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December 5, 2014

21 Hilariously Awful Christmas Cake Fails

What would a holiday party be without at least one creepy looking Santa cake?!

For Everyone Who Has A "Thing" For Hannibal And Will Graham

Dear Santa (Bryan Fuller), please keep 'shipping these two in Hannibal Season 3.

22 People Who Were The Worst At Thinking Things Through In 2014

2014 was the slow-clappiest year of all time.

The Sony Hackers Are Now Threatening Employees And Their Families

An email from the "Guardians of Peace" showed up in some Sony employees' inboxes. It ends: "your family will be in danger."

Americans Try Japanese Beauty Products

We asked Americans to try some Japanese beauty products. Things got a little weird...

Americans Try To Sing "O Canada"

Canadians know every word to the USA's national anthem so we put Americans to the test to see if they could do the same.

Cleveland Police Pistol-Whipped Suspects, Punched Juveniles, And Pepper-Sprayed Mentally Ill People

Inside the Justice Department’s shocking and appalling report on the Cleveland Police.

45 choses que vous aviez probablement oubliées

Vous avez la mémoire qui flanche ? On va vous la rafraîchir.

Former UVA Student Whose Fraternity Is Named In Discredited Story Hires Lawyer

As Rolling Stone apologizes for "discrepancies" in its blockbuster campus rape story, BuzzFeed News has confirmed that former Phi Kappa Psi member Christopher Pivik has retained a lawyer who specializes in fighting back against sexual assault accusations.

Russia Threatens To Ban BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed has received a warning over a post on this week's attack in the capital of Chechnya.

What It Was Like For Lesbians To Watch Television In 2014

So many ladies, so many feelings — so little time in your TV-watching schedule. Some serious spoilers ahead: You've been warned.

19 problèmes que seules les personnes qui sont obsédées par Noël comprendront

Vous comptez les jours qui vous séparent du prochain Noël dès le 26 décembre.

How Police And Hospitals Shut Down Rape Victims

I always thought if I was a victim of sexual assault, I would report it. It wasn't so easy.

At Least 24 Patients In India Go Blind After Free Eye Surgery

The cataract surgeries on the elderly men and women were performed at a free medical camp run by a charity in northern India. It's the latest mass, botched health care incident in a nation where millions of poor people lack access to even basic care.

The Day I Started To Acknowledge Systemic Racism

There has always been poison in the water.

An Australian Pop Star Just Released Your New Pop Anthem

Samantha Jade's "Sweet Talk" will CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Protests Erupt For A Third Night Over Eric Garner Chokehold Decision

People gathered Friday to protest the deaths of Eric Garner, Michael Brown, and others who have been killed by police.

10 Tips For Dealing With Holiday Sadness

It's OK to feel down, and it's more than OK to ask for help if it gets to be too much.

34 Must-Read Books For Cat Lovers

Perfect Christmas gifts. (Admit it, you're thinking "purrrrrfect Catmas" gifts.)

The Gifts Dads Really Want For Christmas

Your definitive 2014 Dad Gift Guide, from "nice socks" to "good pen."

41 Vines You Couldn't Stop Watching In 2014

The best six-second videos of 2014, all in one place.

Les 23 moments les plus embarrassants de 2014

Tous les experts sont d'accord : 2014 aura été une année très riche en moments gênants.

15 Incredibly Cute Pets Who Took Adorable To The Next Level

This week's Cute or Not submissions were uncontrollably adorable. Don't forget to submit your own pet and vote!

Final Oscar Predictions

Here are my final predictions for the 2015 Academy Awards.

How My Life Was Eventually Changed by a Stranger's Offer to Supply Me With Knives

John Darnielle, author of Wolf in White Van and lead singer of The Mountain Goats, on finding inspiration in his inbox.

Selena Gomez's Wax Figure Is What Nightmares Are Made Of

They heart wants what it wants and it's not this.

16 BuzzTeam Posts From This Week That Will Blow Your Mind, Change Your Life, And Make You Cry Like A Baby At Your Desk

After the first three, I was in tears. By the fourth one, I had literally died and been buried and no one came to my funeral. By 16, I was reincarnated as a baby goat ...

13 Christmas Cards For People You Hate

The cards to send when you're officially done.

23 inquietantes fotos de Santa Claus que te arruinarán las Navidades

Serás mejor que estés atento, porque estos Santas te harán llorar.

37 Gifts Only Pop Punk Fans Will Appreciate

~Because no one else understands~

31 Of The Most Amazing Photos Of The Week

The art of photography is an amazing tool used by journalists all over the world. Some images they create can make you laugh, cry, or enter a state of awe. Others are just aesthetically beautiful and pleasing to the eye. These are some of the most amazing images from this week created by hardworking photographers all over the globe.

