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December 19, 2014

"I Crave That Mineral" Is The Internet's Favorite New Meme

"I Crave That Mineral" went from being nothing to being a Tumblr phenomenon literally overnight. And it has already gone too far.

Look Out, It's Roodi The Kitten!

He's fast AND fashionable!

21 niños que estuvieron mejor vestidos que tu en 2014

Se toman muy en serio lo de ir elegantes a la escuela. Mejor suerte para el próximo año.

Here's How Your Sex Life Compares To Everyone Else's

Fantasizing, cheating, and all of your racy results that you didn't post with the share button.

Live Nation, Country Duo Sugarland Settle Lawsuit Over Deadly Indiana Stage Collapse

A total of 18 defendants have agreed to pay $39 million to victims and their families. Seven people were killed when high winds knocked the stage down in 2011 prior to the concert beginning.

Chick Sleeps In Cat's Whiskers!

A Chick sleeping in a Cat's whiskers!

Which Of This Season's Two Big Musicals Should You See In Theaters?

Annie or Into the Woods? We'll help you decide.

The 26 Most Popular Yik Yak Posts Of 2014

Yik Yak provided BuzzFeed with their list of the most upvoted statuses of the year. Here are this year's diamonds in the rough.

Justine Sacco Says She "Really Suffered" After Tweeting AIDS Joke

In an upcoming book — So You've Been Publicly Shamed — the disgraced public relations executive gives her first interview since #HasJustineLandedYet.

Can You Fill In The Missing Letters On A QWERTY Keyboard?

A Mildly Stressful Keyboard Quiz. No cheating.

How Do You Cope With Seasonal Affective Disorder?

It's more than just "the winter blues".

The Real Story Behind The Wasp That Photobombed The Hawk

This photo is everywhere but do you know the what really happened?

McDonald's Complaint Could Redefine The Meaning Of "Employee"

A complaint from the National Labor Relations Board argues McDonald's can be held responsible for the treatment of workers at its restaurants, even if they are owned by franchisees. An industry group called it the "nightmare before Christmas."

Can You Make It Through These Jake Gyllenhaal GIFs Without Swooning?

Probably not. In honor of his 34th birthday. NSFW because Nakey Jakey.

Here's How Happy People Really Are

The results from our recent poll are (happily) surprising.

The Rise Of The Screenshort™

People are suddenly posting lots of screenshots of text to Twitter.

19 Cachorritos que ya han encontrado sus regalos de Navidad

Santa vino temprano para estos escurridizos cachorros.

21 BuzzTeam Posts That Literally Stopped The World From Tilting On Its Axis And Brought The Universe To A Long-Overdue Halt

These are the BuzzTeam posts that brought about our inevitable and well-deserved demise this week.

51 Thoughts You Have When You're Not Going Home For Christmas

Deck the halls with whatever the hell you want!

18 Terrible Puns For Smartypants

These are all mental punishment.

21 vérités que tous ceux qui détestent les enfants connaissent

« Reviens me voir dans dix ans quand tu auras une âme. »

$1 Billion Later, It's Unclear If U.S. Cash Is Really Helping Afghan Women

An audit says it's too hard to know if American money is having an impact.

Rahm Emanuel Is Still Pushing For The Presidential Library In Chicago

Even after the proposals for the library went in earlier this month. Meanwhile, the New York proposal is under wraps.

Ellen Page Was Han Solo Last Night And It Was Perfect

Oh, and Jessica Alba was her Princess Leia. Ellen Solo is now the most badass Star Wars character around.

36 exclusivos regalos para amantes de la música

Este año, a los amantes de la música que conozcas dales algo que recordarán.

Our 9 Favorite Feature Stories This Week: Troll Hunters, A Zen Predator And The Border Security Expo

This week for BuzzFeed News, Jose Orduna meets the men and women who sell technology aimed at keeping Mexican immigrants like him out of America. Read that and these other stories from BuzzFeed and around the web.

