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    Sam Rockwell, Michael Godere, And Ivan Martin Reaction Gifs For Everyday Situations

    Everyone wants a baby grand piano.

    1. When you realize you’ve been watering a fake plant for 3 months.

    2. When you're standing under a tree and a squirrel falls on your head.

    3. When the family who got to the restaurant 10 minutes after you gets their food first.

    4. When the automatic lights in the bathroom turn off on you.

    5. When you see yourself on a security camera.

    6. When you found out you just won a baby grand piano on The Price Is Right.

    7. When you feel a drop of rain but realize there is not a cloud in the sky.

    8. When something is the worst.

    9. When you're in a store and someone comes up to you and asks if you work there.

    10. When you think you clogged the toilet, the water in the bowl is rising, and it goes down at the last moment.

    Sam Rockwell, Michael Godere, Ivan Martin, Marisa Tomei, and Brian Geraghty star in Loitering With Intent. It's available now on iTunes and On Demand. It will be in theaters starting January 16, 2015.

    H/t r/ReactionGifs for some of these ideas.