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19-Year-Old Ariana Grande Made The Only Makeup Tutorial That Matters

"Wipe foundation off your hands onto the rug." It doesn't get any lazier than this.

Here's a makeup tutorial video by Ariana Grande. It has over 9,787,000 views on YouTube and could very well be the greatest makeup tutorial ever created.

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She made the tutorial back in 2012 after an apparently overwhelming request from her fans. While Ariana cautions viewers to not take the video too seriously because she doesn't "know how to do makeup," this is one of the most realistic applications of makeup we've ever seen.

When it comes to foundation, Ariana couldn't care less about a makeup sponge.

Who says it's never right? You do you, A.

She even quotes YouTube Queen Jenna Marbles on the whole point of makeup.

Just keeping it real, guys.

She understands the struggle of serious under eye bags.



And she knows that when you're doing your makeup in the real world, you grab the closest piece of fabric to clean off your hands.

Oh, like you've never cleaned your hands off on the rug before.

She knows the proper face shape to make while applying bronzer.

Suck in the lips and make sure you get the neckline.

And she's all about smiling to locate the apples of her cheeks for blush.

You should be taking notes.

She deals with the same shimmery eyeshadow problems we all do.

Take it off almost immediately after you put it on.


And she's all about those lazy girl beauty hacks.

Work with what you've got.

She's not immune to making a mess with her products.

We've all been there.

When it comes down to it, Ariana just does what she needs to do for her makeup to look good.

She's doing what's necessary to get by in this world.

Celebrities. They're just like us.


Main image from @arianagrande Instagram.

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