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This Kid Got Put In Isolation At School Because His Hair Was 4.5mm Too Short

His dad is not happy at all.

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This is Anthony Mousiou, 12, from St Albans. / James Linsell-Clark

Since he started school in September, he's been told he has to take his lessons in isolation because his hair is a grade and a half too short (4.5mm), according to teachers at Samuel Ryder Academy.

According to ITV News, two weeks after he joined the school, teachers told him his hair was too short; he was made to sit lessons on his own after returning from the October half-term, whereupon his father, Evi, removed him for three weeks and taught him at home while trying to move him to a new school. He failed to find one, so Mousiou returned to the academy and was once more put in isolation.

Evi Mousiou, an electrician, is furious. He told SWNS news service:

It seems like they are picking on him – I have always felt he is being picked on. Their website shows pictures of boys with the hair he has been banned from having.

He normally has it cut every week because he likes to be groomed and keep himself nice. They cut it short and blend it up to the top.

It's not an extreme haircut – who sets these guidelines?

He told the broadcaster:

At the start of the school year, when he joined us, we reminded Anthony of the school rules regarding haircuts, because his hair was a 0.5 grade, much shorter than the rules allowed. ...

The head of year called Anthony's father to explain the situation. Mr Mousiou decided to take Anthony out of school rather than accept the sanction.

Mr Mousiou kept Anthony out of school against our wishes for nearly three weeks.

Like every school, we have our own set of rules, standards, and expectations and it is very important that these rules are consistently applied.

This is also the first time that we have had a parent respond in this manner.

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