17 Times Jake Gyllenhaal Was So Perfect It Was Actually Painful

Happy 34th birthday, Jake! May you keep torturing us all with your beautiful, beautiful soul.

A enquete definitiva sobre as comidas de Natal e Ano Novo

Basicamente todas as polêmicas envolvem frutas.

Beautiful Snapshots of LGBT Sanctuaries in The Mid-20th Century

An unprecedented look into the sanctuaries where LGBT communities found solace in a time of strife and misunderstanding.

Prosecutor Says He Knew Some Witnesses Were Lying To The Ferguson Grand Jury

St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch says he knew some of the witnesses who said they saw Michael Brown get shot were lying, but he let them testify to the grand jury anyway.

20 Peinados frescos, fáciles y con estilo para el calor

Afortunada, si vives en un país en el que haga calor en esta época.

Emoji Gingerbread Men Are The Most Important Holiday Cookie There Is

*clap emoji* *clap emoji* *clap emoji* *clap emoji*

38 cachorros que venceram 2014

Fato: Cachorros são insuperáveis.

11 Gross Things Girls Do

Sometimes you gotta pick off nail polish. DON'T JUDGE.

The Toughest Game Of Would You Rather: Christmas Edition

It's time to make the tough choices, holiday style.

In Defense Of Fruitcake

You're nutty as a fruitcake.

6 Holiday Hacks That Will Save Your Christmas

Holiday hacks you need to know.

21 Struggles All "Game Of Thrones" Fans Understand

Winter is April once a new season finally starts.

9 Instagrams de famosos que tal vez te perdiste esta semana

Esta semana William Levy cocinó con sus hijos, mientras que Taylor Swift celebró su cumpleaños número 25.

19 Times "Family Feud" Contestants Spoke The Damn Truth

And Steve Harvey was in awe of their genius.

14 GIFs That Perfectly Sum Up Flirting

Because flirting is HARD.

Miami Venezuelans Try To Succeed Where Their Cuban Allies Failed

From one day to the next, Obama ended Cuba's decades-long isolation and signed sanctions against Venezuela's president. Miami's Venezuelans had to mourn even as they celebrated.

47 Realest Anna Kendrick Tweets Of All Time

If you don't follow her you're wrong.

21 Caras que toda persona alta conoce demasiado bien

Nunca pedimos tener esta estatura.

The 13 Best Ghosts Of 2014

The hottest and most popular spirits of the year, all in one place.

How Good Have You Actually Been This Year?

There might be coal under your tree...

6 Reasons To Fall In Love With Maggie Stiefvater’s “Raven Cycle”

Welcome to Stiefvater's world, where sleeping kings, a family of psychics, and best friends find their home in Virginia.

Outrage After A Woman Gave A Radio DJ A Rim Job Live On The Air

There has to be a better way to win concert tickets.

11 Struggles Skinny Girls Know Too Well

Your anaconda is missing out on some fluffy bread slices right here

7 Reasons Why Bill Nye Stands The Test Of Time

Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill!

Obama: Sony Made "A Mistake"

The president says Sony shouldn't have killed The Interview.

No, en serio, ¿qué significa Wi-Fi?

¡Hora de los datos curiosos!

WWE Superstar Tyson Kidd Has Cats And They Are The Most Adorable Creatures Ever

Hart Dungeon graduate, Total Divas star, Natalya's husband and... cat aficionado? FACT!

The Cast Of "Orange Is The New Black" Just Covered A Christmas Classic

"On my first day at Litchfield, my bunkmate gave to me...."

GOP Congressman: Dianne Feinstein A Traitor Like Edward Snowden

"I think she's as much a traitor to this country at this point as I thought about Edward Snowden and his release of information about other investigations and abilities from an intelligence stand point."

This Instagram Account Publicly Shames Bloggers Who Photoshop Too Much

We Photoshopped What is the new Photoshop police.

Which Famous Artist Would You Be?

(The Christmas Version)

Do I Give A Shit ?

