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December 18, 2014

Nicki Minaj Is Transformed In Her First High Fashion Campaign

The "Anaconda" singer goes haute couture for Roberto Cavalli.

Ranking The Characters On HBO's “The Wire” By Likability

"Ain't nobody got nothing to say about a 40-degree day."

How I Grew Up On The Internet

The internet is IRL. It always has been.

Loyola Marymount University Demonstrate Die-In Protest In Solidarity For Ferguson.

Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles held their annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony where about 40 students demonstrated an act of solidarity for the events in ferguson. (I do not own or take any credit for these photos or videos).

After Delay, NJ High School Lets Transgender Student Use Boys Restroom

Rubin Smyers, 16, spent months pressuring his New Jersey high school for equal access under state and federal law.

Which "Game Of Thrones" Villain Are You?

Chaos is a ladder. Only the ladder is real. The climb is all there is.

The First "Orphan Black" Season 3 Teaser Is Intense

You guys thought Helena was crazy.

21 signes que vous êtes déjà vieux avant l'âge

« Désolé je ne peux pas sortir, je dois regarder la télé. »

10 proyectos increíblemente divertidos para hacer con los niños en vacaciones

Y no es un secreto que también son divertidos para los adultos.

21 Things Anyone Who Dreamed Of Being A Pro Skater Will Understand

Not everyone had the skills to go pro (or get flow). But it was fun to dream.

You Can't See "The Interview," So Watch This Comedy About North Korea Instead

The Red Chapel doesn't have stars, but it does have a bitterly funny and far more complex view on the Democratic People's Republic of Korea than the Seth Rogen and James Franco film.

Which Harry Potter Spell Are You?

Let's get Riddikulus.

Hamish Blake's Parody Of "Humans Of New York" Is Absolutely Perfect

"I've been waiting on this street corner for about six hours now trying to get photographed by the 'Humans Of New York' guy and I've got NOTHING."

17 Christmas Decorations That Will Make You Feel Like You Need To Take A Shower

Who knew Christmas had so many phallic-looking decorations?

If Men Were Disney Princesses (Music Video)

Who wouldn't want to marry a homeless Arabian man?

10 Awesome DIY Ugly Sweater Ideas

Jingle Balls all the way.

As Police Defend Themselves, White House Promises Policy Recommendations In 2015

The White House "Task Force on 21st Century Policing" was announced Thursday. It will make its recommendations to the president about how to fix America's police forces by early March.

13 Reasons Joakim Noah Is The Real Hero Of The Chicago Bulls

He truly is the heart and soul of the team.

This Bride Was Thrown From A Horse While Taking Wedding Photos And It's Yikes

Not all of us can be horse whisperers like Taylor Swift.

FCC Will Not Fine Broadcasters For Saying "Redskins" On The Air

The word does not fit the FCC definition of obscenity.

8 Female Movie Heroes Who Kicked Ass In 2014

Watch your back, patriarchy. These bitches are coming for you.

We Need To Talk About How Creepy Elf On The Shelf Is

He sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake.

Los peores clavados de fútbol del 2014

En tu opinión ¿cuál fue el peor?

Nebraska And Oklahoma File Lawsuit To Overturn Colorado's Legal Marijuana Law

Colorado's attorney general vowed Thursday to vigorously defend its voter-approved law legalizing the sale of marijuana if the U.S. Supreme Court takes up the case.

13 Times Tumblr Made You Check Your Homophobia At The Door

Some conversations go from 0 to 100 real quick.

16 Striking Photos Of Women And The Guns They Carry

Photographer Shelley Calton documents the personal lives of those women who choose to bear arms in the Lone Star State.

What Would Ursula Steal From You?

You poor unfortunate soul.

11 Celebs' All-Time Favorite Holiday Movies

Can't decide what movie to watch to get into the ~holiday spirit~? Your favorite celebrities have a few ideas for you.

The 24 Stages Of Becoming A Taylor Swift Fan

This hater is not going to hate, hate, hate anymore.

Sony Hackers Used Widely Available Malware, Cybersecurity Experts Say

The hackers "knew more about the company, Sony, and its vulnerabilities than they knew, or needed to know, about hacking," one said.

Raise Your Kitchen Game With The BuzzFeed Food Newsletter!