This Casanova Invented A Machine To Constantly Swipe Right On Tinder

Apparently, this is how engineers use the app.

Chuka Umunna Says Labour Will Introduce "Progressive" Tuition Fees Policy

The shadow business secretary talks about tuition fees, his plans to boost independent businesses, and his ambition.

Family Of Tamir Rice Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Cleveland Police

The wrongful death lawsuit filed in federal court alleges the police officers used excessive force when they responded to a 911 call of a juvenile with “probably fake" gun.

27 Fotografías que te quitarán las ganas de celebrar la Navidad

¿Es un día de alegría y felicidad?

The One GIF That Sums Up How Xbox Users Feel After Watching The "Street Fighter V" Teaser

While no release date has been set, the game will be exclusive to PS4 and PC.

Siete Cosas Que Hacíamos En Los Bares Antes De Tener Móvil

¿Quién no recuerda esas largas tardes comiendo pipas y tirando las cáscaras dentro de las latas de Coca-cola vacías?

20 Things That Are Just...AWESOME.

And you're like..."Thank you, World."

The Definitive Home-For-The-Holidays Survey

'Tis the season to be forced into small spaces with your bloodline.

16 Christmas Markets In Germany To Awaken Your Christmas Spirit

Around 85 million people visited German Christmas Markets in Germany last year. That is a LOT of Glühwein. Here are our picks for the best markets in all sixteen federal states!

19 fases por las que pasas cuando descubres tu primera cana


20 Signs You Grew Up In Bloomfield Hills MI

Welcome to the real O.C. .....bitch.

25 Clever Gifts For Supernatural Fans

Obviously a black 67' Chevy Impala would be best... but here are some affordable options.

This Video Will Restore Your Faith In "Peter Pan Live!"

THIS KID IS EVERYTHING. (H/T the incomparable Laura Benanti)

Why It's So Hard To Say Hello

Like that awkward moment when you're walking towards someone you only kind of know.

Coldplay Might Be Retiring From Music

"I have to think of it as the final thing we’re doing," Chris Martin said of the band's recently announced new album.

10 Heartbreaking Stories Of Survival From The Lives Of Refugees

"It is unbelievable that any human being can do this to another." Photographer Brian Sokol reports on the refugees of the Syrian Civil War.

9 Instagrams de famosos que tal vez te perdiste esta semana

La temporada de Navidad ha comenzado para las celebridades.

The 23 Most Painfully Awkward Things That Happened In 2014

Meteorologists, psychologists, and dermatologists all agree: 2014 was the most awkward year on record.

Are These Chivalrous Acts Cute Or Creepy?

Is holding the door open for you annoying or sweet?

« AHS Freak Show » : les moments les plus tarés de l'épisode 8

Un véritable bain de sang. Littéralement.

16 Musicals, Based On Films, You Probably Didn't Know Existed

Past, present, and future productions.

19 tatuajes que dominaron el 2014

Si entraste en un salón de tatuajes este año, probablemente tengas uno de estos diseños permanentemente grabado en tu piel.

Disney XD’s ‘Penn Zero: Part Time Hero’ Sneak Peak

The Doctor Octopus actor adds to the list of villainous characters on his résumé with 'Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero,' airing on Friday night

Rolling Stone Says It "Misplaced" Trust In Source On UVA Rape Story

The magazine issued a note to readers saying there were "discrepancies in Jackie's account, and we have come to the conclusion that our trust in her was misplaced." The fraternity has issued a statement claiming there are major inconsistencies in her story.

If One Direction Were In "Lord Of The Flies"

We're not savages. We're English.

This Transgender Guy Has An Awesome Song About Hooking Up With Girls While Home For The Holidays

"There's something you should know, I'm not that type of guy, that you can get on your knees and blow..."

This Raccoon Is All Of Us On A Diet

Behind the GIF: the untold struggle of raccoon eating popcorn!

If Nintendo’s Smash Bros Fought Like We Do

Mario and Luigi in their greatest battle yet - sibling rivalry.

23 Personas que necesitan parar de usar leggings

Si vas a usar leggings, al menos intenta ponerte un top largo.

25 coisas que só quem precisa ir na festa da firma vai entender

Lá vem o cara mala te encoxando que nem na festa do ano passado.

8 Hilarious Photos Of Obama Being Delightfully Dorky With Santa Claus

President Obama danced with Santa Claus Thursday night at the National Christmas Tree Lighting. Here are the best photos.

23 de los mejores abrazos animales de todos los tiempos

Si no estás teniendo un gran año, estos abrazos lo solucionarán todo.