I probably don't.

The 21 Greatest Updogs Of 2014

Not much, what's up with you?

The Top 12 Absolutely Adorable Pets Of The Week

The submissions from this week's Cute or Not contest were the cutest of the cute. Don't forget to submit your own pet and vote!

Five Deaths And 28 Illnesses Tied To Commercial Caramel Apples

The Center for Disease Control has teamed up with the Food and Drug Administration to investigate the spread of potentially deadly bacteria.

Ebola Kills 11th Doctor In Sierra Leone; Massive Fire Destroys Medicine In Guinea

One of Sierra Leone's most senior physicians died of Ebola Thursday, while a fire burnt medicine crucial to fighting the deadly disease in Guinea.

20 Truly Horrifying Vintage Holiday Recipes

"Oh, bring us a figgy pudding"... with Jell-O, tuna, and mayo.

Winter Wonderland Is A Giant Innuendo

Christmas is upon us. It's a lovely time of year, some say it's the most wonderful. Christmas, winter and holiday songs are usually religious and some are fun. Either way, we all enjoy the classics. But there is one song that, on the surface seems jolly, is actually filled with adult content.

You Can Now "Stay" The Night In A Gingerbread House

Book your imaginary getaway now!

19 Animales que son más fotogénicos que tú

Podemos aprender una que otra pose de ellos.

This Compilation Of People Getting Puppies For Christmas Will Make Your Heart Swell Two Sizes

Also, you may need to buy a puppy after viewing. You have been warned.

The 23 Struggles Of Growing Up Greek In America

When Life Gives You Lemons, Squeeze It On Your Food

Can We Guess Your Favourite Movie Of 2014?

The year in moving pictures.

First Look: “Girls” Star Zosia Mamet Performing With Her New Band Chacha

The actor-turned-singer performs her upcoming debut single, "Too Good."

35 regalos de temporada que secretamente retarán la mente de los niños

juguetes y juegos que los harán pensar y aprender cosas.

Facebook For Felons

Kamaal Bennett built a social platform for incarcerated gang leaders. It's already changing how they see themselves, and the outside world.

23 Times You've Declared You Were Done With Tumblr

What even is this website and why are we on it so much?!

A Theory On How We're All Connected As Explained By Lego Bricks

"Everything is awesome, everything is cool when you're part of a team."

Watch Mindy Kaling And Chris Messina Be Completely Adorable At The People Magazine Awards

And the award for On-Screen Couple of the Year goes to...

19-Year-Old Ariana Grande Made The Only Makeup Tutorial That Matters

"Wipe foundation off your hands onto the rug." It doesn't get any lazier than this.

Ugandans Won't Be Getting A New Anti-LGBT Law For Christmas

The most vocal advocate of legislation to restore the Anti-Homosexuality Act struck down by the Constitutional Court in August had said he had hoped Ugandans would be able to "celebrate it as a Christmas gift."

24 Times UKIP Went Too Damn Far In 2014

Remember when gay marriage caused torrential rain?

The 18 Most Important Beauty Trends Of 2014

Flash tats and Insta-glam.

What's The Dirtiest Christmas Joke You Can Think Of?

Dirty enough to put you on the naughty list for life.

12 People Gay Men Find In Their Phone

Open up your phone contact list, scroll through it, and try to figure out who some of those random names are.

What It's Like Working In An Office During Flu Season

♪ It's the most wonderful time of the year. ♫

A Feminist Filmmaker Explains Why She Wants To Be Topless

The director and star of Free the Nipple wants to end nipple censorship. "Maybe that’s what America needs, is big blasts of boobies."

Fashion At The People Magazine Awards

Let's see how everyone looked at the inaugural show!

Le Nouvel An sur Instragram vs. dans la vraie vie

Soyons honnête : à minuit, vous serez probablement en train de dormir ou de manger une pizza.