Hungry for amazing new recipes? Then the BuzzFeed Food newsletter is for you!

GOP Congressman: 16 To 18 Members Meeting To Oppose Boehner As Speaker

"I've already said I cannot vote in good conscience for John Boehner."

7 Thoughts Robbie Rogers Has On LGBT Issues In Sports

The MLS star visited BuzzFeed and spoke about coming out, fellow LGBT athletes, and what leagues need to do differently.

How Well Do You Know Christmas Movies?

"Now I have a machine gun. Ho ho ho."

32 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Cuba

Free penis enlargement surgery for all and to all a good night.

Which "Gossip Girl" Character Should Be Your BFF?

There's one secret I'll never tell...kind of.

25 Perfect Uses For The Grinch GIF

You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch.

The Chemist Charged With Supplying A-Rod's Dealer With Performance Enhancing Drugs Pleads Guilty

Paulo Berejuk pleaded guilty to producing testosterone for Biogenesis, the clinic that provided Alex Rodriguez with steroids.

11 Signs You're Going Through Serial Withdrawal

Spoiler-Free. The only thing ruined is your commute.

This Pug Channels His Inner Mariah With "All I Want For Christmas Is Food"

"I won't ask for much this Christmas, as long as I have cookie dough."

This 4-Year-Old Singing "Coco" Is All You Need To Hear Today

Mix it in the glass, mama! I'm drinkin' chocolate fast, mama!

Jenny Slate Sings "Landslide" As Marcel The Shell

Just proof that Marcel The Shell should join Fleetwood Mac.

Tell Us About Yourself(ie): Dove Cameron

The star of Liv & Maddie takes our Q&A!

Hilary Duff Was The Walking Queen Of 2014

Twas the year of Hilary Duff using her two legs to walk around. And she did it really well.

Sony Producer Says Black Actors Shouldn’t Have Lead Roles Because International Audiences Are Racist

Emails between a producer and Sony chair Michael Lynton discussed that idea while talking about the financial performance of Denzel Washington's The Equalizer.

Why Grand Juries Don't Indict Cops When They Kill

It comes down to how police see young black men.

Las 50 cosas más lindas que sucedieron este año

El 2014 puede haber sido el año más lindo de todos.

9 Dating Sites Every Twentysomething Actually Needs

Twinder: Come kick it in my twin-size bed.

23 Things Every Scene Kid Had On Their Christmas List

May your days be br00tal and bright.

Two Girls Who Stabbed Classmate In Slender Man Case Found Competent To Stand Trial

Updated: Anissa E. Weier, 13, and Morgan Geyser, 12, accused of stabbing their classmate in Wisconsin to appease the fictional Slender Man character, were found competent to stand trial for attempted homicide.

Obama's Republican Allies On Cuba

While many in the conservative base stew over the president's decision to end half a century of frosty relations with Cuba, the list of Republicans in Washington on board with the plan is growing.

Os 82 melhores posts do BuzzFeed Brasil em 2014

Muito melhor do que ficar ouvindo piada de tio na ceia de Natal.

Cat Tries To Catch Fish Under A Frozen Pond And His Struggle Is Adorable

As the fishies maniacally chuckle from below.

15 cães e gatos que quiseram fazer parte de um presépio

Com licença, Menino Jesus, deixa eu tirar um cochilo aqui.

Les 22 blagues les plus drôles de 2014

Réjouissez-vous ne pas avoir été la victime d'une de ces blagues cette année.

Empezaron las especulaciones sobre cuando llegará el primer McDonald's a Cuba, más allá de Guantánamo

Tras el anuncio histórico sobre la reanudación de las relaciones entre Estados Unidos y Cuba, ya empezaron las bromas sobre la llegada de las empresas estadounidenses a la isla.

How Well Can You Remember Christmas Lyrics?

"Twelve twelves-a-twelving?"

The Hardest TV Show Quiz Your Ears Will Ever Take

Match these sounds to the correct TV show!

The Cutest Vine Account You Need To Watch

If you want happiness in your life of course.

What Do You Want Your Tombstone To Say?

You can live forever, but in case you don't, what will your tombstone say?

Las 55 mejores fotos #TBT de celebridades de 2014

Fue un año ÉPICO en cuanto a #TBTs.

