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The 23 Best Dressed Animals Of 2014

Bow-wow down.

1. Menswear Dog was more stylish than you.

2. Gunner fancied it up in a doggy tux.

3. Hamlet pulled off a "ladies who lunch" vibe.

4. "Hipster? Who, me?"

Wally wasn't a huge fan of January's polar vortex.

5. Daisy's hat game was unstoppable.

6. And Mozart the hamster rocked vintage cool.

7. Tuna was fully prepared for a doggy vacay.

And the first day of school.

8. "Every girl likes a statement necklace."

9. Sumo was not a morning dog.

But he still knew how to pull a look together.

10. Priscilla the pig, ladies and gentleman.

Her pearl game was on point.

11. And Prissy's brother Poppleton was just as stylin'.

12. Marnie knew how to dress for a fun night in.

Or a festival.

13. Joey the Tabby was ready for a hot date.

14. But also kept it chill with his sister Rosie.

15. This golden puppy prepared for winter with some Fair Isle.

16. Chango brought fierce nautical game in 2014.

Come on.

17. Mumitan proved to be the most dapper bunny of the year.


What a gentlebunny.

18. Boo wore workout gear that was way too cute for the gym.

19. Milla kept it playful with a pink maxi skirt.

20. Mabel rocked statement pearls.

21. While Usul proved to be a bit of a drama queen.

22. Luchino Al Pacino was way cooler than you.


He's got your winter feels down.

23. Digby Van Winkle was king of selfies.

The Kim K of dogs.

Time to get ready for next year — 2015 is just around the corner!