American Apparel Managers Stand By Dov

A group of at least 30 managers and director-level employees appealed to the company's board to reverse its firing of CEO Dov Charney, saying the controversial figure "is what makes this thing tick" at the clothing retailer. Charney was served with a termination letter in June for a long list of reasons including: breaching his fiduciary duty, violating company policy, sexual harassment, and misusing corporate assets.

31 Things That Should Be Banned In 2015

The world will be just fine without all of these things.

8 Child Stars' Remarkable Transformations

Prepare to feel incredibly old.

The Shay Mitchell Guide To Killing It On Instagram

AKA: The Most Glamorous Woman On Instagram in 2014.

Is This Famous Person From Cuba?

Test your knowledge of famous Cubans with this timely quiz!

17 Of The Most Adorably Cringey Christmas Pictures Ever

See, you're not the only one with an embarrassing festive portrait hanging in your parents' house. H/T Awkward Family Photos.

Driver Pleads Not Guilty To Ramming Into Crowd Outside California Church, Killing 4

A woman, suspected to be driving under the influence, crashed her car into a crowd of churchgoers in Los Angeles Wednesday night.

22 Reasons Faith Is The Baddest Slayer Around

Buffy wasn't the only vampire slayer. Five by Five... Always

Fashion Mags Are Still Using Mostly White Cover Models

A new report finds that mainstream fashion was still majorly whitewashed in 2014.

I Recreated My First Day Of School On My Last Day Of School

It took almost 20 years but I've finally made it from Kindergarten to the end of college. To celebrate I decided to recreate the photos of myself heading to my first day of school after walking out of my last final exam yesterday. My mom "picked me up" from school, did my hair, as she did that first day, and tied my shoes for me-- the pants were too tight to bend over in. The clothes are smaller but I'm bigger, wiser and ready to conquer life as a real human.

25 Parents Who Made Us Laugh In 2014

"Very funny, mom." Actually, very funny.

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22 crianças que estão totalmente chateadas por tirar sua foto com Papai Noel

Ou 22 vezes que o cartão de natal de alguma família foi arruinado.

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13 Tierbabys, die gegen schlechte Laune helfen

Schlechte Laune? Gestresst? Wir haben da ein paar GIFs.

Maru Never Gives Up

Perseverence, thy name is Maru.

Obama Administration Releases Details Of College Ratings Plan

The controversial plan has been more than a year and a half in the making.

10 Best Places To Hide During A Game Of Hide-And-Seek

Every kid remembers the excitement-filled fun associated with a good ol' fashioned game of hide-and-seek. After years and years of playing this childhood staple, I've compiled a list of the 10 best places to hide during a game of hide-and-seek to make sure you NEVER lose!

North Korean Government Responsible For Sony Hack, FBI Says

It's extremely rare for the U.S. to officially blame a nation for a cyberattack. Meanwhile, the hackers sent Sony a message saying they were "wise" to cancel the release of The Interview.

11 Reasons Why "The Apprentice" Will Never Be The Same Without Nick Hewer

Seriously. You might as well end the show on Sunday and be done with it.

44 jouets que tous les enfants des années 1990 voulaient pour Noël

La PlayStation : le cadeau qui était sur toutes les listes de Noël.

Mark Hamill Revisited "Star Wars" For A One-Night-Only Live Performance

The former Luke Skywalker played Obi-Wan Kenobi and Emperor Palpatine in the Film Independent Live Read of The Empire Strikes Back alongside Jessica Alba, Aaron Paul, J.K. Simmons, and Ellen Page.

21 productos que harán que todos sepan que lo has logrado en la vida

Si da la casualidad de que te sobra un millón o dos.

Premiere: SLINK's "Pink Christmas" Is The Christmas Song You Didn't Know You Needed

Peaches, Jesse Camp, Angelyne, and Geneva Jacuzzi demonstrate a new way to celebrate the holidays in SLINK's "Pink Christmas" video, premiering on BuzzFeed Music.

What's The Best Part About Getting Older?

Going to bed at 8 p.m. on a Tuesdayyyy.