As 14 coisas mais irritantes de dezembro, segundo você

Clique, reordene e compartilhe seu ataque de nervos.

Quanto você curte o Natal?

Ho ho ho ou huehuehue?

Scottish Labour Won't Say How Many Members It Has

The party has turned down repeated requests to reveal how many paid-up members it has.

Are You Beavis Or Butt-Head?

This quiz sucks.

Which European City Should You Pick Up And Move To?

I'm leaving on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again.

35 Holiday Gifts That Will Secretly Challenge Kids' Minds

Toys and games to make them think and learn stuff.

Ted Cruz: "I Can Only Laugh" When Obama, Clinton Discuss Income Inequality Since They Made It Worse

"And income inequality — you know, I have to admit, I can only laugh any time President Obama or Hillary Clinton talk about income inequality, because it's increased dramatically under their administration."

Police Investigating Three Murders Linked To Westminster Paedophile Ring

The murder claims are the result of a broad investigation into potential historical cases of child abuse by politicians and other high-profile individuals during the 1970s and 1980s.

22 fotos embarazosas que te harán temer la Navidad

En el tercer día de Navidad, mi verdadero amor me dio: 3 mujeres con objetivos, 2 hombres armados y un Santa pasando por el árbol de Navidad.

This "Minecraft" Community Is Saving The Lives Of Children With Autism

How a $2.50 experiment turned into one of the best places on the internet.

This Week’s Signature Songs, State By State

Here are the songs that defined America from Dec. 9 to Dec. 15, presented by BuzzFeed and Spotify. A state’s “signature song” is not its most popular, but its most distinctive — that is to say, the one that residents of that state streamed proportionally the most as compared with the U.S. as a whole.

Boston Bombing Suspect Appears In Court For First Time Since 2013

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev appeared in federal court in Boston for the final hearing before his death penalty trial starts in January.

25 Reasons Wine Is Definitely Your Soulmate

"If we're living in a world where pasta and alcohol are wrong, then I don't want to be right."

28 Horrendous Struggles Everyone Who Ran Cross Country Will Remember

Never give up, unless there's a slight hill.

This Is How To Actually Sleep On A Plane

So that you're not a curmudgeon at Christmas. Thanks to this Quora thread.

36 Unique Gifts For Music Lovers

This year, give the music lover in your life something they'll remember.

19 Reasons Why Halal Cart Is The Most Perfect Food

The most beautiful words ever uttered: "Hot sauce? White sauce?"

A Brief History Of Vanessa The Stalker’s Shameless Celebrity Photography

All’s fair in love and hunting famous people.

How Will You Ruin Christmas?

What's it gonna be this year?

20 Photos That Reveal How Confusing Food Is For Women

Stock photos tell the story of womankind's great struggle.

The Lonely Island Has A Jam Session With Reggie Watts

If they would only stop passing the mic.

BuzzFeed WKND: 12.21.14

'Twas the weekend before Christmas.

Can We Guess What You’re Getting For Christmas?

Surprisingly, upsettingly and unforgivingly NSFW. Seriously, just don't click.

Here's A Marvellous Medieval Tube Map

Matt Brown has mapped out the "small hamlets, manors and landmarks that you might have visited in and around London during the Middle Ages."

27 Things You Can Only Understand If You're Zero Percent Sassy

"My side-eye looks more like an eye twitch."

21 Kids Who Were Better Dressed Than You In 2014

They take too cool for school to a whole new level. Better luck next year.

13 Powerful Photos Of Mastectomy Tattoos

After having their breasts removed for medical reasons, some patients choose to get beautiful tattoos over the scars. Here are a few of their stories. WARNING: This post contains NSFW images of breasts.

U.S. Sues New York City Over Excessive Violence At Rikers Island Jail

The lawsuit follows U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara's report that found the jails at Rikers Island are violent and unsafe for adolescent male inmates.

25 Clever Health And Fitness Gifts That Are Actually Useful

What to get for the exerciser who has everything. The products in this post were updated in November 2018.

19 Puppies Who Already Found Their Christmas Presents

Santa came early for these sneaky pups.

A Plus-Size Woman Asked Photoshop Experts Around The World To Make Her Beautiful And Only 3 Slimmed Her Down

Marie Southard Ospina's experiment for Bustle saw only three attempts to slim her down.