The Bad Movie Quiz

How did these get made?

Cyndi Lauper Shares A Stage With 50 Cent And Gives The Mic To LGBT Homeless Youth

Lauper spoke to BuzzFeed News about her new project for LGBT youth and the surprising inclusion of 50 Cent.

Behind The Changes That Brought "Into The Woods" From Stage To Screen

"I think if you did a literal stage adaptation, it would be a really crappy movie," Into the Woods screenwriter James Lapine told BuzzFeed News. WARNING: Major spoilers for Into the Woods, both the musical and the film.

The 8 Rules To Proper Hostel Etiquette

Sharing a room with 6 other strangers doesn't have to be a frustrating experience. Just follow these 8 simple guidelines and we'll all get along!

You Will Never Look At Owls The Same After Seeing This

Behind the GIF: the true story of the breaststroking owl.

Reese Witherspoon Has Always Been Wild

Hollywood just refused to see it.

Someone Wrote The Word "Rapist" On Bill Cosby's Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

In recent weeks, dozens of women have come forward accusing the comedian of drugging and sexually assaulting them.

Seven Times David Usher’s 90’s Hair Was More Majestic Than Yours

I recently got to meet the object of my girlhood desires David Usher, frontman of the 90’s band Moist, (a moment now forever immortalized on a coffee cup for me by my hilarious boss) and I was reminded of not only how much I swooned during my formative years listening to "Push" and "Tangerine", but just how on point David Usher’s glorious mane was – and still is! Here are seven times David Usher’s 90’s hair was more majestic than yours #Hairspiration

28 Of The Weirdest Things Families Have Said To LGBT Relatives

"What's scissoring?" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (Heads-up: sexual language ahead!)

23 Reasons You'll Always Want To Be Blake Lively

2014 was the year of Queen Blake.

Republican Congressman Says House Might Censure President Obama

"We're gonna try everything in our power — we're gonna go forwards, really, on all fronts, whether it be a vote to defund, whether it be a lawsuit, might even get into censureship."

Grand Jury To Hear Case Of Unarmed Man Shot By New York Cop In Stairwell

Officer Peter Liang reportedly texted his union representative moments after shooting 28-year-old Akai Gurley instead of calling for help, the New York Daily News reported. Updated: Police union spokesperson said none of their delegates in the area received his text.

The Hardest "Easy A" Quiz You'll Ever Take

Can you get Olive these questions right?

18 Kittens Who Are Destined For World Domination

Kittens...the cutest kind of villains.

The Ultimate Christmas Poll

Taking a poll, checking it twice.

15 Essential Lessons "It's A Wonderful Life" Taught Us

"Every time you hear a bell ring, it means that some angel's just got his wings."

Do You Know Which Of These Events Happened First?

Warning: this quiz may change the way you look at history.

Mississippi’s Top Prison Reformer Is Facing 368 Years Behind Bars

Chris Epps wanted to reform the state's harsh, decrepit prison system. Now he’s facing three centuries in the slammer.

UK Porn Stars Give Their Thoughts On The New Porn Laws

BuzzFeed News spoke to British adult performers about the controversial new government legislation. WARNING: Some slightly NSFW language.

Delia's Is Officially Going Bankrupt

The iconic '90s teen clothing line threw in the towel on its turnaround efforts and said Friday that it will file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Mira este adorable 'time-lapse' de un cachorro convirtiéndose en perro adulto en solo 23 segundos.

La prueba de que no necesitas tener hijos para hacer un vídeo de 'time-lapse' supermono.

Eateries In Dallas You Probably Haven't Been To, But Should.

Visitors and Dallasites alike: prepare your taste buds.

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon Says "No Evidence" Of Cancer

Dimon was diagnosed with throat cancer over the summer and had a much-reduced work schedule while going through treatment.

27 Gifts For Crossfit-Obsessed People In Your Life

You'd be a jerk not to snatch these gifts for the PRetty special CrossFitter in your life. This roundup has everything you need to be someone's fairy WODmother this holiday season.

Philippines Braces For Powerful Typhoon

Tens of thousands of people have headed for shelter as Typhoon Hagupit nears landfall.

32 regalos para niños tan increíblemente divertidos que incluso querrán los adultos

"Mamá, ¿qué hacen todos mis juguetes en tu habitación?"

26 formas de revolucionar sua decoração usando prego, cola ou fita

Eles podem ser seus melhores amigos, prometo.

The Ultimate Food Compatibility Test

Find your cosmic food pairing.