Can You Beat This Mega-Tough General Knowledge Quiz?

All these questions are set by members of the UK's national quiz team, so don't expect them to be easy. Via The Only Quiz Book You Will Ever Need.

The Sad Story Behind The Final Song Of "The Colbert Report"

In April, Colbert talked about his relationship with the song "Holland, 1945" by Neutral Milk Hotel.

What Song Should You Play On Repeat This Weekend?

Cheers to the freakin' weekend!

Transgender Student Files Federal Complaint Against School District For Banning Him From The Boys Restroom

Gavin Grimm and the ACLU argue that the Gloucester County School Board violated Title IX when it approved a rule restricting school restrooms to students with "corresponding biological genders."

How "SORTED Food" Became The Internet's Favourite Cookery Show

The short story is you pick up over a million YouTube subscribers by cooking some absolutely amazing food, but there's more to it than that.

The Most Astonishing Photos That Won Awards In 2014

The year did not disappoint for incredible photos of the awesome power of nature and glimpses into the human spirit. Take a look at some of the very best.

Venezuela Hires New Washington Lobbyists As Obama O.K.'s Sanctions

Hogan Lovells will lobby for a Venezuela that has been boxed out by coming sanctions and new U.S.-Cuba relations.

Rebel Wilson Answers Rapid-Fire Questions

She spoke to BuzzFeed about her new movie, Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb, and answered a load of our random questions. Turns out she loves potatoes and pandas.

This Former Anti-Castro Militant Is Ready To End The Embargo

A veteran of the hardline anti-Castro groups that carried out a campaign of assassinations and bombings in the 1980s believes ending the embargo will also bring down the Cuban regime.

FIFA Agrees To Publish World Cup Corruption Report Findings

Executives for soccer's world governing body said Friday they would publish a "legally appropriate version" of an American lawyer's investigation into World Cup corruption.

29 cosas que no sabías sobre los pezones

Advertencia: En este artículo aparecen algunas imágenes que pueden no ser adecuadas si estás en el trabajo. De pezones, y de cosas que se parecen a pezones.

"7th Heaven" Actor Stephen Collins Says He's Not A Pedophile

"I'm not physically or sexually attracted to children," the actor told Katie Couric two days after he admitted that he sexually abused three underage girls between 1973 and 1994.

Amy Adams Is Just As Excited For One Direction As The Rest Of Us

They'll both appear on Saturday Night Live tomorrow and Amy is HERE FOR IT.

17 Life Lessons We Learnt From Following Kim Kardashian In 2014

Instagram is for photos not motivational quotes.

21 joueurs de rugby extrêmement sexy

Une mêlée avec eux ? Pas de problème.

19 Urgent Questions All '90s Kids Still Have About Christmastime

Did Justin know what he was going to put in that box?

Nigel Farage Was Chased Down The Street By A Man Dressed As Jesus

Can you tell the difference between them?

Las 22 bromas más divertidas de 2014

Muchas bromas. ¿Entiendes? ¿Lo entiendes? ¿Eh? Como "gracias". Espero que lo entiendas.

26 Indispensible Life Lessons "Will & Grace" Taught You

"Where there's a Will, there's a Grace."

Vote For The 2014 German Word Of The Year!

Every Friday, the German Embassy publishes the Word of the Week. Here is a collection of the favorites from 2014. Be sure to vote for your favorite so we can select the Word of the Year!

Salman Khan's Tweet Has Inspired Some Of The Darkest Jokes Ever On The Indian Internet

If you paid for dark humour, this would be a bang for your buck.

27 Of The Best Puns Ever On Tumblr

I'm very sorry about this. Don't PUNish me.

Parents Of Aurora Shooter James Holmes Plead For His Life

Robert and Arlene Holmes, in what appears to be their first public comments on the 2012 Colorado theater massacre that killed 12, wrote their son was "gripped by a severe mental illness."

Les 51 meilleurs #tbt de célébrités en 2014

Ce fut une année ÉPIQUE en #TBTs.