27 ideas para trabajos artísticos de los niños que podrías querer colgar

Ayúdales a ayudarte con ese espacio vacío en la pared.

25 Things We Learned From Julia Louis-Dreyfus In 2014

JLD: the greatest teacher of them all.

23 Problems Every Hairdresser Will Understand

"So you want a change, but you like your colour and you want to keep it long... Cool!"

A Woman Making Videos In Her Barnsley Bedroom Has Become An Internet Star In Japan

Kelsey Ellison has over 50,000 subscribers on YouTube, and her videos, made in South Yorkshire, are being shown on Japanese TV.

The Government Agency Dedicated To Getting Disabled People Jobs Failed To Meet Its Targets

Remploy only had to get 7,500 disabled people into jobs. It missed its target.

Has The Cuban Exile Movement Finally Run Out Of Breath?

Miami’s Cuban exiles have long been the heart of the anti-Castro movement in America. But are they now ready for a change? BuzzFeed News' David Noriega reports from Miami.

19 Reasons Santa Is Actually In Favour Of Full Communism Now

A spectre is haunting Europe – the spectre of SANTA!

Here's What The Cast Of "Bugsy Malone" Look Like Now

They could have been anything that they wanted to be. It would seem they wanted to be older.

Adriano Imperador posta uma foto sorrindo antes de dormir toda noite

Exatamente como um verdadeiro imperador deveria fazer. Obrigada @1brunoporto por ter me mostrado isto.

How To Deck Your Halls With Nobel Prize-Winners

All homemade Christmas decorations should be physics-themed.

The Most WTF Headlines Of 2014

Must have been a slow news day. Its gripping stuff.

O que aconteceu quando eu fiz tudo o que uma página popular do Pinterest mandava

Já que eu defendi o site das críticas, decidi mergulhar nele para tentar descobrir se sua reputação era merecida.

People Are Freaking Out Over The Final Episode Of "Serial"

Note: This post does contain a couple of spoilers, so if you really care, please listen to the Serial podcast first.

Defiant Putin Says Russia's Economic Woes Are Not Payback For Annexing Crimea

Instead, the Russian president said the faltering economy is payback for the country's "natural desire to survive as a nation," and accused the West of trying to sideline him.

Cette maquilleuse peut se métamorphoser en n'importe quelle star

Les talents de maquilleuse de Kandee Johnson sont vraiment déments.

Walmart, Amazon Among Chains Selling Illegal Toy Guns, NY Attorney General Says

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's office has sent cease-and-desist letters to retailers including Wal-Mart, Amazon and Sears for allegedly selling prohibited toy guns to New York residents.

Die 18 dümmsten Amazon-Filmreviews 2014

0 Kunden fanden diese Bewertung hilfreich.

Young People Are Abandoning Labour For The Greens

"The Greens have had a huge increase in the 18–24 age group, pretty much all at Labour's expense," said a YouGov pollster.

Pakistanis On Twitter Show Support For India After The Release Of A 26/11 Terrorist

They are using the hashtag #PakWithIndiaNoToLakhviBail to show that the two countries are united against terrorism. Simultaneously, #IndiaWithPakistan is trending in India as Indians show support for Pakistan in the wake of Tuesday's Taliban attack in Peshawar.

46 Things That Prove Norway Is A Real Life Fairy Tale

It's basically a real life fairy tale.

Boko Haram Reportedly Kidnaps More Than 100 People

The attack happened on Sunday in northern Nigeria, according to CNN.

The Case Of The Missing Wage Thief

A restaurant company allegedly owned by the Chinese government was ordered to pay its workers millions in back wages. Then it completely disappeared.

Here's How Alan Gross Reacted The Moment He Crossed From Cuba To America

He looked out the window, held his hands up triumphantly, and breathed a sigh of relief.

Les 50 événements les plus adorables de 2014

2014 était peut-être la plus mignonne de toutes les années.

23 Life Situations As Presented By WWE

Actors paid to fake-wrestle one another in front of thousands of people – they're just like us!

These Are The 9 Most Popular Daily Mash Stories Of 2014

Those cheeky scamps at the Mash have sent us their most popular stories of the year. All pages come from the 2014 annual.

