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25 Times Kevin McAllister Legit Killed People In The "Home Alone" Movies

"Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal." —A VERY DISTURBING CHILD, TBQH.

Chances are if you've seen Home Alone (1+2) you loved it, because John Hughes and duh, but the biggest problem is that Kevin is basically a murderer. There is no way Marv and Harry could've survived his antics.

20th Century Fox
20th Century Fox

Here's a list of all the times Kevin definitely 100% killed the burglar duo.

1. When Kevin shoots Harry in the balls and basically kills him.

2. And when he shoots Marv in the head with some sort of gun.

3. When Kevin sets up a trap for Marv to slip on the stairs and die.

4. And does the same to Harry because his goal is to kill multiple burglars.

5. When Kevin drops a heavy iron 12 feet and cracks Marv’s skull.

6. When he burns this guy's head.

7. When Marv STEPS ON A NAIL from Kevin's contraption.

8. When Kevin permanently brands Harry with an "M" symbol.

9. When this guy steps on broken ornaments and destroys his feet.

10. When Kevin clearly kills them both, maybe.

11. When Kevin leaves a pile of toy cars for the pair to slip on, fall, and essentially die.

12. When Kevin kills Marv via panic attack.

13. When Kevin cuts the rope and brings these men to their demise.

14. When Kevin throws roughly 800* bricks with pinpoint accuracy at Marv's head from a six-story building.

15. And when he's hit with a nail gun three times: once in the groin, once in the face, and once in the ass.

16. When Harry is hit in the head with a bunch of heavy, dangerous tools.

17. When Marv finally gets in the house and then falls face-first onto the concrete floor.

18. When Harry falls for a goo trap and most likely breaks his back.

19. And when Marv also slips on a pile of goo and has 1,000 gallons of paint crush his body.

20. When Harry's head is set on fire (again) and he does some acrobatics to get rid of it, but dips his head in flammable liquid and blows up the house.

21. When Marv is attacked by a giant bag that weighs 100 lbs.

22. When the pair are hit directly in the face with some massive heavy thing, and then fall a couple floors, and then are hit again by the big heavy thing.

23. When Kevin soaked the rope in kerosene and then lit it on fire while the burglars were climbing it.

24. When the duo get eaten alive by pigeons.


But the best part, despite all the torture these men have been through, is Kevin's (almost) downfall was just from slipping on ice.

So the question is, should we be more concerned that his parents left him home (twice), or that Kevin is some sociopathic, murderous genius?