Mass Resignations Reported At The New Republic

More than 20 people resigned amid a management shakeup, according to Ryan Lizza, one of its writers. These follow the resignations of editor Franklin Foer and literary editor Leon Wieseltier.

17 Impossibly Comfy Outfits To Wear To Work This Winter

Including workplace-appropriate sweatpants.

Las 52 imágenes más poderosas de Latinoamérica en 2014

Es normal que sientas algo en el corazón cuando veas cada una de estas fotografías.

Obama Nominates Ashton Carter For Defense Secretary

Ashton Carter served as deputy defense secretary under Leon Panetta and Chuck Hagel.

Here Are The 2015 Grammy Nominations

Congratulations to Beyoncé, Miranda Lambert, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Iggy Azalea, Sam Smith and more!

19 Times Tinder Users Got Brutally Shot Down

You might want to think twice before trying out any of these lines. Via Tinder Fails.

Fight Against ISIS Is "A Third World War" Says Jordan's King

"This is clearly a fight between good and evil," King Abdullah II told CBS News host Charlie Rose.

Which "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" Big Bad Are You?

Cross your stakes you're not Adam.

12 Iconic Film Roles Benedict Cumberbatch Would Have Owned

As ol' Benny picks up another potentially iconic film role (Marvel's Doctor Strange), let's consider how his talent could have lent itself to the best characters cinema has to offer...

Armed Police Arrested A Former Professional Footballer For A Gun Video Prank

Former footballer Kevin Stephens, aka Stevothemadman, was filming a sketch with friends in a park in North London using fake guns, when armed police arrived.

13 imagens por trás das cenas de filmes famosos

É assim que a mágica acontece.

The UKIP Surge: How Labour Is Under Threat In Its Northern Heartland

Great Grimsby has been a safe Labour seat for decades but UKIP now views it as its most favourable northern constituency. Next year all the parties have to convince voters that they can make a difference. And UKIP has to prove it won't "mess things up".

33 fatos incríveis sobre cães

Eles podem baixar sua pressão sanguínea e talvez até conseguir uma paquera para você!

Las 37 fotos de crías de animales más adorables de 2014

Prepárate para una sobrecarga de adorabilidad.

21 Faces Every Woman Who's Slept With A Guy Will Recognise

Including the "I am your queen" face.

19 tatouages que tout le monde s'est fait en 2014

Si vous êtes allé chez un tatoueur cette année, il y a de fortes chances pour que vous vous soyez fait graver l'un de ces motifs.

11 Trends, die wir 2015 nicht mehr sehen wollen

Mit Alternativvorschlägen.

28 Literary Accessories All Book Lovers Must Have

Wear your reading list on your sleeve.

Eric Pickles Accused Of Overstating The Size Of His Russian Fanbase

The communities secretary claims he receives hundreds of letters from overseas fans requesting a signed photo. Labour says it's rubbish.

27 presentes que apenas verdadeiros fãs de "Walking Dead" apreciarão

Algumas coisinhas para que você possa aguentar até a próxima temporada.

20 dicas do projeto #VailáSP para curtir a cidade

Conta do Instagram reúne dicas de passeios, exposições, shows e restaurantes de São Paulo.

More Than 200 Arrested In New York In Second Night Of Eric Garner Protests

Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets on Wednesday and Thursday nights to protest a grand jury's decision to not indict an NYPD officer who killed an unarmed black man with a chokehold. The protests have spread around the nation.

19 peurs que tous les frères et sœurs aînés connaissent

Ce n'est pas tous les jours facile d'être un pionnier.

29 Cats Who Think They Are Not Cats

These cats may look like cats and sound like cats, but actually they are not cats. You are mistaken.

At Least 10 Indian Soldiers Dead In Kashmir Attack

Militants snuck into a camp in Kashmir and killed the soldiers and police, officials told Reuters.

12 Times You Proved You Weren't Really A Kid Person

For those of us who take the long way to avoid colleagues and their new baby photos. For the ones who found every excuse to not babysit in high school even if it meant taking extra classes or being extra broke. For the people who have no discernible maternal or paternal feelings to anything except baby animals. This is for you.

Things Undergrads Are Sick Of Hearing

What's your dissertation about?

Ya está aquí el primer "mashup" de temas pop para terminar el 2014

Jason Derulo, Taylor Swift, y "Let It Go" de la película Frozen combinan bastante bien.

A Series Of Unfortunate Dieting Events.

The struggle of losing those extra 2 or 20 pounds. You know what I'm talking about.

Sale Rockii ist der König von Vine

Wirklich gute Vines auf Deutsch gibt's wenige. Hier kommt die größte Ausnahme.