Dozens Of Militants Killed After School Massacre, Pakistan's Military Says

Jets and ground forces in the northwestern tribal regions near the Afghan border have killed more than 60 militants, officials said Friday. Meanwhile, arrests have been made in relation to the attack, and a number of terrorists have been sentenced to death.

24 Motivational Quotes For When You Need To Get Sh*t Done

Stop procrastinating. Start being awesome. Via Get Sh*t Done.

This Is What Would Actually Happen If You Fell Into Lava

DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. Or at a volcano. Or anywhere, really.

17 motivos por los que es difícil salir contigo cuando eres un poco gilipollas

Para empezar, salir con alguien es duro, pero cuando eres un poco malo es lo peor de lo peor.

Court Rules Clinically Dead Pregnant Woman Can Be Taken Off Life Support

The family wanted her to "die with dignity" but doctors were concerned about the rights of the unborn child.

Nigel Farage And Alan Partridge Use The Same Defence For Saying "Chinky"

"If you and your mates were going out for a Chinese, what do you say you're going for?" said the UKIP leader.

Instagram Killed Off Thousands Of Spambots And Kim Kardashian Now Has The Most Popular Account

The rapture has begun and Justin Bieber has suffered as a result.

18 Things Jews Can't Get Enough Of At Chanukah

Channukah? Chanukah? Hannukah? Hunnu... Oh, forget it. Have a doughnut!

Tony Blair Refuses To Discuss Claims Of Affair With Rupert Murdoch's Ex-Wife

The former prime minister said speculation over his relationship with Wendi Deng is "not something I will ever talk about". His office has always insisted the allegations are completely baseless.

The Animated Feature Of "The Little Prince" Is Something To Look Forward To In 2015

One of our most beloved stories is being brought to life.

People Can't Work Out If This Impressive Jenga Move Is Real Or Not

Worth keeping in mind that almost everything on the internet is fake.

Lindt Donates $51,000 To Beyond Blue In Honour Of Sydney Siege Victim Tori Johnson

"We are proud to support this cause in Tori’s memory and all those who knew him are deeply grateful for any donations made."

21 People Who Spectacularly Won At Completing Surveys

These people are sticking it to THE MAN through the medium of humorous survey answers.

17 Absolutely Dreamy Wedding Venues In London

Spend your day in the city.

33 produits incroyablement intelligents qui sont sortis en 2014

Jetez un œil à ce que les dieux des gadgets nous ont apporté cette année...

Ed Sheeran Dressed Up As A Pug And It's Just So Right

Pug life. Come here you cute little thing.

Political Cartoons "The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword"

Khalid Albaih, creator of Khartoon!, creates powerful images to "Simplify Current Situations For People Who Don't Want To Talk About Them"

Straight Guys Review Hot Male Celebrities

“John Stamos is a Greek God!”

People Try Vegan Cheese For The First Time

“Why do I need to be told that it’s gonna melt and stretch?”

"Animator Vs. Animation IV" Is Out And It's On.

In 2007, Alan Becker created the first "Animator vs. Animation" and graced the world with his imagination and skills to create every animator's nightmare. Now three more later, the series reach a sentimental end...or is it?

20 personnes qui passent un Noël bien plus pourri que le vôtre

Au revoir innocence, au revoir souvenirs d'enfance.

New Zealand Prime Minister Accused Of Making Fun Of Domestic Violence

John Key wore a T-shirt that said "I'm not sorry for being a man".

10 Best Ice Creams To Grieve The Loss Of The Colbert Report

10 ice creams for 10 great seasons of The Colbert Report.

A Letter To Meghan Trainor

A response to Meghan Trainor's recent comments about eating disorders

21 Pugs Who Hate Winter More Than You

Snow chance we're going out there.

14 Creative Etsy Ways To Pop The Question

Ring in the New Year with a unique proposal. Think outside the velvet box.