7 Things "Serial" Fans Should Know About Memory

The mind is a terrifying and fascinating thing.

The Government Can't Find Enough Badgers To Kill

The annual badger cull has missed its targets, again. Its aim is to stop the spread of tuberculosis among cattle.

16 lugares que simplemente debes visitar en 2015

Propósito para el año nuevo: ver el mundo.

Pakistani Terrorist Hafiz Saeed Blames India For Peshawar Attacks And Seeks Retaliation

An intelligence bureau report allegedly revealed that Saeed is planning attacks in New Delhi as well as at an unspecified highway between Delhi and Agra.

Esta foto de bastidores prova que o elenco de "Império" se diverte demais nas gravações

Parece que o velório do Comendador vai ser animado. Mas isso a Globo não mostra.

26 portraits remarquables de la réassignation sexuelle à Cuba

À Cuba, la photographe Claudia Gonzalez nous donne un point de vue intimiste sur les communautés trans du pays.

Terrorist From 26/11 Mumbai Attack Released On Bail By Pakistani Court

On Thursday, Zaki ur Rehman Lakhvi, the LeT commander who played a part in one of the worst terror attacks to ever hit Mumbai, was released on bail.

Das ultimative Ranking der 46 wichtigsten Weihnachtsfilme

Diese Filme werden einfach nicht alt - auch wenn sie jedes Jahr im Fernsehen laufen!

Obama Tells Americans To "Go To The Movies"

Asked about the Sony hack, the President also told ABC News on Wednesday that American authorities found “no credible evidence though of any serious threat to theaters.”

IPOs Skyrocket In Record-Breaking 2014

There were more than 300 IPOs on the books this year—up nearly 25% over 2013 The Nasdaq had the most IPOs, but the New York Stock Exchange, which raised $70 billion along the way, landed the biggest fish.

21 barbas que conocen el verdadero significado de la Navidad

Que tengas una feliz y peluda Navidad.

The 10 People You Meet At A Club In Beirut

If you're ever at a party in Beirut, look out for these people.

12 Christmas Cards Every "Game Of Thrones" Fan Will Appreciate

To celebrate the fact that Sky Atlantic are showing every episode of GoT over 12 days from Saturday 20 December, here are 12 Christmas cards anyone in Westeros would love to receive. If they had Christmas in Westeros, that is.

The BBC's Disability Correspondent Just Walked Using A Robotic Exoskeleton

Nikki Fox has muscular distrophy but was able to walk using a motorised device strapped to her limbs.

Rich Americans Are Getting Richer, While Everyone Else Falls Behind

Wealth inequality in America is at record levels and minorities are being hit particularly hard, a new study shows.

10 Must Try Delecious And Healthy Chicken Kebabs

Chicken kebabs are versatile. Use them as starter, lunch or dinner. Easy to make and incredible delicious!!! Enjoy

The Michael Family Have Been Dropped From "Gogglebox" Because Andrew Is Standing For UKIP

The Sun reported that the family has been axed because the Dad is standing at the next general election.

Uber Driver In Massachusetts Accused Of Kidnapping And Raping Rider

The driver pleaded not guilty to the charges when he was arraigned at Cambridge District Court on Wednesday.

J.K. Rowling Was Asked About LGBT Students At Hogwarts And This Was Her Perfect Response

"If Harry Potter taught us anything it's that no one should live in a closet." She wins Twitter once again.

22 photos de banques d'images qui vous feront avoir peur de Noël

Pour Noël, on m'a offert 3 psychopathes, 2 femmes-objets et un Père Noël bourré.

21 Signs You're Old Before Your Time

"Sorry, can't come out again *cough*, I'm sick."

19 Super Romantic Morning Texts Everyone Wants To Wake Up To

"I had a dream about you... You died."

Can You Tell Which Of These Pictures Were Taken In Scotland?

Can you tell which views are homegrown in Scotland, and which are from other destinations around the world?

Can You Beat This Rather Hard "Muppet Christmas Carol" Quiz?

You've probably watched the film every single year, but have you really been paying attention to it? Now is the time to find out.

Frank Miller And Scott Snyder Plan To Release A Third Instalment Of "The Dark Knight" Comic Book Series

The story will focus on Carrie Kelley, the Robin from The Dark Knight Returns.

