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Emoji Gingerbread Men Are The Most Important Holiday Cookie There Is

*clap emoji* *clap emoji* *clap emoji* *clap emoji*

Gingerbread cookies have always been delicious and delightful but now they're delightful and RELEVANT TO OUR LIVES.

That's right! David Ma and Hayden Lockaby have found a way to make your Christmas a little bit more ~visual~.

They started with a classic ginger bread cookie recipe. 🍪

Then they cut out a bunch of little people with a cookie cutter. 👫

And finally they went to town creating our favorite faces.

Like 😍, of course...

...and the most important emojis of all...

...the moon 🌚...

and the poop!

Have you ever seen anything so cute? 😘

And so ~2014 festive~. 🎉 💩 🎉

Happy holidays!