Stephen Colbert Gets Celebrity Send Off In "Colbert Report" Finale

Colbert's last words were true to his character: "I'm getting angry at liberals."

The Definitive Ranking Of Jess Day's Boyfriends

A scientific analysis of the weird and wonderful loverfriends of New Girls' Jess Day MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU HAVE WATCHED ALL FOUR SEASONS OF NEW GIRL

Sailor Moon Wedding Must Haves

Your wedding need a little moon power? Integrate the super hero into your wedding while still keeping it classy!

How Well Do You Know "Hannah Montana?"

The ultimate Disney Channel quiz.

Inside The Multibillion-Dollar Business Of Keeping Me Out Of America

My family emigrated from Mexico when I was young. Now an American citizen, I went to the 2014 Border Security Expo in Phoenix, where the newest military technology meant to target people like us is part of a booming industry.

Lawsuit Claims Ferguson-Florissant School District Disenfranchises Black Voters

A new lawsuit alleges black voters and candidates are at a perpetual disadvantage in Ferguson's racially charged school board elections.

7 Emotions Of Your Corporate Holiday Party

It's the same thing every year. The company holiday party that you're excited for in July yet dreading in December. & these my friends, are the most accurate emotions of how one feels about this time of the year (at least for me.)

13 Inappropriate Truths From Classic Christmas Songs

Bringing you some wholesome, family friendly Christmas cheer.

Mother Arrested For Stabbing Death Of Her Children In Cairns

Queensland Police said a 37-year-old woman killed eight children.

209 Seconds That Will Make You Question Your Entire Existence

If you're ever upset about something small, just remember this.

Housing Lizzie McGuire Characters

Because we all know who the Slytherin is.

Ken Jeong Photobombs Kate Upton's Photo Shoot

Who knew Ken Jeong could be sexy?

11 Signs You're Secretly A Senior Citizen

Chances are if you're reading this, you are probably a senior citizen.

Top 5 Hangover Cures

Here is your holiday party survival guide!

Dudes Wrap Awkward Christmas Presents

Shouldn't this stuff just come in boxes?

This Santa Learned Sign Language So He Could Speak To A Deaf Little Girl

Police chief Salvatore Albert was taught sign language by Sadie Adams' mother so he could communicate as Santa so he could make one little girl's Christmas..

The 17 Best New Television Shows Of 2014

Yes, The Good Wife, Orange Is the New Black, Parenthood, and Mad Men were all fantastic this year — but this is about the newcomers. Presented here in no particular order. Caution: Potential spoilers ahead!

Matt Okine Can Suck His Own Dick, Have A Good Weekend Everybody!

Matt Okine is not from Nantucket, but his dick is so long he can suck it.

How Should The U.S. Respond To The Massive Sony Hack?

Hack back? Military strike? Sanctions? Nothing?

Massive Downtown Los Angeles Fire Was Arson, Officials Say

The Los Angeles Fire Department said a federal and local investigation has determined the fire at a controversial construction site was arson.

Secret Service Report Urges Higher White House Fence, Stronger Leadership

A new leader for the agency should be prepared to shake things up, the United States Secret Service Protective Mission Panel recommended. "Some in the Secret Service will resist and may need to move on," the panel said.

New Year's Eve On Instagram Vs. Reality

Let's be honest, at midnight you'll probably be asleep or eating pizza.

17 Struggles People Who Hate Christmas Have To Deal With

For some, it's the most ughful time of the year.

13 Celebrity #TBT Photos You May Have Missed This Week

D.J. Tanner and Urkel hanging out together kicks off this week’s #Throwback Thursday.

U.S. Calls Sony Hack A "National Security" Issue, Weighs Response

In a briefing Thursday, the White House said it was weighing a "proportional response" to the cyberattack against Sony.

Things Basic Girls Do For Christmas

Have a very basic Christmas! Here's a Starbucks gift card.

32 Men On TV Who Made You Thirsty In 2014

Call the fire department, because we're all gonna need to get hosed down after this.

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