Women Helped Their "Sisters" In Kashmir During The Floods

Women volunteers in Kannur, Kochi, and Kottayam spent 48 hours making sanitary napkins to send to Kashmir's women, who were facing a dramatic shortage of the same.

M. S. Dhoni Announced His Retirement From Test Cricket And Twitter Went Batshit Insane

People literally think he's dead. Which would make it extremely awkward when he captains us in the World Cup in two months.

Les 15 meilleurs films de 2014

Nos films préférés de l'année, sans ordre particulier.

Guilty Dog Begs For Forgiveness After Being Busted Chewing Her New Bed

The video of the interaction has now gone viral.

A Delhi Man Hacked His Son To Pieces For Being An Alcoholic

The act was committed with a billhook, and the accused is in police custody.

Indian Captain MS Dhoni Retires From Test Cricket

Virat Kohli to take over as Indian cricket captain from January 6, for the rest of the Australian test series in Sydney.

10 Pictures That Suggest David Cameron Should Maybe Not Pursue An Athletics Career

The prime minister took part in the Great Brook Run in Oxfordshire on Monday. He finished in 64th place.

Ces objets dansant sur des haut-parleurs vont vous subjuguer

Préparez-vous à être hypnotisés.

Ebola Patient Pauline Cafferkey Lying In Critical Condition

The Scottish nurse who recently returned from Sierra Leone has been named as Pauline Cafferkey. This post has been updated.

45 Women Were Allegedly Subjected To A Strip-Search In A Kochi Factory Because A Sanitary Napkin Was Found

The incident occurred on 10 December, but the report was only filed on Saturday 27 December.

Pussy Riot Member Arrested During Protests For Putin Critic Alexey Navalny

Navalny, an anti-corruption campaigner, tweeted his intention to break his house arrest and join protesters after he was found guilty of fraud charges and handed a suspended sentence of three and a half years. About 20 people were arrested in overnight Moscow protests, including a member of Pussy Riot.

Alerte mème : la mère qui empêche son fils adulte de voir des seins à la télé

La photo de la mère à la serviette de bain est vite devenue virale et a été détournée sur les réseaux sociaux.

10 Crazy Things That Mormons Experienced In 2014

Let's face it, 2014 was already an awesome year, but if you are a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, you have some very interesting things to look back on-good and bad.

"To My Unborn Daughter" Project Cries For Support For All Black Lives

"It’s not just about Black men; not just our fathers, not just our brothers, or our sons." - Black Action Now

The Everyday Lives Of LA Girls Vs. New York Girls Living In LA

NYC gal who just made the move to LA? The struggle is real.

Here's How To Make Delicious, Personalized Beer At Home

It's not easy, but it's also not hard.

Uber Driver Charged With Sexually Assaulting Passenger In Chicago

Police say the former UberX driver sexually assaulted a 22-year-old female passenger on Nov. 16. The woman reported passing out in the car and then waking up in a residence during the alleged assault.

The Grueling Process Of Taking The Perfect Selfie

C'mon, everyone knows you do it for the likes.

21 Reasons Creed Bratton From "The Office" Is Amazing

"In case you were wondering, my spirit animal is a duck billed platypus."

Which (Unnecessary) #Hashtag Predicts Your 2015?

Let's find out if next year will be #flawless or full of #regrets.

A Science Teacher Started Drawing On His Students' Tests And The Results Are Marvelous

His art portfolio extends beyond just drawing checkmarks and Xs.

50 Old Things You Still Really Cared About In 2014

These were the top posts that made you feel the nostalgia.

Pussy Riot Release Glam New Video Ahead Of Moscow Protest

"We're calling on people to follow the example of the witches and come out onto Manezhka and fly in the direction of the Kremlin," group member Nadya Tolokonnikova tells BuzzFeed News.

Churches Now Providing Sanctuary Protection For Undocumented Immigrants

"I cannot visit my friends and do things I would usually do. But on the other hand, my family will come here to visit me … it's harder to live in fear with a deportation order."

These Taylor Swift Facts Are Sure To Blow Your Mind!

Do you know the code name for the "Shake It Off" music video?

What 90's TV Taught Me About Raising A Girl

I'm pretty sure these still hold true today...not much has changed, right?

Watch Jennifer Lawrence Talk About Her First Audition

Needless to say they never called her back.

GOP Congressman Michael Grimm Will Resign

Grimm pleaded guilty to tax evasion last week.

11 Gross Things Girls Do

It’s ok, we’re all gross.

California Basketball Tournament Lifts Ban Of "I Can't Breathe Shirts" After Students Protest

The Mendocino High School girls basketball team missed their chance to play in the tournament on Monday after organizers disinvited them. Organizers later reversed their decision to ban the shirts.

8 Pit Bull Lies You Might Believe

Pits are not the problem.

19 Mind-Numbingly Easy New Year's Resolutions For Lazy Slobs

Are you a slovenly disgrace? Then these are the resolutions for you.

31 Times Iggy Azalea Owned Instagram In 2014

Iggy has more Insta followers than any other Australian. #Fancy.

8 Reasons Why Joey Was Really The Best Friend On Friends

Even though all of the friends on Friends were great (except for stupid annoying Ross) Joey was literally the best at being a true friend. Spoiler Alert: if you've lived under a rock since the 90's and haven't seen Friends, you're about to fall in love with one of the best characters ever created.

Un usuario de Twitter compartió una foto de unas rodillas que tienen "cabezas de bebés"

Matías Najle publicó la curiosa imagen de las rodillas de una chica que tienes que ver.

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