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December 18, 2014

Obama's Republican Allies On Cuba

While many in the conservative base stew over the president's decision to end half a century of frosty relations with Cuba, the list of Republicans in Washington on board with the plan is growing.

This Week’s Signature Songs, State By State

Here are the songs that defined America from Dec. 9 to Dec. 15, presented by BuzzFeed and Spotify. A state’s “signature song” is not its most popular, but its most distinctive — that is to say, the one that residents of that state streamed proportionally the most as compared with the U.S. as a whole.

13 Powerful Photos Of Mastectomy Tattoos

After having their breasts removed for medical reasons, some patients choose to get beautiful tattoos over the scars. Here are a few of their stories. WARNING: This post contains NSFW images of breasts.

The Case Of The Missing Wage Thief

A restaurant company allegedly owned by the Chinese government was ordered to pay its workers millions in back wages. Then it completely disappeared.

IPOs Skyrocket In Record-Breaking 2014

There were more than 300 IPOs on the books this year—up nearly 25% over 2013 The Nasdaq had the most IPOs, but the New York Stock Exchange, which raised $70 billion along the way, landed the biggest fish.

The 18 Most OMG Movie Scenes Of 2014

There was that thing at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy, that scene with Neil Patrick Harris in Gone Girl, and many more, which are ranked by level of shock below. Obviously, ALL OF THE SPOILERS are ahead!

11 Times TV Made Me Cry In 2014

Orange Is the New Black, Mad Men, Grey's Anatomy, and, of course, Parenthood — so much crying! Many spoilers within, and they start right away!

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