Ranveer Singh Wants You To Talk About Sex, Baby

Watch Ranveer tell you why we should start talking about sex in the latest Durex campaign.

YouTube Presenter Emily Hartridge: I Never Set Out To Make Videos About Sex

The British presenter spoke to BuzzFeed News about the negative and "pervy" comments her videos receive, and why Zoella is such a good role model.

This Is What Happens When You Mix Magnetic Liquid With Watercolours

Artist Fabian Oefner mixes ferrofluids and watercolours to create these beautiful images.

Is "Snog" The Greatest Word In The Whole Wide World?

There's only one way to find out.

10 Things To Remember When Interacting With Disney Cast Members

For those of you unaware of the term, a Cast Member at Disney is any employee, not just the performers. Disneyland is a wonderful place, for the people who work there and all of their guests. Here are a few things to keep in mind so that your interactions with Disney Cast Members are better for both you and for them.

21 Things Everyone Needs To Eat In Manchester

No, chips and gravy didn't make it on to the list.

BBC Radio 4 Extra To Broadcast Hit True Crime Podcast "Serial"

If you've not caught up with Serial, which tells the story of how a Baltimore teenager was convicted for the murder of his ex-girlfriend 15 years ago, now's your chance.

21 DIY Vines That Will Make Your Crafty Day

Six seconds to creative mind = blown

23 Times Hugh Jackman's Dog Was Unbearably Cute

Meet Hugh's dog, Dali. He's too cute to handle.

A Storm Just Ripped Through Sydney And Looked Like An Alien Invasion

Thunderbolts and lightening very very frightening!

Murdoch Mysteries: Is This The Worst Pairing Of All Time?

The wrongitude of this wrongness is wrongtastic.

This Guy Drank 10 Cokes A Day For A Month And Gained 10 Kilos

George Prior is trying to get the world's attention when it comes to sugar in food.

25 Of The Most Outrageous Captchas That Ever Happened

Please prove that you are human. Your response: "Genital robberies."

Australia's First Sephora Opened Today And The Line Was Insane

Pretty hurts... your legs when you queue up for 15 hours.

29 Things You Go Through After Minor Surgery

I'm sorry, did you just say bedpan?

The 18 Most Important Moments From "Peter Pan Live!"

But really, they were all important.

Which Disney Mermaid Are You?

Sure, many of us have wanted to be Ariel at some time in our girlhood. But don't forget that other Disney films featured some pretty unique mermaids, too. So now, here's your chance: which Disney mermaid are you?


Just when you thought this Target employee couldn't get any more Epic...

The Butter Coffee Taste Test

Butter makes everything better.

Mountain Lion Suffering From Rat Poison Makes Dramatic Recovery

The mountain lion that made a large urban park in Los Angeles his home has apparently recovered from a bad case of mange brought on by ingesting poisoned animals.

19 Times Jessica Lange Sent Chills Down Your Spine

As told by American Horror Story GIFs.

5 Foil Hacks To Wrap Your Head Around

Aluminum foil might be the new duct tape.

Unarmed Black Man Killed By Phoenix Police Officer Who Thought Pill Bottle Was Gun

Rumain Brisbon, 34, was killed Tuesday night by a white cop in an incident that shares similarities to racially charged events in Ferguson and New York City that have sparked protests across the U.S.

9 Celebrity #TBT Photos You May Have Missed This Week

A behind-the-scenes photo of the pilot episode of Grey's Anatomy kicks off this week's #Throwback Thursday.

Cute Dog Begs For A Belly Rub Just Like A Cat


Dogs Try Booties For The First Time

Dogs + Boots = Comedy

What It's Like Inside The Ebola Bubble

"Ebola puts a physical distance between you and the world that no words can bridge, and you feel that distance in your body." Read Jina Moore's story.

#ShutItDown: Protests Engulf American Cities For A Second Night

Protests erupted Thursday in Chicago, Boston, and other cities. It was the second night of demonstrations after a grand jury cleared the officer involved in the chokehold-related death of Eric Garner.

When Your Sibling Meddles With Your Job

When your boring job is good enough for you but not for your sister.

35 Awesome Toys Every '80s Girl Wanted For Christmas

Let's be honest, you still want that Glitter N' Gold Jem doll.

For-Profit College In Florida Used Strippers As Admissions Officers, Lawsuit Alleges

The college is also accused of stealing millions in taxpayer dollars through falsified federal student aid documents.

Can We Guess What Kind Of Sex You Like?

How do you like to get it on?

What's Your Favorite Sentence From Literature?

"The strains of the piano and violin rose up weakly from below." -- The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Milan Kundera

21 Far Out Gifts For "Star Wars" Fans

Buy these gifts you will.

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