Archie Comics Are Re-launching Archie To be "Edgier" And Suited For Today's Readers

The creative team will be headed by Mark Waid and Fiona Staples, and will for the first time ever reveal the origins of the Riverdale gang.

Les 28 plus gros moments de gêne de 2014

Des études prouvent que la gêne n'avait jamais été aussi élevée.

Your Pregnancy Scare, As Explained By "30 Rock"

The dramatic tension, the tears, the insatiable craving for pizza ... "30 Rock" just gets it. And they're here for you.

Christmas Movies From A To Z

Your favorite holiday films... alphabetized.

21 Connor Franta GIF's That Sum Up Dating

"So I'm going to put on my imaginary glasses and tie and BOOM, I'm the relationship doctor. Step into my office." Connor Franta

17 Spots In Asia No Book Lover Can Resist

Brace yourself for some serious bookish eye candy.

Middle-Earth's Most Eligible Bachelor: The Hobbit Edition

Now that The Battle of the Five Armies is out in theaters and the Hobbit trilogy has come to an end, it's time to give one lucky man, elf, dwarf, or hobbit the highly coveted title of Middle-Earth's Most Eligible Bachelor! Here are our contestants:

Would You Have Gone To See "The Interview"?

Hackers threatened theaters that screened The Interview, forcing Sony to cancel the movie release.

The U.S. Navy Has Built A Realistic Shark Drone

The drone, called "GhostSwimmer," was developed for surveillance. And it's just the latest machine to mimic the animal kingdom.

You Can Now Buy Tony Abbott Condoms

Stuck finding that special someone a christmas present? Look no further!

Watch 2014's Most Infuriating TV Moments

Some TV shows made us laugh and cry tears of joy this year while others made us want to rip our hair out. Watch this run-down of 2014’s top five most frustrating TV moments from "Doctor Who" to "How to Get Away with Murder.”

25 Things People With Short Term Memory Problems Will Understand.

Aren't you supposed to be doing something right now?

The 18 Most OMG Movie Scenes Of 2014

There was that thing at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy, that scene with Neil Patrick Harris in Gone Girl, and many more, which are ranked by level of shock below. Obviously, ALL OF THE SPOILERS are ahead!

8 Celebrity Tweets You Missed Today

Here's what happened today!

This Australian Christmas Tree Will Make You Shed A Tear

The Daly Waters Pub has a truly glorious Christmas Tree.

Xbox One Vs. PS4 Durability Test: Loser Gets The Chainsaw

The ultimate battle of the consoles!

11 Times TV Made Me Cry In 2014

Orange Is the New Black, Mad Men, Grey's Anatomy, and, of course, Parenthood — so much crying! Many spoilers within, and they start right away!

Jeb Bush Paid By Bank That Violated Cuba Sanctions

The former Florida governor serves as an adviser to Barclays, which was fined nearly $300 million for violating sanctions in 2010, prior to his work there. The Financial Times reported Thursday morning Bush would leaving Barclays at the end of the year.

Texas Meteorologist Who Was Gunned Down Outside Station Returns To The Air

Patrick Crawford was shot multiple times last month in front of the Texas station where he is employed. He returned to work on Monday weeks after being released from the hospital.

What It's Like To Be Single During The Holidays

YES, I'm still single, Aunt Judy.

The Try Guys Try Drag For The First Time

Gag on these jaw-dropping, gorgeous transformations.

If Beer Were Advertised Like Yogurt

Stone Creek Beer: "Is it weird that I just like the taste?"

Weird Things Couples Do Before Sex

Let’s get it on — but after you brush your teeth.

9 Simple Resolutions Introverts Can Make In 2015

From one introvert to another.

BuzzFeed NYC Had A Christmas Party And They All Made The Same Joke

472 EMPLOYEES WHO PRONOUNCE IT GIF! Presented by BuzzFeed.

Backstreet Boys Take The Big Screen

Backstreet's back, alright!

28 Things You Need To Know About Robbie Rogers

Fresh off of an MLS Cup win and the release of his new book Coming Out to Play, the soccer star visited BuzzFeed to talk fashion, ping-pong, and more!

The 22 Most Hilariously Awkward Christmas Autocorrect Fails Ever

Apparently all we want to do is to "kiss under the cameltoe"!

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