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December 25, 2014

This Is What It Was Like Seeing "The Interview" On Christmas Day

"Let freedom ring!" a movie theater employee told the crowd before the showing began.

20 Reasons Working On Christmas Day Is Actually The Best

YOU are King of the Castle for a day.

Parts Of Hawaii Are Enjoying A White Christmas Following A Blizzard Warning

Temperatures bounced back to almost 60 degrees by 8 a.m., though.

21 Ways Your Favorite Superheroes Are Celebrating Christmas

Avengers assemble — that tree! Looking back memorable holiday-themed comic book covers.

Por qué los perros patean cuando les rascamos ciertas zonas

Puede que eso tenga una finalidad además de ser gracioso.

10 Things That Happen When You Work At The Body Shop

The struggle - it's real. Oh, it's real.

17 Things Grandmas Are Doing Today

Merry Christmas grannys of the world.

21 Incredibly Adorable Pets Who Are Winning Christmas

The followers of BuzzFeed Animals on Twitter showed off their #holidaypetpic and the results were SUPER cute.

Dads Style Their Daughters' Hair For The First Time

You are doing it all wrong DAD!

Which Celebrity Should You Hook Up With In 2015?

Bang bang into the room. Bang bang all over 2015.

A Soldier Stationed In Afghanistan Used A Mall Santa To Propose To His Girlfriend

If you look for it, I've got a sneaky feeling you'll find that love actually is all around.

Albert Is The Cutest Munchkin Cat You Will Ever See

The true gift of Christmas. Warning: This post may cause cute aggression.

16 extravagantes bûches de Noël 2014

La Haute-Couture, ce n'est pas réservé qu'à la mode. Le foodporn y a le droit aussi ! Découvrez notre sélection de bûches de luxe.

18 Christmas Gifts You Loathed As A Kid That Adult You Wants Now

"The 50 State Quarters set? Grandpa, do you think this is a fucking joke?"

12 People You Always Split a Check With

This is why splitting a check with a large group is so difficult.

Unusual Facts About Diet Coke

As fascinating as it is fizzy!

14 Best Uses For Left Over Wrapping Paper

Sometimes the greatest the thing you wrap the other gift in.

If Men Were Disney Princesses (Music Video)

Who wouldn’t want to marry a homeless Arabian man?

If You Were Actually Honest On Social Media

“I’ve taken this selfie over 100 times to make sure I look as hot as possible.”

What It's Like To Be Color Blind

What do people with color blindness actually see? We asked a few people to share the unique way they look at their world.

Watch These Baby Possums Eat A Watermelon

Kind of cute, kind of gross.

Seniors Who Never Lost Their Inner Child

Who says growing old needs to be so bad?

Shaq Plays Santa: Here's The Toys He Chose For 9 NBA Stars

Have some holiday spirit, because the real Santa made us watch a Knicks game on Christmas.

24 veces en que osos polares fueron los animales fiesteros del reino animal

A pesar de la nieve, estos muchachos saben cómo arreglárselas.

7 Things You Learn When You Watch Shane Dawson

YouTuber, Director, "The Chair" Winner, Food Enthusiast, and Lover of Wigs, Shane Dawson has faced major obstacles in 2014. Looking past the language and sarcasm he uses that maybe distasteful to others, every individual can learn something from ShaneDawsonTV.

25 Times Kevin McAllister Legit Killed People In The "Home Alone" Movies

"Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal." —A VERY DISTURBING CHILD, TBQH.

This Week’s Signature Songs, State By State

Here are the songs that defined America from Dec. 16 to Dec. 22, presented by BuzzFeed and Spotify. A state’s “signature song” is not its most popular, but its most distinctive — that is to say, the one that residents of that state streamed proportionally the most as compared with the U.S. as a whole.

15 Stunning Images Of Home Births At Christmas

Welcoming the most special of deliveries.

19 Unique Family Holiday Traditions

Some families go to church... others have a Christmas COPS marathon.

20 Awesome Christmas Tree Themes You'll Want To Steal

Consider tossing those handmade school photo ornaments next year and making your tree as awesome as these.

22 Cosas que suceden cuando eres amigo de un bantender

"¿Podrías hacer mi Martini extra suuuucio por favor?

19 People Having A Way Worse Christmas Than You

On the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to me: SCHADENFREUDE.

23 Things Everyone Who Has Sex Should Definitely Know

With great orgasms come great responsibility.

25 Photos That Prove These Gays Love Boxed Wine More Than You Do

For a group of New York friends, Trader Joe's Block Red Shiraz is more than just a cheap way to get drunk. It's a form of artistic expression.

These Christmas Messages From Irish People Around The World Will Get You Right In The Feels

These Christmas messages from Irish people, Irish emigrants and third-gen Irish Americans to those that they can't be with on Christmas will get you right in the feels.

25 Doodles That Perfectly Capture Life In India

"Kutta paalo, billi paalo lekin galatfehmi mat paalo."

This Heartwarming ||Superwoman|| Video Proves That "Nice" Means The Same Thing Around The World

Lilly "Superwoman" Singh's fans, #TeamSuper, have a simple idea for how you can change the world.

This Is The Most Annoyingly Catchy Song You've Ever Heard

You love to hate it, you hate that you love it.

Top 20: The Fails Of Texts

All the mistakes one finger can do. Sent!

43 Reasons 2014 Was The Best Year Ever To Be A Nerd

Surprise bitch, I bet you thought you'd seen the last of me.

25 Greatest Lines From "Romy And Michele's High School Reunion"

I mean, every line is a great line, but these are, like, the best, BEST lines.


If they wrote "steak" on a menu and gave everyone a Tofurky I'm sure there would be outrage...

What They Got Wrong About TV Studios In The Interview

Two television studios are featured in the infamous movie - but the real problem was with their studio designs! Written by the director of The Anthony Cumia Show

10 Celebrities You Wish Were Your Family Members During The Holiday Season

These celebrities would probably make your family gatherings more tolerable. (Plus they'd give you great gifts)

Protesters And Police Clash In Missouri For A Second Night

The demonstration came a day after an officer killed a teenager in Berkeley, Missouri.

Scenes From An Afternoon As A Christmas Tree In Times Square

Just trying to make the line, "Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas tree, such pleasure do you bring me!" ring true for the tourists spending their time in the cultural mecca that is Times Square.

LGBT TV Characters Are Whiter, Male-er, And Richer Than Real Queer People

LGBT characters on broadcast television in 2014 weren't as diverse as real queer people in the U.S.

It’s Time To Revisit The Greatest TV Show Ever (That No One Watched)

If you missed The Wire the first go-round, HBO Signature will marathon all five seasons starting Dec. 26. Cast members talk to BuzzFeed News about why the show was ahead of its time.

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